Miami Dolphins Sign Offensive Linemand Quinn

The Miami Dolphins have signed one of the guys that they invited to try out at this past weekends rookie mini-camp.  J.D. Quinn.  Quinn is an interior offensive lineman from Montana.  He was undrafted.  Quinn also has a history of off-field issues including DUI that was lessened to a state law that admits to driving over the legal limit of .08 but does not admit guilt to driving drunk.  Someone will have to explain that one to me later.

Quinn is also one of the Oklahoma Sooners who was kicked off the team for violating NCAA rules regarding accepting money.  Quinn received over 8 grand in money from a local car dealership for work he never did at the facility.  Quinn has a lot of upside but he also has a lot of downside and has a long way to go towards making the final roster as well.

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  • StoneCold_316

    anyone know if he`s any good. back up most likely.

  • Brian Miller

    Competition for TC maybe?  I guess we will see.

  • Chris S.

    Although this guy has had some off the field issues he has been nothing but a beast ON the field.  He has the Nasty quality you look for in Olineman.  He did start as a freshman for Oklahoma.  He is an absolute beast and typically destroyed whoever he played against at Montana.  As a Montana fan I have very much enjoyed what he was able to do for the Griz but at the same time very disappointed in how he behaved off the field.  If he has put that all behind him and grown up he will be a GREAT addition to the Dolphins.

  • Crackgina

    Quinn is a beast and incredibly smart.  He can do anything he puts his mind to and should make it in the league.  Yes he has had some alcohol issues, but the stuff at OK was done by EVERY starter.  Unfortunately, Stoops only offered up two guys he thought would be significant enough to turn the NCAA’s eyes away from a deeper look at OK.  Give him a shot Dolphins and you won’t be sorry.