Yes To Brandon Marshall

Sportscrzy.comTo every fence there is a side.  Sometimes the grass looks greener, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes your opinion on a subject on one side of a fence meets criticism from the other.  And sometimes, you just sit on top of the fence say to hell with it and take both sides.  Me, I really don’t care what side of the fence I’m on.  It’s my opinion so your either on the same side or your not.  Such is the case with Brandon MarshallI say yes.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t initially on board with bringing in a prima-donna to any position on the field.  Especially one that could curtail the development of a young QB like Chad Henne. Then I realized, Brandon Marshall is not Terrell Owens.  Brandon Marshall is far from Jerry Rice but he isn’t a locker-room cancer and in reality never has been.

I can go into his legal background but honestly you can read that list for yourself on Wikipedia.  Yes, he has had some issues but let’s face facts, some of those issues were not his fault, some of them were bad press, and some of them were young mistakes.  It’s his emotions that have gotten the better of him.  As was the case with Darrent Williams.

Marshall recently conceded in court that he blames himself for Williams’ death at the hands of Willie Clark (found guilty of 1st degree murder).  Marshall told the court that he was vocally abusive to Clark who later followed their limo and fired the shots into it that killed Williams.

And Marshall has been keeping that inside.

The other side of Brandon Marshall that the Dolphins would get is the one who took off to Atlanta 3 seasons ago with Jay Cutlerand Tony Scheffler to work on their own.  The 3 worked on timing routes and patterns and it showed the following season when all 3 had solid statistical seasons.

Last season Marshall was benched for the final game by head coach Josh McDaniels.  The reason was that Marshall didn’t practice because of a hamstring injury.  Before Marshall could get it treated, McDaniels had already publicly outed his WR.  Something that Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland would never do and have never done.  Bill Parcells?  Yeah, maybe.

Unlike Terrell Owens who is a major diva, Marshall has never complained about his QB or the lack of getting receptions.  He has complained about the teams play but never outed Cutler and in fact, Cutler has lobbied the Bears to bring him north.

In Miami, Marshall would be the star on offense, no question so it fits into any part of the “me” ego he possesses.  In addition, he will have a no-nonsense OC in Dan Henningwho does not tolerate the “diva” mentality.  He will have young Chad Henne to work with while also being guided by the very respected Chad Pennington.

Then of course there is Bill Parcells.  Parcells has zero tolerance for “diva” wide-receivers but he is also fair and understanding towards troubled players.  See Ricky Williams.  There is a place for Marshall on this team and I doubt he would be the distraction that many people fear.

There is the Southbeach issue that can be a seriously ill draw for young impressionable athletes and while Marshall is not a kid anymore, he still lacks the knowledge of self regulation.  But it’s something that he may have learned from with the Williams death.

All in all, the Dolphins have thrown away big sums of money to Gibril Wilson and Ernest Wilford and have gotten zero production out of either of them.  Their biggest need is WR and nothing they get in the draft would immediately contribute like Marshall can today.  And what exactly would he do for Ted Ginn and the rest of the receivers?  A point that Zach Thomas was quoted as making in one of Armando Salguero‘s blogs.

The point is Marshall comes with a history but in my opinion, it’s not loaded baggage.  He needs a new start in a new city away from the past that has dogged him.  In Miami, Marshall can be the go to guy that he wants to be and that Miami needs.  He can be flamboyant if he must and at the same time he will be surrounded by players and coaches that can deal with him.

Brandon Marshall is not Terrell Owens…he just has the same talent.  Marshall also has a history that these Dolphins love.  He is a hard worker who has played hurt almost every year in the league and has excelled.

Marshall could likely be had for a 2nd or a 3rd plus.  Not a bad investment for what people consider a risky individual.  What side of this fence are you on?

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  • Steven Jugo

    A WR like Marshall would be nice to have but is not the teams most glaring need. The defense is still in a world of hurt.They have no starting OLBs No starting FS and no starting NT. In it’s current state the Dolphins defense still quite beatable even more so than last year. Giving away high draftpicks for a receiver would doom this team to another losing season. Between their running game and their current WRs the Dolphins can score enough points to compete in most games as long as the defense can get to a top ten defense. If they give up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for marshall the defense will be well in the bottom half of the league and they will be lucky to win 7 games again this year. The jets have bolstered their defense now having one of if not the best corner back tandems in the league and if the Dolphins want to compete with them we need a defense that can keep them from scoring and force turnovers.

