T-Pain And Pit-Bull's New Miami Dolphins Theme Song

I’m Adam, the senior editor over at FanSided.com. I will be filling in for Brian a little while he is out of own to make sure you get your Dolphins fix. That being said, I had to share with you this new Miami Dolphins theme song from T-Pain and Pit Bull. They use Autotune, but as bad as it sounds one can’t help but Autotune it out. After improving by 10 games last season and restoring the franchise’s former glory, the Phins deserve much better. The video is actually of our friends the 2 Michelles. Check it out (via With Leather):

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  • spooneman

    I hope thats the ruff mix

  • Robert

    that song is horrible that and the sng by the land shark guy sucks too. im 19 and i like the old school song i know all the words why fix something if it aint broke. but that just me.

  • spooneman

    They should get blizzard man to remake the song.

  • Annette

    I am 41 years old and I have been a Miami Dolphin fan my whole life and this is a BIG mistake. I have always heard that song at the games and it is our song and I love when you play it. Please tell me this will not be the new song for my “Miami Dolphins” !  OMG!!! It is TERRIBLE!…Sometimes you just dont’ mess with tradition!

  • Brent


  • firewalker10

    That was HORRIBLE!!!  I’m only 35 and have been a fan since ’81. Thank goodness I’m in Michigan so I don’t have to hear that song in the stadium. My kids are all about “hip-hop” and they that is was bad.

  • http://myspace.com/dat305chiiko Miguel Fernandez

    PLEASE DOLFANS!!!! Anything is better than that ’72 Song playing everytime a TD is scored !!! This is not your mom and pops dolphin team anymore guys! It’s time we move on from what is tradition and step up to innovation, isn’t that what wins Super Bowl’s anyway! New ownership, new leadership, new attitude!

  • spooneman

    Robot voice, robot voice, all the kids love the robot voice.

  • LT

    That sounds like to kids put it together in their garage with equiptment they bought at walmart.  I don’t have a problem with mixing up the old song, in fact I think a Latin or Reggae beat would be cool and keep with the international theme of South Florida.  This version just sucks, their voices, the mix and the beat.  This would turn us into a laughing stock!!

  • kkwspecialk

    I dont see what the big deal is it is 2009 and not the not 70′s anymore music has changed and hip hop is the  big theme now. i kind of like the new song it is different then any other team out there so what is the big problem with that yea it is a little kiddish but I think that is the point.

  • kkwspecialk

    oh and I am huge fin fan but no offense to anyone who said we would become the laughing stock of the nfl over this song is just plan dumb I hate to remind you of 2 years ago and the season we had one win that made us the laughing stock of the NFL.

  • gr8dolphins13

    I wonder what Parcells thinks of this song?

  • DolfanYesDolSongNO

    The song sucks.  Also, football games are wholesome family events.  Why must the Dolphins embrace T-Pain and his drug dealing gang banging thug loser culture?  That big gold chain he wears does not say “I studied hard and look now I’m a doctor.”  Instead it says “I’se be a fly thug that wraps his net worth around his freakin’ neck.”  Loser.  The Dolphins management team is CLUELESS if they think this is their customer base.  HORRIBLE.  CLASSLESS.  Why don’t they just set up crack and meth kiosks and call it a day?

  • T-Pain Blows

    Please tell me they will never play this song during a regular season game.  I like T-Pain but this song belongs on one of the rides in the youth fair.  I can just hear Jets fan laughing.

  • Dazed

    For f’ck sake T-pain’s version is just painful.  Stick with the original and stop the crap.  Ross, concentrate on football leave tradition allow, please.

  • Love the jets

    I love the steelers, jets, and cowboys by the way ur guys song suck i still love yeremiah belle though

  • NYDolPhan

    That was horrible.  Everyone in that video should be ashamed of themselves.

  • http://sethmonroe775.vox.com/library/post/powerfull-steam-cleaning-with-the-shark-euro-pro.html Hurd

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