Another Wasted 2nd Round Pick?

Are you still reeling from the abrupt turnaround by safety Ryan Clark?  The same guy who said that Miami was the fit and then turned around and headed back to Pittsburgh saying that he “didn’t want to play here (Miami)”.  Yeah, a lot of people are, so don’t feel bad.  Now news is circulating that the Dolphins will use Tyler Thigpen as their number 2 QB.  Is this a ploy to facilitate a trade or just another waste of a 2nd round pick?

Let’s face it, the Miami Dolphins are notorious for wasting 2nd round picks.  Daunte Culpepper, AJ Feeley, Samson Satele, John Beck, Matt Roth, and now Pat White?

O.k. so many fans believe that Pat White was a mistake the instant his name was read aloud at the draft.  But after last years no completion season and one helluva knock-out on the sidelines, is it any surprise that the Dolphins are dropping him to 4th on the depth chart?

The story goes like this, Miami signs Chad Pennington to a 1 year deal and tells him that he will be the E3 (emergency 3) QB.  He will be behind Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen on the depth chart.  Tyler Thigpen?  I thought he was going to somehow get traded?  O.k. guess not.

So are we to expect the Dolphins to carry 4 QB’s this season?  White as the 4th?  Three things were apparent after last season.

1: With Chad Henne’s arm, we don’t need the Wild Cat…which means that we don’t need Pat White coming in and lining up in that spot.

2:  Unable to complete one single pass all year, Pat White is not a QB

3: After taking the shot in the Pittsburgh game, Pat White doesn’t have the physical stamina to line up as a slot WR and go over the middle.

So, where does that leave the Dolphins?  Simple, with another busted 2nd round pick that was wasted.  So the next logical question is why are the Dolphins so steadfast in not trading a 2nd round pick for a proven player?  Let’s face it, the last time they didn’t waste a pick was on Chad Henne…yet.

The Phins have a slew of holes.  WR, S, OLB, and of course NT and they won’t find sure hits in the draft. Dan Williams is a good bet for the 12 slot in round 1 and WR Brandon Lafelle may be an option in round 2.  But that still leaves two gaping holes.

Why gaping?  Well, right now the Dolphins have no starting Safety and no starting OLB.  Both left empty with the releases of Gibril Wilson and Joey Porter.  Suddenly, WR becomes a luxury that the Phins may not be able to afford, yet it’s the one piece on offense that is sorely lacking.

It gets worse when you start looking at free agency and wondering where the team may find someone.  Most players that are still left who can come in and not only start but make even a modicum of an impact are restricted free agents.  Which means the Phins will have to surrender some sort of draft pick compensation to the team who owns them.  Which then leaves Miami without that pick.  In most cases, that’s a 2nd rounder.  Which again asks the question, what else would the Phins do with it?

Blow it?  Likely given their history with 2nd rounders.  And let’s not forget this isn’t just a Bill Parcells and Co. problem.  It dates way back to Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt and I’m sure back to Don Shula as well.

With a trade comes a new contract as well, something that really puts the brakes on any deal.  It’s the way it is in the NFL.  A structure in place to allow teams to build their team without being poached every year.  For the Dolphins, poor drafting in rounds 2 and even in round 3 have left them with no future stars or for that matter starters.

Perhaps maybe the answer lies with Ronnie Brown.  The Dolphins are asking for a 1st by virtue of their tender offer.  Maybe a 2nd would get the deal done.  One thing is for certain, the Dolphins can win without Brown and there are plenty of veteran runners who can be short term answers while the Phins address something else.

Trade Ronnie for a 2nd, trade the second for a WR, NT, OLB, or Safety, use your first, second, and 3rd to address the other 3 and hope you hit.  Either way, the team needs to do something because these are not cases of depth, these are cases of starting positions with plenty of vacancy.

Free agency is a week old so no need to get overly concerned, but the Phins do have holes to fill and right now, the choices out there are rather slim.  As the old adage goes, “only time will tell”.

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  • Flyin11

    I’m surprised we are still keeping Thigpen. He sucks. He proved it against Pittsburgh last year when he lost the game for us by throwing 2 bonehead interceptions. He’s just another Jay Fiedler. I though we basically just picked him up to fill the roster requirements because of Pennington getting hurt. Thigpen just looks like another bonehead move by management…

  • http://Pp Brian

    While I don’t share all of your view, I’m still surprised they appear to be keeping him.