  • Brian Miller

    Steven: First I wouldn’t trade a 1st round pick for anyone. Period. I would consider a 2nd but honestly, I doubt I would trade that either. A 3rd and one of our WR’s for him? Absolutely. You point out our defensive issues and your right but we are not scoring points. Over the last 2 seasons the majority of our points comes from the WC package or because of it on the ground. We do not throw many TD’s because we lack a number 1 WR who will make teams play us differently. Regardless of our defense, if we don’t put points up it won’t matter and the Phins will not be running the WC like they have in the past…so yes, WR is a need because we don’t have a good corp right now. I think we will address NT in round 1 with Daniels and get an OLB in round 2 or 3 maybe later. Parcells is a LB guy and I have complete faith in that. As for FS, Ken Hamlin will likely be with us by the draft. He is a BP guy and the Boyz are getting ready to dump him because he is guaranteed 6 million if he is on the team. He did very well in BP’s system. Also, the OLB spot may get filled by the OLB that was just released by Denver…if Nolan liked him, he will be here. But this is an opportunity that the Phins should look at and if the price is manageable then they should pull the trigger.

  • Steven Jugo

    The Broncos put a first round tender on Marshall so we will not pick him up in free agency and, I doubt they would take less than a second in a trade unless the Dolphins give up a very good player in return. Who in your opinion would you be willing to get rid of for such a deal? It would have to be someone that has proved himself or at least shown great potential. There are only a few such players on the roster. Rickey Williams wouldn’t do since he has made it clear he is planning to retire after this season. Ronnie Brown I don’t think would be considered by Denver due to the injury to his foot. I would think the most likely players would be Davis, Smith, Bell, Heartline or, Thigpen Maybe Pennington. Of these players the only one I would consider letting go is Thigpenn and the Broncos could use a QB. Do you think Thigpen and a third round pick would be considered by Denver I think we would have to sweeten the pot a little more. Of course Denver could pick up Anderson who was cut by the Browns and then Thigpen Would not be of any use to them.

  • Brian Miller

    Steven: We have to realize that a tender offer is only for protection. In this case it guarantees Denver the upper hand. We won’t outright sign Marshall anymore than anyone else would. Like you pointed out, we would have to offer more than a 3 to get him. Honestly, I would offer Ted Ginn and a 3. Which they may not want. I would also offer Camarillo in place of Ginn. Thigpen is a good choice as well. We also have to remember that despite any posturing they really don’t want Marshall back and next year he will be a free agent again. It makes sense for them to want to move him.

  • Brian Miller

    One more thing. I don’t know what value they actually put on him and what it would actually take to get him. But there is a number limit to whatever price you deem him to be worth and have to take into consideration that you will need to ink him to a new deal. That plays into it as well. Oh, and I wouldn’t trade Ronnie Brown and a pick for him either.

  • G_from_Maine


    I’ve done a 180 on this topic as well. I can’t remember who it was but I was listening to the radio and they said “Name the last great WR that didn’t either have off the field issues or wasn’t a diva”. You know who the host of the show came up with? Steve Largent. The WR position is full of these type of players. I have to say I would start with a 3 and Ted Ginn and hell I’d even throw in Thigpen but if push came to shove I’d probably be willing to give the 2nd. I don’t know what the organization is willing to do with the first pick but if they are even considering Dez Bryant then I’d pull the trigger on Marshall in a heartbeat with the 2nd. He’s a proven commodity and still very young.

  • onole1

    If I am Miami I offer a second and Ginn or Camarillo for Marshall. Then I do my damdest to trade out of the #12 spot and pick up the second round pick I lost. Marshall is a top 5 WR in the NFL and would make an immediate impact on the offense. The NFL is turning to an offensive league and the Colts and Saints showed last year you just need a middle of the pack defense to win as long as you have an explosive offense. Henne has just as good of an arm as Cutler, but I think he’s smarter with the ball. Henne to Marshall would be a great combination, and would open up lanes for Hartline and Bess. It would also pull the 8 and 9 men out of the box. So to answer your question I am on the side of the fence that has Brandon Marshall wearing aqua, orange and white.

