Mock Draft 3.0

The 2010 NFL draft is 35 days and counting.  The Miami Dolphins will kick off their 2010 draft in the number 12 slot provided they don’t trade up, down, or out of it.  While no one knows what might happen come April, one thing is for certain, you can count on our draft guru for his take.  Click continue to read Mock Draft 3.0 by our very own Onole.

And be sure to check out his big board here.

2010 NFL Mock Draft v 3.0

1. St Louis – Sam Bradford | QB | Oklahoma | 6’4” | 223 lbs

The Rams need many fixes and while Suh may be the surest pick for them here I don’t see the Rams forking out the reported $8.5m he is due in 2010. Originally I had Clausen as the pick but reports are the Rams like Bradford and if they feel his shoulder will be fine they are leaning towards him with their pick.

2. Detroit – Russell Okung | OT | Oklahoma State | 6’5” | 312 lbs

This is not the popular pick and I have been going back and forth on who I think the Lions will draft. Suh would be a great addition for this team, but it is a deep draft for DTs and Detroit must protect Staford. Okung is the best tackle in the draft and Detroit will make the investment to protect their young QB.

3. Tampa Bay – Ndamukong Suh | DT | Nebraska | 6’4” | 307 lbs

Tampa is thrilled to have Suh available at number three. Tampa has many needs, but the defensive line is always a good place to start, and with arguably the best player in the draft available they will take him.

4. Washington – Bruce Campbell | OT | Maryland | 6’6” | 3114 lbs

Campbell had a great combine and showed off his athletic ability and if anyone knows Mike Shanahan they know he loves athletic offensive linemen. Samuels is done and the Redskins already needed offensive line help. Campbell is smart enough to step in day one and start and his abilities fit Shanahan’s system.

5. Kansas City – Bryan Bulaga | OT | Iowa | 6’7” | 314 lbs

As with many of the top 10 teams KC could go many ways and could very easily take Berry here as well. But the fact that only 5 teams allowed more than the 45 sacks the Chiefs allowed means they must improve the offensive line. They made a very large investment in Matt Cassell and they need to give him some protection. Bulaga is a high character guy the Pioli will add to the Chiefs locker room.

6. Seattle – Gerald McCoy | DT | Oklahoma | 6’4” | 295 lbs

Carroll is going to be tempted to go with Clausen here but with McCoy still on the board his talent is too good to pass up at this point. Seattle was towards the bottom of the league in pass defense and sacks. McCoy is a guy that can bring pressure from the middle and help this defense.

7. Cleveland – Jimmy Clausen | QB | Notre Dame | 6’3” | 222 lbs

Holmgren will have Mangini install his west coast offense and Clausen would be a great addition to be the QB of the future in Cleveland. They could also go Berry here, but the lure of Clausen at this point will be too much to resist.

8. Oakland – Anthony Davis | OT | Rutgers | 6’5” | 323 lbs

Who really knows what the Raiders will do. They should bolster their offensive line and both tackles aren’t starting quality. Davis would be a huge upgrade to the current line in Oakland. Because this is probably the best thing to do means they won’t and Big Al will draft someone that runs a 4.2, lookout McCluster or Spiller…

9. Buffalo – Trent Williams | OT | Oklahoma | 6’5” | 315 lbs

Buffalo needed to upgrade the offensive line already and the sudden retirement of Brad Butler makes taking a tackle a must in this spot. Buffalo is switching to a 3-4 and they very well could go after a rush linebacker as well, but in the end I think they go tackle.

10. Denver – Rolando McClain | ILB | Alabama | 6’4” | 254 lbs

Assuming Denver deals Marshall they could go Bryant in this spot, but with them releasing Andra Davis they have a hole to fill in the middle of the linebackers and McClain would be a great fit for the 3-4 defense they converted to last year.

11. Jacksonville – Derrick Morgan | DE/OLB | GA | Tech | 6’4” | 268 lbs

I know Weaver has publicly stated he wants Tim Tebow, but I would be shocked if they took him here. Some team later in the draft may take Tebow in round one, but even in trying to boost ticket sales this would be a huge reach. Jacksonville instead finally gets the edge rusher they have been looking for years. Morgan is a physical freak and should draw comparison to the original Phreak Javone Kearse.

12. Miami – Eric Berry | FS | Tennessee | 6’0” | 211 lbs

Could it be real? Could Berry really fall to #12? Maybe, maybe not but thanks to Detroit and Washington for shaking up the draft he does. BP likes to take his linebackers and he very well could take one here, but Berry is arguably one of the top 3 players in this draft and has drawn comparisons to Ed Reed. He is physical and can cover in man or zone. Berry falling to Miami could be the best thing the Trifecta could hope for and if he’s there I feel they would jump all over him.

13. San Francisco – Joe Haden | CB | Florida |5’11” | 191 lbs

San Fran would be thrilled if Haden was still on the board with this pick. They had the 21st ranked pass defense in the league and can use an upgrade in the defensive backfield. Haden is a very physical receiver that many compare to Revis. He had a bad 40 time at the combine but there are rumors he had an injured back. I expect him to bounce back with a much better time at his proday. He would fit the hardnosed style of Mike Singletary.

14. Seattle – Charles Brown | OT | USC | 6’6” | 303 lbs

Carroll gets his replacement LT with his second pick in round 1. Carroll knows Brown better than anyone and he will reunite with him to be his LT for years. Brown has very good feet and may lack some in run blocking but he excels in pass blocking.

