Pace Yourself...Calvin Pace Suspended For Four

The New York Jets will open the season without one of their big 2008 free agents, LB Calvin Pace.  Pace, who was sought after by the Miami Dolphins chose money and New York over Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano.  Pace helped the Jets last year as one of their most dependable tacklers.  He has now been suspended.

The NFL handed down the 4 game suspension after Pace was found in violation of the leagues policy of performance enhancing drugs.  Pace claims the violation was as a result of over the counter drugs that he was not aware contained league prohibited ingredients.  His suspension will allow him to practice with the team as well as participate in pre-season games.

When the Jets finish their pre-season schedule, Pace will begin his suspension and will not be allowed to practice with the team until October 5th.  His first game back will be on Monday night in the teams first contest of the season with the Miami Dolphins.

“I am responsible for what I put into my body and I should have paid closer attention to the league’s guidelines,” Pace said. “I regret that this has happened and apologize to my teammates, the entire Jets organization, as well as the fans. Hopefully, this does not distract from our ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl.”

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  • Alex

    Thats nice that the Phins dont have any hard-core-drug addicts.. (Ha Ha, I liked burn out Ricky running over the whole NFL)  He’ll start the season against the Phins.. So what.. With all his liquid muscles drained out Ronnie and Ricky are gonna have a field day running him over all game.. Sweet! Cheating H-G-H !! (Cheating Hoes-Get-Housed!!) Jets suck even more…now thats hard to do.

  • Deof Movestofca

    I’m not a player, so I don’t know how difficult it is to understand what’s on and what’s not on the forbidden list, but it’s getting tiring to hear the same old “I didn’t know” excuse practically every time a player gets caught.  It’s not good for the NFL’s image because it means either the league is doing an extremely poor job of educating players or players are lying through their teeth and the league’s silence makes them complicit.

  • Brian Miller

    Good observation Deof!!!