Weekend Wrap: Dolphins Rookies To New CEO

UPDATE:  File this one under the “I obviously didn’t have enough coffee when I wrote this blog this morning”  The Dolphins released John Beck shortly after the draft and over the weekend, he rejoined Cam Cameron in Baltimore.  Beck signed a one year deal with the team, presumably so that Cameron can let him run the scout team for a year…joke.  

The Miami Dolphins finished their first rookie camp and while some of these rooks showed a flash here or a flash there, the reality remains that this is the first taste of NFL life for these guys.  This is not the appetizer, this isn’t even a taste test.  This is more like sneaking a bite of your girlfriends dinner while she is in the bathroom.  

After the weekend concluded and the rookies boarded their busses and eventually their planes, one thing seemed to stand out to the media guys who watched the practices.  The secondary looked to have the attitude and swagger that good DB’s need to have.

Day 1 saw Vontae’ Davis working the field and coming away with his first pick.  Sean Smith received accolades for if nothing else his size and presence.  Day 3 concluded that 5th round pick Chris Clemons showed more than just an ability to direct others on the field, but was seen as a quick learner in the classroom.

Attitude aside, these 3 could easily be the face of the franchise’s secondary for years to come.  Not since the Dolphins employed the duo of Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain have the Dolphins had the degree of confidence, not to be confused with arrogance (according to Davis).  Practice squad WR Anthony Armstrong said he calls Sean Smith, AT&T, because he can reach out and touch someone.  His tall body frame and long arms allows him to get into positions to knock down balls.

The young trio of secondary rookies will have a far way to go before they can match up with Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, but they will learn opposite two of the best, which should…make them that much better.

The Phins also neglected to address the defensive NT spot but signed Louis Ellis a 320 pound tackle after the draft.  Ellis said at the conclusion of the mini-camp that he chose Miami because he wants to play and with the Dolphins roster situation (Jason Ferguson and Paul Soliai), his chances might not be that bad.  Ellis said he told his agent to turn down more “money” contracts with other teams including the NY Jets, to join Miami.

The Phins have found a new CEO over the weekend hiring Boston Red Sox executive Michael Dee.  Dee will oversee the marketing arm of the Dolphins and the stadium as well.  They are working towards a more interactive fan friendly experience around what will soon be called “Landshark Stadium”.

Dee spent 14 years in the MLB spending the last 5 with the Red Sox.  In the time that Dee was the COO and in charge of Fenway Park, the Red Sox saw large improvements in attendance and revenue growth according to ESPN.  

“I’m thrilled to be able to add someone of Mike’s background and expertise to our organization,” Ross said. “His accomplishments with the Red Sox greatly expanded their business footprint and amplified the team’s standing as one of the premier franchises in professional sports.”

In other news the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys practice “bubble” yesterday that left one scout paralyzed and another coach injured could bring up safety concerns with the Dolphins own practice facility.  Initial reports are blaming a freak “Micro-Burst”, similar to that of a tornado, may have been the cause of the collapse.

A video on ESPN shows the incident from the inside and talks about the injured personnel.  No players were hurt.  The Cowboys were wrapping up their weekend rookie mini-camp. 

Finally, we did a series of interviews last year about the life of Marlin Briscoe and the movie being made about his life.  In our interview with Marlin himself, he spoke of his time in Buffalo as being pivotal to his successes in the NFL.  He attributed much of that success to QB Jack Kemp.  Kemp, a long time congressman who also ran as a vice-presidential candidate with Bob Dole died on Sunday at the age of 73.  Kemp was diagnosed back in January with an un-specified type of cancer.

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  • Samdolphin

    Brian:  This is to report to you the results of my pre-draft study on the Dolphins 2009 Draft with 2010 player requirements in mind.

    Example 1 NT The Dolphins chose a UDFA Louis Ellis from Shaw.  I think Belicheat stepped in front of both the Bills and the Dolphins in Round 2 to take both NT Ron Brace and  CB Darius Butler.  Smart move on the Pats part.  Irland said that a NT did not fall to the Dolphins in the draft.  Dolphins may need to address this position again later this year and again next year.
    Example 2 QB The Dolphins chose Pat White from West Va at 2a.  If Dolphins had a chance to get NT Ron Brace then Pat White would have been their target at 2b.
    Example 3 RB The Dolphins chose UDFA Tony Kimble from Stanford because a RB they wanted was not available to them and their higher prorities were at CB and WR.
    Example 4 WR The Dolplhins chose two RBs because two of the top 40 RBs were available to them.  Pat Turner from USC and Brian Hartline from OSU. 
    Example 5 TE The Dolphins again chose two because both Tony Fasano and David Martin will complete their contracts at the end of 2009.  The Dolphins chose TEs John Nalbone from Monmouth NJ and UDFA Jared Bronson from Central  Washington.   Both seem like good choices?
    Example 6 OTand OG The Dolphins chose both with OT Andrew Gardner from GT and OT SirVincent Rogers from Houston.   Both seem good Back-ups for OT/OG.  The Center was my priority OL position pre-draft requirement but the Dolphins addressed that with the acquisition of Jake Grove.  I still think the Dolphins will find another young Center after the FAs are released when cut backs start. 
    Example 7 OLB, ILB, CB, SS, FS I lumped these defenseive positions because they are core positions that are hard to find and always needed.  The Dolphins addressed their LBs/DEs before  the draft by acquiring OLB Cameron Wake from the CFL, DE Tony McDaniels from UT and LB William Kershaw from Maryland et al.  The Dolphins also selected LB John Folsome from Weber St., UDFA DEs Ryan Baker from Purdue and Orion Martin from Va Tech. 
    In addition the Dolphins selected two new CBs Vontae Davis from Illinois and Sean Smith from USC.  The Dolphins had also acquired pre-draft CB Erik Green from Va Tech.
    The Dolphins addressed their Safety positions pre-draft by acquiring Ethan Kilmer from Penn St and Gabril Wilson from UT. The Dolphins drafted in 2009 S Chris Clemons from Clemson.
    Example 8 Punter The Dolphins acquired Punter Jy Boyd to attend TC to compete with Brandon Fields.

    Summary I think contrary to what the media guru’s grade the Dolphins, I will give them a B+ for addressing both their immediate needs and looking ahead for their 2010 needs.  Put the Pads on and let the competition begin.

  • Rosa

    I saw a story with some crazy video of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapse here is the link:http://www.newsy.com/videos/cowboys_collapse/. Though most of the sources agree that it was probably a microburst that caused the collapse other point to possible design flaws in the tent structure.