  • Al

    It is called negotiating, talk up Thigpen and then trade him. Remember Ireland tlking about Gibril. We will not carry 4 QB’s into the season.

  • Eddie

    Seriously? He at least showed some decent ability to throw the ball. He was thrust into action against a really tough Pitt defense. And when he was starting for the Chiefs a year back, he did very well.

  • Phil Bondy

    Yesterday you said that Ryan Clark was likely to join the Dolphins. You have no clue, do you?

  • onole1

    Yesterday all signs were pointing to Clark joining the Fins, to the point where he took and passed a physical and was touring the facility while his agent was working on contract details. It was the ONLY visit he scheduled, turns out it didn’t happen though, that’s life.

  • Phinpicksack

    Thigpen is the most talent we are willing to part with via trade right now. If Buffalo or St Louis want him for a pick or a player, they can have him. As for Pennington, he is still rehabbing and camp hasnt even started yet, so yes, he has to be third as of right now. I wouldnt say White is a waste because of his KO. Henne left the game because of a hit that caused ‘blurry vision’ yet we arent questioning his conditioning. People get KO’d all the time. Look at Boldin. They can come back. As for White’s future with the team, he is 6’0 and 190 lbs. His frame is similar to Reggie Wayne, and the guy is athletic. If he wants to be a WR in this league, he can be. There are many former running QBs playing wideout in the NFL.

  • onole1

    The problem is White doesn’t want to play WR, so if they move him is his heart going to be in it? They already have one WR with no heart.

  • JW

    Nice little blurb. Though while I agree with most of what has been said and that White is probably a wasted or bad selection. I don’t think its fair to say that he doesn’t have the physical stamina to be a WR because he got hit in the head with a helmet to helmet hit. There isn’t a player in the league/human on earth that would be able to shrug off a full speed helmet blow to the side of his head.

    If you want to argue that he doesn’t have the physical stamina then I’d say its a better argument to say he’s undersized. Because head blows aren’t really a good measure of that (though it could mentally scare him now).I give him some credit though that he never really shied away from contact when running the ball.

  • JTC

    I agree with much of what you said, but in defense of some second round picks we’ve made over the years, here’s a list of some of the right choices from the past 20 years:Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Marco Coleman, Keith Sims,Rob Konrad, Chris Chambers, Louis Oliver, and John Offerdhal, among a few others. Granted, that means a lot of busted choices – including Matt Roth – but also some quality talent.

  • http://Pp Brian

    All: I did say “a plot to facilitate a trade” in regards to thiggy. I also said that white doesn’t have physical stamina to play WR AFTER the hit. Probabaly should have phrased that like “I would question his mental ability to go over the middle”. While talking more about his physical make-up. My bad.

    As for him being a bust well it’s all conjecture to elicit a debate on the subject. It’s way too early to label him a bust. Yet. Furthermore while we have hit on second rounders before the trend seems to be the opposite. Especially lately


  • Rex Deus

    Marco Coleman was 1st Rnd (12 overall) so definitely not a 2nd round pick. There have been some horrendous picks in the 2nd Rnd by the Dolphins in the past 20 or so years…Eddie Blake, Eddie Moore, Scott Schwedes, Andrew Greene, Aubrey Beavers,…but are we any worse than any other team? I dunno. I know that a lot of people were surprised by the Pat White pick (me included) and at the time I thought Parcells and co had possibly seen something we hadn’t…but maybe they were simply desperate for another Wildcat Option and were clutching at straws after all…

  • KCPhins4Life

    “The problem is White doesn’t want to play WR, so if they move him is his heart going to be in it? They already have one WR with no heart”

    I don’t know if White has much of a choice. If he’s already shown he can’t play QB in this league – who else is going to take a chance on him at QB? His only option may be to do something else – so he better get used to it.

  • KCPhins4Life

    Although I agree that they are posturing with Thigpen as the #2 QB to facilitate a trade….couple things in my opinion.

