Jets Still Have No Class

They got beat.  And they got beat badly.  On Monday night football in front of an international audience, the New York Jets got beat.  Take away a couple of really questionable pass interference calls and they got beat worse.  Sure the score was close and the game was a see-saw battle in the 4th, but had the Jets won that game, is there anyone that would say they “won” the game?  The Dolphins got beat by the Colts a few weeks ago, did the Colts “beat” Miami or did Miami beat themselves?  The Jets got beat.

You would think that all the trash talking that the Jets and their new HC had been throwing out since, ohhh, training camp, that a beat down of 400 plus yards would shut them up.  Wrong.  You would think that the play of a 2nd year QB who had started less games than the Jets own rookie QB would have shut them up.  Wrong.  Maybe it would be the fact that the Dolphins rushed for more yards out of their base offense than the WC.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  And Wrong!

The Jets are still stalking, they are still throwing barbs.  Take the Calvin “I got suspended” Pace who referred to Chad Henne as a second – rate clown.  Classy.  Take the post game talk of one Rex Ryan, the son of loud mouth classless former NFL HC Buddy Ryan.  Ryan, the younger one, said his team made Henne look like Dan Marino, o.k. he said “that guy” or something like that.  The point is that even after the game, hell during the game, the HC couldn’t find anything worth saying?  When asked why he didn’t use a timeout on the final drive, he said “Because I didn’t think they would score”.  They had scored almost at will all night long.

Then there is the WC.  Pace ripped it as an embarrassment to the NFL.  Ryan hinted towards the same conclusion.  They call it a gimmick…o.k. so have I.  Yet neither made mention of their two first half fake punts.  The facts are a bit different though.  The Dolphins beat the Jets in the one area of the game that they were not supposed to.  In the trenches.  They beat them on the line of scrimmage both on offense and defense.  The offense is more impressive.

The Jets came into the game with one of the best front 7 in the NFL.  A hard-hitting front that consistently pummels opposing offenses.  On Monday night, they found themselves more often than not, 5 yards off the line of scrimmage…in the wrong direction.  The Jets formidable defense got beat with the WC sure.  But they also got crushed with the base running game and the arm of Chad Henne.  More importantly they got beat by an offensive line who have not looked that good since Richmond Webb and Keith Sims played together.

It’s funny.  The Jets play the Buffalo Bills this week and they still can’t stop talking about the Dolphins game.  While they run off with their mouths, the Dolphins quietly go on their mini-vacations.  Bye week.  The Jets will face the Dolphins, at home in NY, in 3 weeks.  It won’t be on MNF, but you can bet that the Jets will be running their mouths and the Dolphins will be pinning it up on their walls.

NFL teams never need to hand out props to the team that beats them.  There is always an internal reason for a teams loss, but seriously, let it go.  It’s over, it’s done, show some dignity, show some sportsmanship, hell, show some class.  The fact is it’s the NY Jets and they don’t have any.  Never have.

In other news the Dolphins signed RB Kory Sheets off the San Fran practice squad.  Sheets has some potential but whether he makes an impact or not remains to be seen…he may not be given a chance either way.  The Dolphins also are reportedly interested in Cleveland Browns KR specialist Joshua Cribbs.  Cribbs is a two-time all-pro at the position and would immediately improve the Phins return game.  But, like everything else, it comes at a price.

Cribbs is going to cost Miami money and either a pick and a player or maybe both.  Something the Dolphins are usually reluctant about shelling out.  Cribbs is disgruntled and wants a new contract so the Phins will have to address that issue with his agent.  (He still has 3 years left on his current deal).  The subject of compensation is another issue.  What would the Browns want?  The Phins are not going to pay a 1-4 but may shell out a 5 considering they are pretty good at finding ways to gain back the 5-7 round picks.  Or, as Omar Kelly suggested, the Browns need a LB and the Dolphins have plenty.  One name is Matt Roth who is healthy and ready to play.  With the way the defense is playing, is Roth worth bringing back to the team?  Kelly brings up that very point.

With the bye week ahead, the Dolphins players may be taking some time off but it’s clear that the Dolphins front office are not.  Should be interesting.

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