Welcome Back Jason Taylor…Miami Re-Signs DE!

The Miami Dolphins and Jason Taylor have ended their one year squabble and the all-pro DE has rejoined the Phins.  The two sides had been negotiating since early this morning and have agreed on a one year 1.5 million dollar contract.  Welcome back JT!

The Dolphins moved Taylor to the Washington Redskins just before the start of training camp for a 2nd round pick that became Mr. Utility, Pat White.  The Redskins got very little in return as Jason battled minor injuries and never became the pro-bowler they expected.

Despite earlier report on April Fools Day…by me…the Dolphins do not have to return the 2nd round pick to the ‘Skins.  There is no 365 day NFL rule…I made that up.  Let me be clear again…I…made…that…up.

For JT, this cements his standing in south Florida and with Miami Dolphins fans.  Long rumored to be a candidate in New England, Taylor has forgone the chance to win a Super Bowl instead opting to perhaps finish his career where it started.  While some fans have said they would be forgiving if JT went to NE…a division rival, while others outright blasted the possibility pointing to Zach Thomas’ situation last year when he opted to stay away from the Patriots.

For the Dolphins, this is an opportunity to bring in a legit pass rusher.  While not the same player he used to be, Taylor has stated publicly that he loves what this new regime is doing in Miami and said that he would “love” to play for Tony Sparano.  He will now have that chance.

Taylor may not be asked to be an every down player like in the past, but that won’t likely be a problem and could help Taylor extend his career.  Taylor could also help the Dolphins compete and win some of the games on the NFL’s toughest schedule of 2009.

Taylor has long stated that he wanted to stay closer to his home, a factor in the Redskins release.  Taylor informed them that he would not participate in off-season workouts because of the time away from his family that he would be committed to.  Now, logistics are not a problem.

Taylor had this to say:  

“My heart has always been in Miami and so I’m truly excited to call myself a Dolphin once again,” Taylor said in a statement. “I was presented with a number of different opportunities, but in the end the combination of this being the best situation for my family, my love for this community and my tremendous loyalty to a great organization made this an easy decision.”

From all of us at Phinphanatic.com…Welcome back Jason!!!

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  • Barry80

    Jason’s wife Katina  – http://www.tugtest.com/index.asp?tugtest=HLFKE

    Wowza. I forget…did he marry Zach Thomas’ sister, or was it the other way around?

  • k2oconnor

    First off you are correct JT married Zach’s sister.

    This is awesome…. the flexibility on defense now is great, no longer do offense need to only account for Joey Porter, but they have to account for JT.  If his play has dwindled he will be a great decoy as well.  Also the signing of JT will help the development of the youner pass rushers on the Dolphins.

  • UKFin

    The 2nd round pick we got from them was used on Pat White, we used our own pick to get Sean Smith (after the slight trade down with Indy).

    Absolutely buzzing about this news though, the new season can’t come around soon enough!

  • Dol-Phan

    I knew this was gonna happen if he went to the Patriots i would have been so mad. He belongs home with the Dolphins. I’m so happy he is back in a dolphins uniform. I think we have a chance at the playoffs again. We still have Ronnie Brown and Ricky in the backfield. We are gonna have Cameron Wake who is a beast at linebacker from the BC Lions in Canada and we still have Joey
    Porter. Not to mention that we just had a good draft picking Vontae Davis who is the best corner in the draft. We still picked Pat White who is gonna be a tremendous help to our Wild Cat which is now called the “Wild White Cat.” We are set for offense and defense. The Dolphins are doing a great job. Even with signing the free agent Offensive Linemen and by signing some free agent Defensive Linemen. GREAT JOB DOLPHINS!!!!

  • spooneman

    Wow, I was just reading Greg Cote’s article yesterday about how it wont happen and its a done deal that JT will be a Patriot. Well if this signing is any indication of how accurate that article was look for us to get Anquan Boldin soon, lol.

  • hawk9810

    Dol-Phan, a quick friendly correction  it is no longer the “Wild-Cat offense but now the “Wild-Pat” offense!!   This could be the best day of my life..  Our new look linebacking core Porter-Wake-Crowder-Taylor with Roth, Torbor and Aydele as subs we are gonna be good!!!  With a beefed up secondary if we can get any frontline push at all we could have one of the BEST defense’s in all of football…..

  • Samdolphin

    <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>
    This year of two thousand and nine,
    The Dolphin can win most any time.
    The players are strong,big and fast,
    Their heat conditioning will cause opponents to gasp.
    The Wild Cat last year was a kitten.
    The Pat Cat this year will leave you smitten.
    Try to stop them by crowding the line.
    They will by you in a flash of time.
    Sometime you will think they will go around end.
    That’s when they will pass to one of their other three men.
    Their pass to WR’s, RB’s or TE’s will make you do a diddle.
    Or they may sneak a run right up the middle.
    The Dolphin’s O-Line this year was expanded,
    They now can protect the QB even if he’s left handed.
    The Guards can pull and block a would be sacker,
    While the Tackle can block the Middle Linebacker.
    The RB’s will go through the wide open gaps,
    They will go by the Inside Linebacker the TE just zapped.
    The WR will block the Safety even if he is Free,
    Then the RB will cross the goal line for a Dolphin’s TD.
    The Fans in their new “Land Shark” home,
    will sing and dance while opponents moan.
    The players will jump and do the celebrations they must,
    While opponents will throw helmets and quote “In Tuna They Trust”.
    That’s not all the Opponents will fear,
    Because the Dolphin’s Defense is much better this year.
    The NT and Defensive Ends,
    Will do whatever it takes to win.
    The OLB’s will help the front three bring QB heat
    So as AFC Division Champs the Dolphin’s can repeat.
    We’ve now got two OLB to see us through
    And they, by example, will teach our new.
    Our ST”s will be much better I’m sure,
    Because their Kick Offs and Returns will be pure.
    I can hardly wait to see the gunners,
    and how fast our Receivers become TD runners.
    The Punts and PAT ‘S will be very big STATS,
    So to this year’s Dolphins I tip my hat.
    Welcome back JT.

  • mitressehc

    Can’t be any happier about this signing. He never should have left.

  • finfanzula

    OH HAPPY DAY!!!  I’m so pumped to have JT back.  With JT and Porter, we are gonna be a force with which to be reconded.  I think JT is one CLASS ACT.  To take such a pay cut to play and retire as a Dolphin speaks volumns in the art of class.

    I read, with irony, that we gave up JT to the Skins for a pick and then got back JT plus Pat White in the bargain.  Plus it is so ooooo sweet that Bellycheat was sitting with his draft board along with Sparano , with Pat White on his “wish list” and Sparano, being the wiser of the two, with his “mentor”, jumped on White before Belly could even cough.

    Now with JT, whom the Patsies had an offer out , signing with the Phins at a minimum deal, that makes it even more sweet.