Dolphins Should Sign Incognito

This probably won’t be a popular sentiment, but I’m not here to make friends I’m here to stir up some debate. So here goes: Miami should sign Richie Incognito. Sure he’s dirty, sure he managed to get cut by the Rams and was poorly received when he was claimed by Buffalo. But clearly Miami has had an interest as they put in a claim for him last year and are hosting him this off-season.

So why should the Fins take a shot at Incognito? Well for starters he’s going to come relatively cheap. Nobody is vying for his services right now which means Miami will be able to get him for well below what his market value should be (if not for the peripheral issues with his dirty play). Second of all in an uncapped year if he proves to be problematic Miami can cut him with no cap penalty whatsoever. So the risk is essentially minimized.

But let’s also look at what Incognito could bring to the table. He’s 26, he’s 6’3 320, he’s started every game he’s ever played in and he’s incredibly mean. We all hate Logan Mankins but talk to any Patriots fan and they’ll tell you how much they love the guy. Think about it, Miami was a top five rushing team already without Incognito who would represent a clear-cut upgrade at right guard. This would improve the line and by extension the run game, possibly even the passing protection. But moreso it would give the Dolphins line an attitude adjustment. Jake Long is mean, but in a fairly subdued way. Justin Smiley is mean but in a “hurt-half-the-season-way.” Jake Grove? He’s mean also. Vernon Carey… not so much. But Richie Incognito is downright nasty. You’re telling me the Dolphins could add a mean-streak, upgrade the line and do so at a relatively low cost? No-brainer.

I’ve always felt Miami’s offense was somewhat… timid. Maybe timid isn’t the best word but ferocity is not the word that comes to mind either. That can be especially problematic in say, New Jersey, against the Jets defense. I’d like to see what Richie Incognito, finally on a competitive team and under the expert tutelage of Tony Sparano and the Tuna, would do to Bart Scott and Calvin Pace.

Incognito has never really had the benefit of playing on a good team or receiving good coaching. He played for Frank Solich and Bill Callahan at Nebraska, St. Louis has been in a meltdown-mode for over half a decade now and he got to play under an interim coach in Buffalo. Then consider the incentive for him to behave and prove he can be an elite guard (because after this chance he’ll find himself in Jeff George territory) and it’s not hard to argue that if he’s willing to buy into the Dolphins philosophy, he could actually be one hell of a reclamation project. A we all know how Parcells likes his reclamation projects.

To me this move would make perfect sense. The Dolphins have the potential to get bigger, stronger and meaner (ultimately better) with very little risk involved. The people in place to work with Incognito are the best in the business and this team desperately needs more tenacity, more personality. Miami just got rid of the one of the league’s dirtiest players in Joey Porter. At least, historically, Incognito commits most of his transgressions against players on other teams. Why not? Miami needs to sign Richie Incognito, if just for how much fun it is to say that name.

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  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    Ok so take a chance on this guy but pass on a guy like Marshall?? Really don’t get it. Am I the only dol-fan who wonders WTF ????

    • jcd

      Marshall would cost a draft pick AND lots of money over many years with some of it having to be guaranteed AND be a potential distraction. Incognito would only a potential distraction….MUCH less of a risk.

    • DAVE

      Marshall would have costed them a 1st and 3rd round pick though. They are not good enough to give up those picks I dont think, plus Marshall is an a-hole to his teammates and coaches. Marshall cares about one guy, himself. Cognito is just an a-hole to his opponents. You got to love that, espec as an off lineman.

    • kyle

      heres why you sign him and pass on marshall

      incognito= small contract, no draft picks, can be cut with no ramifications if he’s a problem

      marshall= takes up 2, possibly 3 draft picks. huge contract. will have character problems. and lately miami’s best offensive players have this thing where they like to get injured a lot

  • Steve

    I like it Patrick. Nothing is scarier than a big nasty o-lineman and Thomas and Murphy aren’t exactly snarling. Plus, Sparano is a nasty bugger who would never let his crap effect the team. He put Porter in his place and he would easily harness this animal. Incognito could be the small piece that turns our o-line from a good crew too a great crew.

  • Steve

    Yep, big big big difference between nasty and nancy. Marshall isn’t mean, he’s barely a man. Marshall needs to mature to be on the Dolphins radar. SIGN JAVON WALKER!

  • Scalzo

    I say sign him. A big nasty o-line is a great weapon.

  • Shed Dawg M ike

    I say sign him as well. Like you said Patrik, if he acts up, cut him…no penalty with no cap. If he works out then we got a mean nasty upgrade to an already mean line.

    As far as taking a chance on him and not BM. Well, Incognito won’t cost anyhwere near the money and MORE importantly, he doesn’t cost a first round pick. HUGE difference there. That being said I would be thrilled to take BM for our first and maybe get their 4th or 5th as well, but I would send the 1st for BM only if Denver wouldn’t bite on less.

