Richie Incognito Coming To Miami?

The Miami Dolphins have passed on players in the past because they were discipline deficient.  They passed on players who were troublemakers and of course passed on some because they were “divas” (Brandon Marshall apparently) but that doesn’t seem to mean much to them when it comes dirty.  Maybe they don’t mind if your all of those things provided your the best at them.

Case in point?  Richie Incognito.  A 3rd round pick offensive guard, Incognito played and started all of his 47 games since being drafted but still managed to get released by the St. Louis Rams last season and picked up by the Bills off waivers.  He is a free agent now and the Dolphins apparently want to bring him in this week for a look.

Incognito was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL.  Last season he was awarded two personal fouls, one for head-butting an opposing player, and withdrew from Nebraska after several discipline issues, according to a Miami Herald article.

At 26 years old, the starting caliber guard would fill a need on the Dolphins offensive line but is his attitude worth the risk?  The Dolphins won’t pursue some players because of lesser issues but apparently believe that they can control him.  Or they simply want a meaner nastier offensive lineman next to the rather mild-tempered Vernon Carey.

Either way, the Phins put in a claim on him after his release last year so it appears this is a legit attempt to get him.

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  • Dashall2

    Lets take a look at him. Sparano should be able to keep him in line off the field and Jake Groves can reach over from the center position and smack him if he gets out of line on the field.

    BTW the new style looks great.

  • CC

    Play with fire, you gonna get burned….

  • Phinfan61

    Every players in the NFL play dirty.So I dont know whats the big deal about signing a 26 year old stud that will bring fire and desire to this offense. Richie Incognito is a stud. This must be driving Rex Ryan to tears. Dolphin Rule JETS for life, Richie Incognito rule JETS for life, MIAMI FANS rule JETS for life.

  • phinagan

    Bring him in I say, maybe a little fire & attitude is just what the doctor ordered…