    1. Thigpen could be listed as #2 b/c going into the season Pennington may not be 100% (or at least at this point he would not be ready to play). With White being a horrible QB, Thigpen is #2.

    2. With Pat White being a horrible QB, Thigpen actually is not that bad. As much as I was against acquiring him, he can run the Wildcat AND complete a pass. Having Thigpen being a Wildcat option, would allow him to be the #2 and if Henne gets hurt Pennington could still come in and play over Thigpen. This is much like we just went thru this past year when Henne started as the #3.

  • AJ Minichino

    Thigpen could be listed as the #2 QB on the depth chart to maybe heighten his trade value.

  • Dashall2

    Sean Smith was a 2nd round pick that is working out ok. But you are correct in that we have wasted a lot of 2nd round picks over the years. I think Thigpin gets traded in the end.

  • Garbo

    Parcells has two QBs that are trade bait. He’ll unload which ever one gets him what he needs before the season starts.
    Smart position to stock up because the NFL is at an all time low of very good QBs. 4 great ones…then it all drops off.

  • http://none Billy Jim Bob

    Yes, Chad Henne was a second round pick by this groups, as was Sean Smith. Now it is too early to tell on both of those guys, but to just say that they waste second round picks based off of one pick is stupid. And to think that how one regime picks will effect the results of future regimes picks is retarded. If you had any credibility before, it was all just lost with this article.
    And to those that are hating on Thigpen, why would you want to get rid of a young QB with mobility and a fairly strong arm? You want to be left with White, who never should have been drafted that high, and Pennington? I much prefer Thigpen over white.

  • Brian Miller

    Billy Jim you obviously didn’t read the article so your comment gives you zero cred. Nice try

  • MexDolfan

    Without doubt, Miami was fortunate on getting Tyler Thigpen from KC.

    The Pittsburgh fiasco isn’t enough to evaluate his worth, the guy was still adapting into Miami style of offense and there’s no big name on our receiving corps that could help him under such pressure, specially when our team was mentally melted to confront the Steelers that day.

    As today it’s pretty obvious Pat White lacks of what is needed to survive in the Pros, mostly because he’s too raw and gets out of concentration frequently. But this was his rookie season and the guy deserves time to develop.

    This season Tyler Thigpen looks like a better option, so Pat White needs to improve a lot to make the team or avoid the practice squad.

  • http://[email protected] mike


  • Brian Miller

    I thiNk the trifecta has done fine. The article is more of an overall asessment of the 2nd round the last decade. I think Sean smith and Henne are solid

  • Real Dolphins Fan

    Trade Ronnie Brown? No..NO…NO. R. Brown is the best player Miami has had in a long time. Miami has wasted a number of 2rd picks but trading Brown won’t fix Miami’a problems, drafting good players will…..

    • Dameone

      I agree that if the Dolphins want to change from bad picks and let me throw in trades as well, let’s not get desperate with trading Ronnie Brown. However; if were going to run the wildcat fine work on getting players who not only understand the scheme of things but can play at a high level. in conclusion we need a real tough smart q.b. to run the regular offense.

  • Brian Miller

    REAL: I love Ronne Brown. I have an very nice autographed football of his on display in my living room. But I’m also a realist and want to see this team get better. RB is the easiest position to replace on this team and even a stopgap veteran would suffice with Ricky here. Parcells has a solid history of finding the type of runners he wants. Brown is going to be an unrestricted FA after this season with a history of injury and he is going to want to get paid. I don’t know if the risk is worth it. If the right offer came along, I would let him go. I wouldn’t like it because he is a class act but I would take the offer.

  • Macattack

    Seriously, why did we bring back Penington. Are we destined to live in the past. Thigpen, or Henne if you prefer needs to play now! Pennington is a great guy, but this is business. If you are a team like the Vikes with Gobs of talent around then you can bring a veteran qb in to try and win it all, but right now the Dolphins need to develope a qb that can develope with the rest of the team. I think that guy needs to be Tyler Thigpen.

  • DJR

    The Eagles would probably take our 2nd round pick for Donovan McNabb….then we can cut Thigpen and Pennington and keep Henne to back up McNabb and groom him for the future. I would try to trade Pat White for a 6th or 7th rounder and if there are no takers then just cut him.