Fixing The Holes

The Miami Dolphins have some holes to fill.  Surprised?  Of course you’re not.  It’s an annual thing these past few years where this regime sits tight with their cards in hand and then wait for things to unfold.  This year however, with holes at OLB, NT, S, and depth issues at guard and ILB, how will they fix them?  Let alone fill a vacant number 1 WR spot to boot. 

I have my thoughts.

Safety:  Wait for it.  Simply wait for it.  In Dallas, there is talk that Ken Hamlin will be cut and if that happens, the Dolphins should take a strong look at bringing in the veteran.  Hamlin struggled last season as well as the year before compared to his past under Bill Parcells and company.  In Miami, he would be re-united with a system that better uses his style of play.

OLB:  Unfortunately there is nothing to do but wait.  Until the draft that is.  The Dolphins will make OLB and NT a priority heading into the draft and there is no reason that the Fins can’t wait until pick number 2 in this April’s draft to address the need.  The Phins can target a true OLB or a hybrid pass rushing DE.

NT:  The first round of the draft will likely answer this question and the popular choice would be Dan Williams.  A solid body and frame, the Phins are looking for someone that can replace Jason Ferguson and Williams could possibly be that person.

Guard and ILB depth:  The visitation of Richie Incognito would go a long way to not only providing depth but more likely a mean mother who will start on the line where Donald Thomas would move to add depth.  At the ILB spot, free agency is the likely place to go for that.  Late in free agency is when the best deals on available players could be had.  Unfortunately, recently released LB Andra Davis won’t be joining Miami.

WR:  Yes, we finally arrive at WR.  Personally, I would package a deal that would send a couple of players and a 3rd round pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall.  I truly believe they want to rid themselves of the WR and the grandstanding 1st round pick is meaningless.  Since that isn’t going to happen and FA offers absolutely nothing, the Phins have only one way to go and that is the draft where they will likely spend another 3rd rounder on a rookie and hope they hit.  Of all the positions of need, this is the one, that once again will go unfilled…again.

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  • onole1

    Good stuff Brian. I agree with you on most of it if not all of it. The Cowpokes will release Hamlin and Seattle just released Deon Grant. Miami can find a stop gag for a year and take a FS in rounds 3 or later. I know they have interest and have already taken Georgia’s FS Resheed Jones to dinner the night before his proday and he is projected a 3rd round prospect. They also like Chris Cook from VA and although he is listed as a CB he played both CB and FS. He is big at 6’2″, 212 lbs, and while he may have the measurable of Sean Smith the difference is Cook will lay the lumber. He is very physical and I think will be a good FS in the NFL.

    As far as Marshall goes I am not sure you could package enough up with a 3rd to get Marshall. I do think you might be able to package a Crowder, Ginn, or Camarillo, or some combination of two of them with a second round pick. We’ll see, my gut feeling is they don’t do this and they take a WR in the first four rounds.

  • dashall

    So many needs, so few draft picks and a lousy free agent year. I can see one of our WRs getting traded for a lower pick. Maybe Cam. I have not heard anything about the ghost we picked in the third last year at WR. Is he working out? Running routes with Henne? Having Ginn teach him how to break for the sideline? 1st 3 picks will probably go OLB, NT, WR but not necessarily in that order.

  • squidmd

    Great stuff Brian. 100% agree.

  • Hawk9810

    The Phins will not get B. Marshall!!! It is not going to happen… I don’t see him leaving Denver at all.

  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    Finn fans make no mistake we need Marshall let’s hope the front office of the dolphins feel the same

  • Kevin

    I could be wrong but didnt Indianapolis just win the super bowl with 2 rookie wide recievers!Work on defense first what good does it do if your team scores 30 points but the D lets up 35 a game?

    • bob

      right on defense should be priority this team now is allot younger than it was 3 years ago and a little less burdened on salary cap Also Baltimore won a super bowl on defense a few years back with(NO OFFENSIVE WEAPONS)

    • Brendan

      I totally agree. With Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark on our team we don’t need a Brandon Marshall type. Sorry for the sarcasm but I just thought that was funny. Oh and Colts lost the Superbowl.
      I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t add a big play WR.

