Just in Case it's Not Henne Time...

ESPN is reporting the Miami Dolphins have acquired Chiefs backup QB Tyler Thigpen for an undisclosed draft pick. I can’t imagine Miami gave up anything above a sixth rounder for him but it may be dependent on whether or not Thigpen play. Obviously the team will still be going with Henne this week as Thigpen will need time to acclimate himself to the offense, but the move doesn’t exactly ring with confidence in the two young QB’s Miami does have.

Thigpen is a third year player out of  Coastal Carolina who played very well on a bad team down the stretch last year. He has pretty good mobility though I can’t comment with any authority on the strength of his arm. Thigpen beat out Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard last year during the season for KC but was made expendable by the acquisition of Matt Cassel.

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  • Double D in Jet land

    Thigpen is now the emergency QB. Lets Hope Henne stays healthy, Tyler a scrub. Don’t forget P.White had a better college career than Henne, won all four bowl games he played in, started every game for 4 yrs.

  • Dolphan66

    Thigpen’s got some skill.  But yeah, I don’t think this move says anything about the confidence the coaching staff has in Henne and White.  You need 3 QB’s on gameday, and then Dolphins only had 2, so they had to bring someone else in.  He’ll be the 3rd stringer, I hope they only gave up a 7th for him.

  • http://www.miamidolphins.co.uk ShadyMDUK

    I think it says more about their faith in White than it does in Henne. Thigpen is also experienced in the NFL and TBH given a choice between Cassel and Thigpen I think we’re getting the better deal here. Esp for a 6th ;)

  • spooneman

    Before I get started I want to preface by saying that DD was right about us going 0-3. Also, DD you got what you wanted in probably the least controversial way, Pennington out- Young QB in. I for one am excited about seeing what happens from here. I found myself agreeing with the opinion of sitting Pennington after the first 2 games and the Charger game was one that I pegged as a deciding factor for me. I just couldn’t see a QB who completes 23 passes or so and only gets 159 yards getting us far. But as we all know now, the decision has been made for us.
    DD and I have gone round a couple times about the Henne vs White thing and I know where he stands and vice versa. I like Henne, DD likes White. Here’s a few things you should know about my mindset before I elaborate on my opinion. I will be happy as long as one of them turns into the QB we have been longing for since Marino. Also, I am well aware that we really dont know too much about either player as a Pro.
    DD you have brought up the 4-0 bowl game record about Pat White a few times In what I believe is an attempt to illustrate his talent and what kind of player/winner he is. Let me say I do like him on our team and cannot deny his accomplishments as a college player. But when you are comparing his career to Henne’s and really look into it you will see that you cannot definitively say he had a better college career.
    #1, Henne played in a better conference than White. During Henne’s time at Michigan the BIG 10 was and really still is a deeper and better conference than the Big East. He played better teams and he played them more often than White ever did.
    #2 If you look at the Bowl games, while White was 4-0 and no one can take that away from him you have to ask, Who did he play and where? His 2 big wins came in the 2 BCS bowls he played in when he was a freshman and junior “2005 vs Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and 2007 vs Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. But the non BCS games he played in were mid level non BCS bowls against  decent opponents at best in the 2006 Gator Bowl against Georgia Tech and  in the 2008 Meineke Car Care Bowl against North Carolina.
    #3 t Although Henne was 1-3, take at look at the bowl games Henne played in. Like White he has played in 2 BCS bowls. The 2004 Rose Bowl vs Texas (lost by 1pt) and the 2006 Rose Bowl vs USC. Those are arguably 2 of the 3 most dominant programs in the country in the last 5 years. His 2 non BCS bowl game s he played in are 2 of the biggest non BCS bowls there are. In 2005 vs Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl and in 2007 vs Florida in the Capitol One Bowl. By the way when I stated that Texas and USC are 2 of the 3 most dominant programs in the last 5 years, Florida rounds out that group of 3 and Henne did lead his team to a victory over the Gators and Superman, I mean Neo, I mean JC. AKA to Gators fans “Tim Tebow” .
    When you stack it up Henne played better competition though out his college career. Now that I went through all that let me say this. ALL OF IT MEANS NOTHING. Thats right, after the draft is over what you did in college means diddly squat.
    Whether its Henne or White the QB will have the advantage of having a good O-Line and a good running game. Hopefully they will cut Henne loose this Sunday and let him throw the ball around a little bit. We’re at home against a weak opponent, cant ask for much more than that if your starting your first game at QB in the NFL. I just hope we can win the turnover battle, Run the ball, and Ted Ginn doesn’t make me vomit for a third week in a row.

  • hawk9810

    Okay, I too hope that Henne is the answer we have been looking for since Marino retired. However, I don’t see White being a full time starter in the NFL, I do feel he had an awesome career at W.V but I just don’t see NFL starting material in him. Now Thigpen is a great fit to our team! He played very well on a very bad team last year. I think with our running game, his ablility to scramble and his game time experience he could end up being our starter after the bye week. Now this all depends on how Henne plays the next two weeks but I do like the fact that we brought in a younger QB than someone like Garcia who gets his AARP card next year! Parcells and CO. is still building this team for 2-5 years from now and I just can wait to see where we are a year from now.. Hold on Phins fans good things are still to come. P.S. There is nothing wrong with a little competition for Henne!!