New Dolphins Song Not A Fight Song, But…

The Miami Dolphins unveiled a new stadium sponsor earlier in the week.  Stephen Ross, the new owner of the Dolphins and the stadium, partnered with Jimmy Buffet to bring “Landshark Lager” to the stadium as the newest sponser.  The Landshark Stadium announcement rolled in with a tidal wave of parrot-head fans and Dolphins fans at the mini-concert event.

The Dolphins also have a new song.  Ross said that time will tell if the fans prefer it to the old Dolphins fight song.  The “Kick the ball from goal to goal” lyrics have been around since the early days of the franchise and many believe have become outdated.

At the recent event, Jimmy Buffet sang the new song, a remake of his own “Fins”.  Listening to the new version made me realize that anyone wanting the old song gone and anyone wanting it to stay can take comfort or dissappointment in knowing that, the old song isn’t going anywhere.

The old fight song is played when the Dolphins score and unless this new song is seriously condensed, it won’t make a ton of sense as a “fight song“.  However, a party song at the stadium?  You bet.

I listened to it twice, and you can as well below.  The first run through and I was simply at a loss for words.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either.  I thought it was a cheap way to announce the “Landshark deal”.  Which it was.  In fact, “Landshark” remains in the lyrics and that makes me wonder what may happen when the stadium no longer bares it’s name.

The second go through was a bit different.  I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing outside the stadium on game day waiting to go in.  Hearing the music, the tropical atmosphere, the warm rays of the sun.  As it progressed, I imagined a scorching stadium.  Rowdy fans cheering on the Phins in a close game.  A commercial break and the song blaring through the stadium speakers.  Cold beer in hand.  

That’s when I got it.  That’s when I said, “o.k., it might work in the stadium”.  Not as a fight song, no it’s a horrible fight song.  But as a fun up tempo south Florida, tropical Miami Dolphins pep rally type thing…yeah, it might work.

After the song ended the second time, I can honestly say that I wanted to see some football.  I guess a song that will be playing in a stadium should do that.  It’s not a grammy effort here, it’s simply a football, a stadium jingle for all intent and purpose.  On many levels it works, on some it fails.  In the end, it has to be taken with the surrounding tropical south Florida environ to really get it.

You be the judge yourself.

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  • robert

    i agree im not much of a dancer but id dance to that but keep the old fight song alive baby it puts me in the mood fr more fins go dolphins!!!

  • Brian Miller

    Still think it’s going to be pretty cool.  A whole Carribbean atmosphere.

  • Byron


  • Jarrod

    This sucks.

  • George

    It’s depressing enough that the Orange Bowl was demolished, don’t take away our original song too. My son who’s 6 loves the original song. He sings it in the shower and sings it when we play football or watch a game, the same way I used to sing along with my dad during Dolphins game.
    I can appreciate the whole caribbean theme in the stadium … that’s the way it should be. Hell, I go to the games in sandals! But leave our song alone. If they want to play Jimmy Buffets song before kickoff that’s fine …. they can make that the offical Pregame song. But I will boo and riot if they play that song after a score. Don’t take that away from us. Is nothing in sports sacred anymore?

  • Marlon

    You need to talk more about the MIAMI DOLPHINS not I95 and US1 and Boca and Broward.  Make a better one that pertains to the game of Football!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Marlon

    You know Touchdowns and Superbowls

  • Ivan

    The new song sucks. It is a disgrace that acts against years of tradition, which should amount to something. Fans rejected it during the first pre-season game, so please dump it .

  • Mitch

    Every time our Miami Dolphins score, they play Jimmy Buffet’s song “Fins”. THIS SONG IS HORRIBLE AND MUST GO! How could they take away our FIGHT SONG after all these years – I guess that is what money does to an organization.


  • Trent

    That’s a horrible fight song! What the F**K? A fight song is one you sing along with. DUH!!! At least come up with something new and not new lyrics to an old song!!! DUMB!! I grew up in Miami and not a single person I know likes this song. Thank god I live in San Diego. If I was going to the games and had to hear that, I would get angry, like all of my friends.

  • Amir Thompson

    That track is really brilliant, and I’m not even into that type of music! I like it!