    I just don’t know who you could get at #12 that would be as big an impact (and still only 25 years old). Signing a guy like Incognito would lessen the blow of of losing a pick because we would be getting another starter. Although I do know we need D desperately but use the rest of the draft on NTs, LBs and Safeties.

  • Ken

    I know this! BJ is right about one thing, He does not get it! We are talking about a very skilled, very large O-lineman with a nasty streak, that will come cheap and with no draft pick compensation. Marshall is a supremely talanted WR, BUT costs a 1st round pick and a huge contract. Marshall is problems off the field and is one strike away from a long suspension. The risk is far greater with Marshall and should not be considered for anything greater than a 3rd round pick.

    Check out this article on quick fix WR’s:

  • Phin a la carté

    We should get Incognito and Marshall too.

    The Phins should try and ship one of our WRs (Ginn probably -> “1st Rd talent/potential”) and a 2nd Round pick for Marshall… Both guys (Ginn and Marshal) would catch a break and start form scratch, plus, both teams would benefit form the trade (Broncos would be better off without Marshall as the Phins are better of without Porter). If I recall properly, Moss went for a 4rth Rd Pick, as well as Welker to the Patriots… So it ain’t impossible… Just my 2 cents..

  • Sean

    He will be the final piece on the OLine, NT,WR,OLB,FS and TE in the draft.

  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    Hey Ken what’s the use in having a great o- line with no playmakers? Mabe u should think about that dude we need Marshall he is proven and well worth our 12th pick we know what he will do for our team can u say playoffs. As for ginn he needs one more year with a true #1 wr like Bm next to him and watch him shine he’s fast has great vision and really fast speed kills ya and wit bm on the other side watch out hey iam all for having a great o-line so we can hand the ball to our 30 yr old back but really Ken even the run happy ravens know it’s a passing league let’s get bm and draft d-fence and go out at kick the sh$t out of the jets

    • onole1

      BJ, I am all for getting Marshall, but you can’t compare going after Incognito to going after Marshall. Incognito cost you very little. It would be a contract very friendly to Miami so if he acts up they can cut him and if they do they have lost very little.

      If they trade for Marshall they must invest a lot. Say they give Denver a first and Marshall comes to Miami and flames out. Miami will have lost a first round pick and a substantial amount of money because they would have to sign him to a new contract.

      Now if I am Miami I might look at offering Denver a second round pick and a player for Marshall. If they take it I think sitting at #12 Miami is in a great position to trade back and get a second round pick back. This way if Marshall comes in and flames out picks wise you really haven’t lost much.

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  • dashall

    Get him.

  • squidmd

    Sign Incognito! Trade Ginn and #3 for Marshall. Resign JT. They could go OLB and NT in first two rounds. Maybe even trade back with someone who wants Spiller and get that #3 back. With 5 picks and a comp pick in the later rounds there is plenty of players with potential who will be there like:
    FS Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, UTEP Height: 6-2. Weight: 205
    RB LaMarcus Coker, Hampton Height: 5-11. Weight: 205
    OLB Arthur Moats, James Madison Height: 6-2. Weight: 250
    ILB Phillip Dillard, Nebraska Height: 6-1. Weight: 240
    WR David Gettis, Baylor Height: 6-4. Weight: 209.
    TE Jeff Cottam, Tennessee Height: 6-8. Weight: 260
    QB Matt Nichols, Eastn Washington Height: 6-2. Weight: 220

  • phinagan

    Let me get this straight.. The guys young, big, talented & has a mean streak that allows us to instantly upgrade our o-line!

    So what’s the problem? As noted the pluses far out weigh the negatives and if he doesn’t pan out we’re not out picks for him…

  • dashall

    So did he come in for a look see? Nothing on the Herald.

  • Robert

    Heck YES we should sign this guy!!! anyone remember Jack Lambert from the steelers? Nasty as they come, then and now and everyone hated to go up against him. So, I say we need someone ( Incognito )to light a fire under our offensive lines asses and give us some attitude. Football is a game for men not babies, so if you get knocked on your ass, so be it… we need grit!!!

  • Phillip C

    I like this guy too. He is mean and nasty, just what we need. But I still got the need for Marshall. Just wait to the first of the season when we ain’t got know one to stretch those defenses. He would make our average receiver be better. We will fool around and wait till the draft again and pick up a third rouder and we will have just another average receiver. We got plenty of them. We might as well keep what we got and draft for another need.

  • Robert

    Yes, we do need a true # 1 Receiver, so I’m hoping we draft one with one of the first two picks. and would like us to draft an OLB with one of those first two picks as well. And then a NT with the 3rd, and FS or another LB with the 4th and then depth and possible diamond in the ruff with the 5-7 rounders .

  • dennis halderman

    I think a little attitude would be just what the O-Line needs… Bring Richie Incognito in

  • Patrik Nohe

    And he’s here! Incognito is now a Dolphin.

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