The Object Of My Objection

This time last week the Miami Dolphinsfaithful were all hyped up as though they were on a euphoric drug. Surely one that had lingering effects from last season. After one game, there are those who see potential problems and to others, it’s nothing more than a simple loss. As Patrik would say, the sky isn’t falling. No, it’s not falling. It’s just not a sun-shiny day. It’s overcast, it’s cloudy, with a chance of rain. You know, typical Miami weather.

The subject of much debate as of late was the poor showing, to be nice, of the Miami Dolphins offense last weekend. Local media guys are saying that it’s nothing to get worked up about. That it’s not time to throw anyone under a bus and start screaming for heads or changes. They would be correct.

Still, there are flaws in the Miami offense and to me, I look at the man who was hired to fix what has been wrong in Miami for over a decade. Bill Parcells.  Yes, I know it’s been one season following a horrid 1-15 season and years of the worst draft picks.  But this offense is a huge question mark and that is the object of my objections.

The Dolphins are very vanilla. Let’s face it, there is no rocket science in checking off to a dump route or a RB out of the back-field. The Oline is not being asked to do anything more than pass block and open up holes. The Phins tend to run more between the guard/tackle gap then they do on the outside where a pulling guard is needed. There is not a lot of motion from side to side and they lineup in a basic two split wide one slot formation or a two TE set. Vanilla.

The Miami Dolphins last Sunday couldn’t run the vanilla offense. The question is why? Do they spend too much time playing around with the “Wild Cat” or “Wild Pat” offense? Do they spend too much time trying to figure out how to incorporate trick plays? Tony Sparano seems to be a good coach and I think he will be here for a very very long time. But Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland need to decide which direction this team is going because frankly I haven’t got a clue.

Parcells loves bruising running games that set up a passing game and we don’t have that in Miami. Is it because we have Ronnie Brown who is more a finesse runner and Ricky Williams who is more burst and speed? We have the QB that Parcells likes but we don’t have the rest of the pieces.

If we look at what the Dolphins did offensively in the draft this year, there seems to be more questions than answers. Patrick Turner is nowhere to be seen. Brian Hartline looks like a more physical Greg Camarillo, and Pat White is a QB who was picked for what exactly?

I suppose for many fans, myself included, last weeks game was not a matter of simply failing to produce but more a question of what this offense is to become. If anything at all. It’s not a downfield team. It’s not a hard nose rushing team. So that leaves what? A team that can’t score at will and can’t physically take control over the clock. This is not a team that will score twice and sit on a lead without serious help from the defense.

Last weeks game was one game and to be honest, it means little at this point in terms of the full seasons success. That was proven last season. Still, for me anyways, it’s a question that is still unanswered. What is this offense exactly? Maybe more importantly, what’s it supposed to be?  I have no clue and what scares me the most, is I wonder if they do.

That’s the object of my criticism.


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  • spooneman

    I read a very interesting article recently about the myth of the Parcells power running game. It very clearly showed that ever since he left the NYG his teams have been very pass oriented and the stats are there to prove it. Although I do believe that running the ball, controlling the clock, and keeping your defense off of the field is a great way to win in the NFL you also have to play the cards you are delt i.e. the talent on your roster. I believe the regime in charge for the Dolphins will figure out what works for “this years” team and implement it quickly.
    As far as Ronnie Brown goes. I have seen him straight up run over to many people to consider him a finesse runner. Ronnie needs to get his mind right. He is most effective when he makes one cut and one cut only. Thisis how he ran at the begining ofyear year before he was injured in 2007. It seems he has become indecisive with where he wants to go again. At least thats how he carried the rock against Atl. While his average was decent his technique didn’t improve until toward the end of the game when it really didn’t matter. I truley hope he carries over how he ran the ball at the end of the game last week to the upcoming game against the Colts. When Ronnie runs decisively he “is” a powerful back that can impose his 230 lb frame on much smaller DB’s once in the open field.
    As I commented earlier this week the best game to find out everything your doing wrong is the first game. I believe that the Dolphins coaching staff and players will do that this week and give a much improved performance this coming Monday night.

  • http://phinphanatic joe

    good topice i can’t gree anymore but i honestly believe when they took over it be between it was going to take them 4 years to build it so keep faith i am

  • double d in jetland

    FYI….Parcells spent just as much time in Saratoga this summer as he did in Davie. Owner Ross new “styling” ownership team and pathetic new team song by gangsta rappers has Big Bill nauseating with one foot out the door. Just ask any bartender in Saratoga Springs. A proficient wildcat with Pat White is the only opportunity for this team to outscore opponents. Remember, the team with the most points after 60 minutes wins, the offense must become the Pat White show. It will be fun to watch with a few surprise wins. The Penny dump offs are unwatchable. White can be a mini Vick without baggage. Go ahead and try Henne first, nothing special. White is special, its just im the only Phinatic to see it.

  • spooneman

    I really cant see Pat White being anything more than a gimmick. If he is a mini Vick as you say double d then he is good athelete and a mediocre QB at best. I really think Henne is the real deal as long as he doesn’t inherit too much of the dink and dunk philosophy your refrenced from Pennington and use’s that strong arm of his. What is undeniable is that in the NFL  true pocket passer’s win championships. The scrambler’s have won games for teams over the years and even a couple championships. But the vast majority of championship teams have a true drop back QB. I believe Henne fits that bill and White does not.

  • Double D

    Thats fine Spoon we agree to disagree on the next Qb to run this offense. I wish Henne had a stronger camp to actually win the job, but he was shakey. Big arm, happy feet. I love White’s versatility. The hard facts are that Penny has had an abysmal QB rating for sometime, yea high completion pct. but for an avg. of 8 yds per reception. Penny shouldn’t be starting for St.Thomas Aquinas let alone my beloved fish. Tony S. quoted as not concerned about week one loss…Scary! Its the way they lost Tony, they got smacked around, knocked down, out hit, and the offense was very dainty. I was sick. After the ass kicking from the Ravens @ home in the playoffs I expected a ferocious up tempo performance. They were flat-line. They will get out gunned in the next two weeks and start 0-3, then a groundswell for QB should be in full swing. I would have done it already. Chad gets the love cause he’s a nice guy. The whole Organization needs a good kick in the ass, Bill Cowher style.