Simply Heartbreaking

The Miami Dolphins threw away their playoff shots with a very poor performance that saw the team scrap back in the 4th quarter to come back from a 24-6 deficit only to throw an INT in overtime and add a 15 yard personal foul on top of it to give the Titans a 3 point win.  For the Phins, there is no solace to be taken from the game.  The win puts Jacksonville back in the hunt, puts Baltimore in total control, and allowed the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans enough hope to get back in.

The Phins had this game and couldn’t put them away.  Taking the opening kick-off of OT, Ted Ginn walked to 20 and then fell down when a finger tripped him.  The Dolphins managed to move the ball well for the last 15 minutes but on a 3rd and 4, Henne caved to the pocket pressure and overshot Davone Bess for the first and it was picked off at the 40.

For Henne, his 4th quarter comeback and his personal best 349 yards was nothing compared to giving up the INT in the extra period.  The Dolphins can do nothing more right now than sit back and pray for a ton of miracles.  That most likely won’t happen.

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  • hawk9810

    Turnovers!! Turnovers!!Turnovers!!  and oh did I mention TURNOVERS!!!!  This has just killed this team…  The sad thing is we are better than this. I also feel we have been very supportive of Vonte Davis this year and I know he is a rookie and will make rookie mistakes, but this is week 15 and he is no longer a rookie in my eyes yet he gets beat time and time again!!  Vonte got beat twice yesterday for easy Touchdowns he has to stop getting beat when he is in one on one coverage.  For the most part our D played well we just can’t stop the big plays..  As bad as we played yesterday we do still have a shot at the playoffs so lets go back home and win 2 HUGE games and hope we get a shot at a playoff game.  GO PHINS!!

  • idahomer

    Tough loss. Too many FG’s and TO’s early did us in. I like the fight in this team and in Henne.. Bad throw in OT, but he has a lot to learn. Realistically with this schedule and our injuries, the team has played as well as can be expected, and bette than most thought coming into the season. Still a very sad day for phin fans.. they gave us hope and then it all came crashing down with one pick, a penalty, and quick whistle..

  • sugashane

    we win last two games, jags lose one of their last two, and pitt has to beat ravens………..we get ti 6 seed……….keep hope alive

  • Brian Miller

    Might be easier to get the final spot from Denver.  They play Philly next week who are playing for something like…a bye week.  Denver would slide to us and if we can win out then we would be tied with Denver and possibly Baltimore.  I hate to say this though, it very well could come down to points scored or Net Points for a tie breaker.

    The first tie breaker in the WC chase with multiple teams from different divisions is “Division records” between teams in the same division.  In this case, if all the teams were tied, Miami immediately would eliminate the Jets and Jacksonville would eliminate Houston and Tennessee.  The Ravens would eliminate the Steelers.

    That would leave Miami vs. Baltimore Vs. Denver.  Baltimore has a better conference record (tie-breaker number 2) than both Miami and Denver so they would get the 5th seed.  (if Baltimore loses to Pitt they would end with a 7-5 conference record as well)

    Miami and Denver could end with the same conference record  (and maybe Baltimore as well) which means that best win/loss % in common games comes into play.  There has to be a minimum of 4.

    Miami and Balt have played:  Pitt, Indy, NE, and SD:  The two teams would be like this:  Miami beat Pitt, NE and Balt beat: SD and Pitt.  Tied

    Miami and Denver:  Denver beat NE and SD/split and lost to Indy and Pitt.  Miami Split with NE, lost to SD and Indy but beat Pitt

    Denver and Baltimore’s head to head game doesn’t matter because three teams are tied and H2H can only be used if all 3 teams beat the others or lost.

    Denver played the AFC South central this year so played the same teams that Balt did.  Plus a couple of others.  Baltimore looks to have the head up on Denver here.  So in this case, Baltimore is in and it’s Denver vs. Miami.

    With both teams looking to have the same W/L % in common games, the next tie breaker is Strenght of Victory.

    Denver has beaten NE, NYG, CIN, SD,  and Dal but have also beaten a lot of the lower teams like KC and Oakland while losing to Oakland and Pitt and Indy.

    Miami has beaten NE and NY twice.  Their SOV might be helped by the mid-level teams they beat as opposed to Denver’s low end teams.  Still, I think Denver wins it on this level.

    If it’s tied, the next tie-breaker is strength of schedule and Miami has that locked up.