2010 NFL Mock Draft

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1. Sam Bradford
QB Oklahoma

The Rams need many fixes and while Suh may be the surest pick for them here I don’t see the Rams forking out the reported $8.5m Bulger is due in 2010. Originally I had Clausen as the pick but reports are the Rams like Bradford and if they feel his shoulder will be fine they are leaning towards him with their pick.

2. Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

Although I wouldn’t rule out Okung with this pick what Suh can give them on the defensive side of the ball is going to be hard to pass up. Not much you can say about Suh that hasn’t been said already. He is a disruptive force in the run and passing game and is arguably the best player in the draft

3. Gerald McCoy
DT Oklahoma

If Suh is ranked the best player in the draft McCoy is right behind him. Tamps could go many ways as well, but the talent of McCoy is too much to pass up at #3

4. Brian Bulaga
OT Iowa

Bulaga has been climbing the boards, and while Okung may be ranked higher by most Bulaga fit more of the prototypical lineman in a Shanahan system. The Redskins must improve the offensive line and it looks like Samuels is hanging up the cleats. Bulaga is smart enough to step in day one and start.

5. Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State

As with many of the top 10 teams KC could go many ways and could very easily take Berry here as well. But the fact that only 5 teams allowed more than the 45 sacks the Chiefs allowed means they must improve the offensive line. They made a very large investment in Matt Cassell and they need to give him some protection.

6. Jimmy Clausen
Notre Dame

Although the biggest need might be offensive tackle Pete Carroll knows Clausen, and even recruited him to USC. This is a deep draft for offensive linemen and Seattle has two first round picks and a high second round pick that the replacement for Walter Jones can be selected. Clausen can sit behind Hasselbeck and learn for a year. There will be no rush to get him in the game.

7. Eric Berry DB

Berry fits a need, and it may be hard to believe someone of his talent will fall this far there is the economics of football to consider. The Browns secondary is horrible and Berry would be an instant upgrade.

8. Trent Williams
OT Oklahoma

Who really knows what the Raiders will do. They should bolster their offensive line and both tackles aren’t start quality. Williams would be a huge upgrade to the current line in Oakland. Because this is probably the best thing to do means they wont and Big Al will draft someone that runs a 4.2, lookout McCluster or Spiller…

9. Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

Chan Gailey is now running the show in Buffalo and look for him to install some version of the spread offense. Campbell is very athletic for his size and Buffalo need to upgrade the offensive line and quickly.

Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

It’s almost a certainty that Brandon Marshall will be gone this off-season and Bryant should be able to step in. Bryant is raw in route running and hasn’t played in a year, but he is a top talent and gives Denver a replacement for Marshall.

11. Derrick Morgan
DE Ga. Tech

I know Weaver has publicly stated he wants Tim Tebow, but I would be shocked if they took him here. Some team later in the draft may take Tebow in round one, but even in trying to boost ticket sales this would be a huge reach. Jacksonville instead finally gets the edge rusher they have been looking for for years. Morgan is a physical freak and should draw comparison to the original Phreak Javone Kearse.

12. Brandon Graham
DE/OLB Michigan

After his Senior Bowl week Graham has been shooting up boards and while he doesn’t have the prototypical size the Trifecta like in Miami you have to add recently acquired Mike Nolan to the mix and the comparisons of Graham and Dummerville are inevitable. Graham led the nation in TFL on 2009 with 26 and he had 20 in 2008, to go along with his 10 and 10.5 sacks in the last two years.

13. Joe Haden

San Fran would be thrilled if Haden was still on the board with this pick. They had the 21st ranked pass defense in the league and can use an upgrade in the defensive backfield. Haden is a very physical receiver that many compare to Revis. He would fit the hardnosed style of Mike Singletary.

14. (DEN) Anthony Davis
OT Rutgers

Carroll gets his replacement LT with his second pick in round 1. Davis is big with good feet. He will go through some growing pains, but will in turn be a solid starting tackle for years to come.

15. Rolando McClain ILB Alabama

Giants need to revamp the defense and McClain is the starting point they are looking for. He is going to have measurables off the chart at the combine, but there are some that question is ability to play in space. Non the less McClain is a solid pick and while he may not rate out to be another Patrick Willis he wont be that far off.

C.J. Spiller RB Clemson

Spiller gives San Fran the lighting to Gore’s thunder. Spiller will be an instant help with his return abilities and playmaking abilities in space. He is the change of pace type of back that San Fran needs.

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  • Patrik Nohe

    Nice, great job on this. Personally I would like to see Rolando McLain in Miami but I definitely can see where Nolan may like Graham a bit more. As long as we get someone who makes plays I’ll be happy.

  • onole1

    I am hoping Dansby ends up in Miami, so the urgent need for a ILB might not be as big as a puss rushing OLB. I also think there’s some other options at ILB in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Right now I think I would like to see Miami go Graham in round one and Thomas in round one. I didn’t specify what Thomas, althought I lean towards Demaryius I wouldn’t be upset with Cam either.

  • Mike

    This is an awesome pick he is a great player and if we do get him he will learn behind Jason Taylor and after Jason retires we have someone who can take the role as the other outside linebacker. Cameron Wake is on the other side and he is a dominant player all wee need is 2 good middle linebackers to stop the run and a good nose tackle to clog up the middle and we will have a great defense. I trust Mike Nolan and his aggressive defense and I’m sure he will bring pressure to the quarterback.

  • Mike J

    I am not sure Bradford is a franchise QB, but who at this time last year thought Stafford or Sanchez would go so high?? You have to have a quarterback in today’s game, & that means rolling the dice when you get your shot.
    Note to Sophia: one of the things I like about football is that it takes my mind off females–for a while, anyway.

  • onole1

    Mike J, I am with you, and I am not completely sold on Bradford or Clausen but they are the best of a weak bunch. Next years class will be much stronger and the Rams may very well bite the bullet this year and pass on a QB at least in round one. One defense of Bradford is he doesn’t make too many mistakes with the ball and his durability must be questioned, but he does seem to be a smart QB and in today’s NFL sometimes the smart QB does better than the QB with all the tools, but not safe with the football.

  • Patrik Nohe

    I would like to see Miami go with Brandon LaFell if they draft a receiver. He’s incredibly talented but wasn’t every featured in LSU’s offense the right way. Even despite that though he managed to be impactful in some big games. He strikes me as the type that the Fins could pick up in the 2nd or 3rd and get very solid production and development out of.

  • onole1

    LaFell’s hands scare me. I think D Thomas will be better and if he would have played in a system that threw the ball more I think he’d he a sure first round pick and possibly fighting Bryant for the first WR drafted. Rumors are in his workouts he’s running 4.4, if he does that at the combine he will be a first round pick so I’m hoping for a 4.5…LOL

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