  • jaunblaze


  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    Wow do u watch football man. If u did u would understand that true #1 wr like a Reggie Wayne draws so much concern from a d-fence that even ok rookies can make plays. And I do agree wit working on our d-fence but iam tired of seeing them on the field so much. Look we need bm he is worth our 12th pick he is a playmaker he will score TDs that will only help our D .Tuna get it done bring in bm let’s stretch the field keep our D off the field so much and let’s win some games go Finns

  • dashall

    How many times did we have a bone crushing drive of 10 plays or more to only give up quick scores the next defensive possession? We need both a defensive stopper and a game breaker. Which one will Tuna draft? I am thinking he goes defense.

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  • Garrett

    I have heard some talks that Miami will be looking to draft Earl Thomas. I strongly believe that we should wait on the safety position. Esp not draft one in the 1st round. I would like to get Kindle with the 1st pick and wait to see what safety drops to the 2nd round. Taylor Mays? Let me know what ya guys think.. Thanks..

  • Big Daddy E

    Fellow Dolphin Fans,
    I hate to bring this up, but what about going after T.O.? He wouldn’t too cost much and like Incognito can be a one year try.
    I don’t think it’s a wise move to give up draft picks plus package players like Camarillo to give to Denver for Marshal. Look what happened to Wes Walker after he left the dolphins. I feel Camarillo is in the same mold.
    If they are going to give up draft picks and ect. should have gone after Anquan Boldin!
    Bring in T.O.!

  • Jay in Raleigh

    The simple fact is that this team’s biggest problem last year wasn’t the offense. They were 15th in the league in scoring and 25th in scoring defense.

    They return the entire offense intact, so incremental improvement from Henne, the OL, Hartline, etc should allow them to at least maintain last year’s production. Would a “#1 WR” help? Sure. But that’s a ‘want’.

    There are clear ‘needs’ on defense. We are currently lacking a legitimate starter at FS and at least on OLB spot, and there are significant questions about Soliai at NT. We can hope for/expect improvement from the CBs and DEs. ILB is clearly improved. But without filling the 3 (or 4) holes on D, they will regress from their 25th ranking of last year.

    I believe 3 of the first 4 picks will, and should be, on defense, with either a WR or TE in the second (less likely) or third (more likely) round.

    • Brendan

      Good post Raleigh. I totally agree. Priorities are NT, OLB & FS. Highly unlikely Parcells goes WR before addressing those needs. Brian Miller is probably right, we may have to wait another year or hope again that we hit on a 3-4 rd pick.

      Ireland said we need chunk players but he is known for smoke screens. Remember when he said the #1 pick will be a great player for our Defense for years? Even though Armando Salguero fell for that, most of us knew that was a smoke screen.

    • onole1

      Jay I completely agree with you. I think OLB, NT and FS are the top priority right now. As you sure, it would be nice to have that #1 WR, but is that really a need right now? I mean do we really expect Miami to be cntending for the Super Bowl in 2010? I would say build the defense and take a WR that is raw but has the tools to develop. There are going to be some guys late, and besides, 2011 draft is a much deeper draft for WR anyway.

  • Garrett

    DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Defense wins championships. I know thats cliche! But it is true. Draft Kindle from texas or a free safety. Lets SHUT DOWN THE EAST!

  • BAMA90

    we need to draft ralondo mcclain cause channing crowder is too small and missies to many tackles and then we will have two inside linebackers that will shut it down for years. the second round take taylor mays and put ten pounds on him and move him to olb he runs a 4.3 forty and then draft the kid from georgia for free safety but, bring in darren sharper for one year to coach up the kid from georgia. and then get trinden holliday from lsu he runs a 4.27 forty at running back and kick offs this kid is a playmaker trust me we do this we win now. then you can get wr and nt this point on…