Top Story: Wilfork Tagged...So What!

Breaking News:  LaDaianian Tomlinson has officially been released by the San Diego Chargers after 9 seasons with the team.  The move was expected.

The New England Patriots put the good old franchise tag on DT Vince Wilfork today ending any hopes of Miami Dolphins fans that the “Tuna” and his team could poach the big NT.

So what!

Sure, Wilfork would have been a nice addition to the teams defensive line but did anyone really believe that he would end up in Miami? There was no way that was going to happen. Why? For one, Bill Belichick was going to make sure of it and two, the Dolphins in all likelihood wouldn’t have paid the money to him to bring him here.

It’s going to be the same way with Karlos Dansby, it was the same with LB Calvin Pace and host of other big name free agents that yearly hit the market. The Dolphins simply don’t spend loads of money on the top guys. It seems they would rather overpay for guys like Ernest Wilford and Gibril Wilson instead.

In any case, Wilfork will be a Patriot for a long time as the two sides are expected to begin work on a long term deal.

It’s hard to be disappointed when you weren’t expecting it anyways.


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  • Mitch

    5m bonus to Wilford and 6m to Wilford is small potatos to 20m for Pace and 30m for Dansby.

  • http://Pp Brian

    Not for one minute would Wilfork sign an fa deal for 6 mill. He would easily be looking for something that would bring him the money. Not a haynesworth deal but costly. No home town discount.

  • http://Pp Brian

    To clarify. No way he would take only six mill bonus

  • Jetro

    While Wilford would have helped nicely on our D, I think we should explore grabbing LT. He shouldn’t be that expensive and would provide an extra weapon for the O.

  • Billy Bob Joe

    This is funny. Mitch in post one makes a mistake and uses Wilford twice, when refrencing the two biggest FA busts from the Tuna, it should have been Wilford and Wilson. Brian in post two somehow thinks Mitch is talking about signing Vince Wilfork for only 5 or 6 million signing bonus. How he got this I don’t know. Then along comes Jetro who is totally confused and thinks that Ernest Wilford would be good on our D, even after he was no good on the O. Good stuff.

  • Brian Miller

    OMG…too funny. This is why I don’t respond on my sleeping days. I work nights and woke up and responded and really thought he was talking about wilfork.

    Ok Mitch. I agree. Lol