2010 NFL Mock Draft

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17. Carlos Dunlap
Tennessee’s defensive line will be a position of need this off-season. Vanden Bosch is due to become a UFA and his productivity has slipped in recent years anyway. Dunlap could be the new anchor of that defensive line.
18. Dan Williams

The Steelers are likely to tag Casey Hampton if they can’t reach a deal and since it’s being reported they have a self imposed salary cap for 2010, they are only going to spend so much. In any case Hampton will turn 33 this year and how many more years does he have left? Williams is arguably the top 3-4 DT in the draft and assuming Pit tags Hampton Williams would be able to learn a year behind one of the best NT’s in the NFL.

19. Jason Pierre-Paul

They probably would have loved for Haden to be here and could consider Thomas at this point, but they do need to address the defensive line. Pierre-Paul may not be polished yet, but arguably has the most upside of any DE in the draft. He would be able to learn behind Abraham for a year or two until he has learned more technique.

20. Earl Thomas
DB Texas

The Texans could go a few different ways here, but Thomas could provide immediate help in a division that faces the Colts twice a year. Thomas is athletic enough to play safety and the nickel back in passing situations. Texans could also go D Line here, but Thomas may be too much to pass up.

21. Jermaine Gresham

A pass catching TE is a glaring weakness for the Bengals. Gresham would give Palmer another weapon to help pull the linebackers away from the LOS in order to give more running lanes for Benson.

22. Sergio Kindle

In my opinion Kindle is 1b with Graham as the top DE/OLB in the draft. Graham may be more explosive, but Kindle may be more fluid in coverage and sideline to sideline. The Patriots need to upgrade the outside linebackers and be able to get pressure on the QB.

23. Mike Iupati
Iupati is head and shoulders the top guard in the draft, but many feel he could play RT at a good if not Pro-Bowl level. Rogers is one of the best QBs in the NFL, but he also spent more time than any other QB in the league on his back side. Green Bay must address the offensive line and Iupati would be plugged in at starter right away either at guard or RT.
24. Sean Weatherspoon

Weatherspoon made a believer out of me during his Senior Bowl week. He just looks like a perfect fit for the Eagles defense. He can play inside or out, but should be able to slide right into the WOLB spot and give leadership to a defense that is lacking that after the loss of Dawkins.

25. Arrelious Benn

The Ravens window is closing and they must get Flacco a receiver on the outside that can spread the field. Benn is raw but the combination of size and speed might be too much to pass up.

26. Charles Brown

Gandy will be gone and even if he’s not they need an upgrade. The Cardinals could slide Brown over to the left side but ultimately Brown has better feet. With Warner retired many speculate the Cardinals will be more of a running team, and in order to do that they must improve the offensive line, and Brown would help start that.

27. Taylor Mays

The Cowboys don’t have many needs, but safety has been a thorn in the side of that defense. Mays is a physical specimen and with the other talent on the Cowboys Mays coverage weakness could be hidden somewhat.

28. Ryan Matthews
Fresno State
With the departure of Tomlinson RB is a need position for San Diego. Best and Dwyer may be ranked higher on most boards but Best size and Dwyer’s lack of a pro-style offense makes Mathews a better fit fo the Chargers at this point. They are very close and need an impact from the running back position right away.
29. Damian Williams WR

Jets are a solid team, but they need another weapon for Sanchez. Edwards may or may not sign a long term deal, but they still need a receiver on the other side. Tate could be an option here as well, but I think the connection of Sanchez to Williams would help with the learning curve of a young WR.

30. Jared Odrick
Penn State

Vikings are solid all around, but the D Line showed some weakness late in the season. Pat Williams will turn 38 this year so they must find someone that can fill that hole. Odrick is very aggressive and is stout against the run, but can also get penetration from the DT spot.

31. Brian Price
DT UCLA Colts could go any level on the defense, but they still struggle in the middle. Price would give them a player that can fill the hole against the run, but is able to get penetration and play on the offensive side of the LOS.
32. Everson Griffen
Fresh off the Super Bowl win the Saints may be the most complete team in the NFL. With that being said they could stand to improve the defensive line. Griffen will give the Saints a player that can give them a pass rush off the edge.
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