Will Someone Please Put Us Fans Out Of Our Misery? Get Rid Of Ted Ginn

Dolphins Training CampDan Henning pointed out to the press earlier today that Ted Ginn‘s performance on Sunday was better than 9 other players…or at least just as bad.  He also pointed out that of all the WR’s on the team, Ginn is the only one who can stretch the field to keep the defenses honest.  What he didn’t mention was the fact that Ginn still struggles to get off the line of scrimmage, still avoids contact by running out of bounds, ducks his head going over the middle, and has a continual problem with catching the football.  So while Henning still “loves his children”, as a fan, I want to know when someone, anyone, will put us out of our misery and get rid of Ted Ginn?  Anyone?  Buehler?

It’s not Ted Ginn’s fault that he was drafted in the 1st round by Cam “couldn’t” Cameron.  It’s not his fault he was drafted at all.  It his however his fault that he is afraid to take a hit.  Something that has plagued him for his entire 3 year professional existence.  It is his fault that he plays scared, can’t catch, and would rather run out of bounds.  So while this has all been said before, in fact over and over and over again, why bother to bring it up again?  Well, in some ways it’s like drinking.  You get drunk, you pray to the porcelain “god”, swear you won’t do it again, but come the next weekend, something happens and you go out and come Sunday morning your swearing off alcohol while your hungover.  In Ginn’s case it’s for two reasons we find ourselves our puking our guts out discussing him again.  One, because Henning is defending him and the Dolphins haven’t made the announcement that he is no longer the starter, and two, because of his actions in today’s practice.  For me, it’s more the latter than the initial reason.  And today, that is more the ilk of my ire.

Let’s look at the first reason, the Henning support.  In an article by Omar Kelly in today’s Sun-Sentinel, Kelly quotes what Henning said during today’s Q&A with coaches and players.

“There has been a lot of conversation, a lot of arrows and attacks on this guy. Ted Ginn made less mistakes in that game than at least nine other players on offense,”

“Ted Ginnis the only player that we’ve had since we’ve been here that’s gotten behind anybody’s defense and been able to knock the top off a defense,” Henning said, referring to Ginn’s speed, which usually keeps defenses honest.

“Ted Ginn had a game he’s not happy with, and we’re not happy with. But just like my children, I’m not always happy with my children, but I love my children. I’m going to support my children,” Henning said. “These [receivers] are what we have. [Ginn] won the [starting] job. He came out of camp as one of the top four [receivers]. I believe he’s one of the top four. We’re going to continue to use Ted Ginn the way we think is best to use him to help this football team.”

Kelly points out in his article that for all the verbal fronts supporting Ginn, Henning comes up short in naming him the starter or even saying that he will start.  To me, starting means nothing on this team.  Why?  Simple, Joey Haynos is not starting at TE for the Dolphins.  Anthony Fasano is and Joey will tell you that straight up…in fact, he has said that directly to me.  Still, Joey may come in on down number 2 and sees a lot of playing time in the 2 TE set and will get into the passing game from time to time.  So is he not a starter?  Sure he is, in two TE sets.  Also, he is a contributor to the teams blocking schemes.  So does it matter if Ted Ginn runs out on the field for the first series of the game?  Not if he gets called to the sideline for the rest of the game so in that sense…big deal who starts.  Ted Ginn needs to be benched.  Not number 1, not number 2, not number 3.  Benched or relegated to the KR position where he can sprint to the 20 yard line and then run out of bounds.

In this Miami offense the 4 or 5 WR’s on the active roster get playing time.  Sometimes it’s Bess, Camarillo, Hartline, Ginn, and maybe someday Patrick Turner who has been inactive all season.  The point is no one starts or doesn’t start.  To me this affects the play of the individual because no one can get into a rhythm.  Not the WR’s.  Not the TE’s.  Not Chad Henne.  Eliminate Ginn and allow the rest of the squad to play more downs and see what happens.  So why specifically Ginn?  Is it because he can’t catch?  Because he is so inconsistent?  Because he runs scared?  No, it’s all those things rolled into one big ball and then this blog of icing on top. Reason number 2.

Witnessed by Omar Kelly, Ted Ginn, to me, showed his true character and his future as an NFL WR.  Kelly observed part of practice today and it no longer matters if Ginn caught every ball thrown his way during the portions of practice that were not witnessed by the media.  This alone dictates enough to me.

During skeleton drills, drills with not defenders, Ginn went down field for a long ball from Henne.  The ball was a bit short and Ginn made the adjustment to catch the ball.  Let me say that again…he CAUGHT the ball.  Then, he walked back to the line of scrimmage.  Brian Hartline ran the same route with a pass from Pat White.  It was overthrown and the ball nearly landed by Ginn.  Hartline nearly ran into Ginn who made zero effort…let me say that again…ZERO EFFORT to get of Hartlines’ route.  Again, as stated by Kelly, Ginn continued to walk to the LOS, the final 25 yards with WR’s running routes around him while Ginn never so much as made an effort to hustle back.  Some pro huh?

A photo of Tony Sparano pointing at Ginn during Sunday’s game has been floated around and it was reported that Sparano laid some info out to Ginn about getting it together.  Of course there was also the fact that Sparano flat out said that Ginn’s job was now open to competition.  I guess he responded the way he plays.  Sulking and scared.  When a pro’s back is against the wall, some fight.  Last year, Ronnie Brown was benched at the start of the season in favor of Ricky Williams.  Brown fought for his job and he is a better athlete for it.  Still others will complain and throw tantrums.  Then there are those like Ginn who like the will to fight.

Ted Ginn caught a beautiful pass from Chad Henne in the last meeting between the Dolphins and Jets.  It may end up being the lone highlight from his career.  He thumped his chest and gave a quick strut as if to say, “See what I can do with my speed.  Take that doubters”.  He didn’t come close to that since.  It’s time for Ted Ginn to find the bench.  Let him return kicks because frankly, he is all we have at the moment.  Let the season finish out and get either get what you can for him, or let him go.  The Ted Ginn experiment is over.

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