  • The Truth

    That is the best dolphins blog I have ever read. just want to put that out there. good points with specific example to back it up. Not just statements with no support. If you could get in with some sources you’d be golden. As to your post, everything you said about marshall, Ive been saying on armando’s and Omar’s blog forever. I totally agree

  • squidmd

    Spot on! I posted a “TO DO” list on one of Omar’s blogs about a month ago. #1 Was sign Dansby. #2 Was Trade for Marshall. Personally, I am done with Ginn so I 100% agree to ship him and a #3 pick to Denver or maybe Pat White or Camarillo and a #2. I also agree to trade the #1 down and get that #2 or #3 pick back. Even if they could not trade down. They would still have the picks to go OLB and NT in the first three rounds and could go TE, RB, or FS in the forth. Not to mention the reaches that can be made with 5 picks in the 6th and 7th. I can think of a number of depth players that will be there late. Another “To do” item was to resign JT.

  • onole1

    I made my suggestion before I saw Andra Davis was released, but now that I have seen it I sign him today and package Crowder with a second to Denver for Marshall, I’d even throw in Ginn or Camarillo if that’s what it took.

  • KCPhins4Life

    I have a hard time believing Denver will give him up for a 2nd. With the rumors that Seattle is interested, but Denver insisted on the 6th pick instead of the 14th pick. It’s probably b/c Denver wants both McClain and Bryant. However, If they are willing to balk at any 1st rd pick – why would they give a 2nd?

    Maybe time improves our position….but then other teams will be calling if a 2nd is all it takes.

  • KCPhins4Life

    I’ll go on record saying that I don’t want Marshall, not b/c the defense needs help – b/c I want a #1 WR more than anything….I just really think Marshall is a nut-job! Too many mental issues for me.

  • Patrik Nohe

    I was kind of hoping that Denver was going to pick behind Miami. I would have loved to see a swap of firsts so Miami could move back and then the Fins could toss in some additional compensation, etc… But the Broncos pick a spot ahead of Miami. So no dice. Miami needs a playmaker badly though.

  • Jetro

    Everyone seems to be forgetting what Parcell’s teams are. Strong defense and a strong run game. Essentially, ball control. Our defense was horrible last year and Parcells won’t be wasting a 1st rounder on a WR, no matter who it is. And I don’t blame him. We need to upgrade our D if we’re going to have any chance of contending. The problem with the Dolphins O wasn’t the lack of a WR but rather they’re very predictable. We try to run the ball it seems most of the time on 1st down, so the opposition just stacks the line against them and forces them into 2nd and 3rd and long situations which for any team is difficult. Miami needs to get better at the short pass as well as dumping the ball off to our RBs. It’s not necessary the lack of talent on the O that’s hurting us but rather the horrible play calling.

  • Mike

    i agree go for marshal but it would cost the dolphins a 1st round pick i would rather see them use that pick on an outside linebacker. But if we could get marchal for anything other than a 1st round pick then im all for it

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  • Tyler

    Have fun theorizing while you can, Dolphins fans, because Marshall is heading to the Seahawks. They’re just waiting to show the Bronco’s that no one else is willing to give them a 1st round pick so we can possibly trade them a 2nd round pick and possibly Deion Branch. Just a matter of time…

  • jaunblaze


  • Tofu Dan

    Amen. Adding Marshall would put the Braylon Edwards (Jets) and Anquan Boldin (Ravens) acquisitions to shame. It would say that the Dolphins are ready to contend now. To go from no #1 WR to perhaps the best in the game today would make for one hell of a coup. Throw in a field stretching tight end in round 3 or 4, and our offense would really start to scare people.

  • edferrer

    guys; I would do whatever it takes to get marshall…even a 1st… if it comes with the TE Sheffler they also don’t whant… if they are considering dez bryant in the 1st… how do you not pull the trigger on Marshall.. if you get marshall a proven top 10WR… who gives 110% on the fieldhe will o… it will open up the running game and space for the TE and other WR (imagine ginn a a #2WR… he has had no #1 opposite him)!!!

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