15. New York – Dan Williams | DT | Tennessee | 6’3” | 327 lbs

Giants need improve their defense and especially against the run. They probably would have loved to have McClain here, but Williams will give them a big DT that is stout against the run.

16. Tennessee – Brandon Graham | DE | Michigan | 6’3” | 263 lbs

Tennessee’s defensive line will be a position of need this off-season. Vanden Bosch is gone and Tennessee must revamp the defensive line. Graham gives Tennessee an edge pass rusher to get after Manning and Schaub.

17.  San Francisco – CJ Spiller | RB | Clemson | 5’11 | 195 lbs

Spiller gives San Fran the lighting to Gore’s thunder. Spiller will be an instant help with his return abilities and playmaking abilities in space. He is the change of pace type of back that San Fran needs.

18. Pittsburgh – Mike Iupati | OL | Idaho | 6’5” | 325 lbs

The Steelers must improve the offensive line. Last year they were not able to run the ball and Big Ben was running for his life too often. Iupati looks to be a probowl type RT or an elite guard. They would like to upgrade the LT position, but putting Iupati next to Starks would give Starks a huge boost.

19. Atlanta – Carlos Dunlap | DE | Florida | 6’6” | 290 lbs

Dunlap when motivated is a beast. Atlanta could look towards Jason Pierre-Paul here as well, but Dunlap would give them an edge rusher that is also stout against the run. Dunlap has top 10 talent, but the concern on him is can you keep his motor running and I believe Mike Smith thinks he can.

20. Houston – Earl Thomas | S | Texas | 5’10” | 197 lbs

The Texans could go a few different ways here, but Thomas could provide immediate help in a division that faces the Colts twice a year. Thomas is athletic enough to play safety and the nickel back in passing situations. Texans could also go D Line here, but Thomas may be too much to pass up.

21. Cincinnati – Jermaine Gresham | TE | Oklahoma | 6’6” | 258 lbs

A pass catching TE is a glaring weakness for the Bengals. Gresham would give Palmer another weapon to help pull the linebackers away from the LOS in order to give more running lanes for Benson.

22. New England – Sergio Kindle | DE/OLB | Texas | 6’4” | 255 lbs

In my opinion Kindle is 1b with Graham as the top DE/OLB in the draft. Graham may be more explosive, but Kindle may be more fluid in coverage and sideline to sideline. The Patriots need to upgrade the outside linebackers and be able to get pressure on the QB.

23. Green Bay – Devin McCourty | CB | Rutgers | 5’11” | 193 lbs

The Pack needs to improve the offensive line, but there doesn’t seem to be the value here. They would have loved Iupati but Pittsburgh beat them to the punch. The Packers CBs are getting a little long in the tooth and McCourty could come in to play nickel and give solid special teams help until he wins a spot.

24. Philadelphia – Sean Weatherspoon | LB | Missouri | 6’2” | 241 Lbs

Weatherspoon made a believer out of me during his Senior Bowl week. He just looks like a perfect fit for the Eagles defense. He can play inside or out, but should be able to slide right into the WOLB spot and give leadership to a defense that is lacking that after the loss of Dawkins.

25. Baltimore – Dez Bryant | WR | Oklahoma State | 6’3” | 220 lbs

The Ravens traded for Boldin and very well could pass on a receiver here, but Bryant is the best receiver in the draft and he would not be rushed into making and impact right away and his value is too much to pass up. His maturity has been questioned and the leaders on the Ravens could really help him grow.

26. Arizona – Maurkice Pouncey | OL | Florida | 6’5” | 304 lbs

The Cards must improve the offensive line. Lienart is taking over the reigns now and they must work on and upgrade in the line to be able to run the ball more consistently. Pouncey can step right in at guard or center and be an instant upgrade.

27. Dallas – Taylor Mays | S | USC | 6’3” | 235 lbs

The Cowboys don’t have many needs, but safety has been a thorn in the side of that defense. Mays is a physical specimen and with the other talent on the Cowboys Mays coverage weakness could be hidden somewhat.

28. San Diego – Ryan Mathews | RB | Fresno State | 5’11” | 220 lbs

With the departure of Tomlinson RB is a need position for San Diego. Best and Dwyer may be ranked higher on most boards but Best size and Dwyer’s lack of a pro-style offense makes Mathews a better fit fo the Chargers at this point. They are very close and need an impact from the running back position right away.

29. New York – Terrence Cody | DT | Alabama | 6’4” | 348 lbs

Jets are a solid team, and they could go a couple of different ways, but Kris Jenkins will be 31 and he only played in 6 games in 2009. Cody has shown good dedication in getting his weight down after the Senior Bowl, and Ryan should be able to keep him motivated.

30. Minnesota – Jared Odrick | DL | Penn State | 6’5” | 301 lbs

Vikings are solid all around, but the D Line showed some weakness late in the season. Pat Williams will turn 38 this year so they must find someone that can fill that hole. Odrick is very aggressive and is stout against the run, but can also get penetration from the DT spot.

31. Indianapolis – Brian Price | DT | UCLA | 6’0” | 300 lbs

Colts could go any level on the defense, but they still struggle in the middle. Price would give them a player that can fill the hole against the run, but is able to get penetration and play on the offensive side of the LOS.

32. New Orleans – Jason Pierre-Paul | DE | USF | 6’6” | 260 lbs

Fresh off the Super Bowl win the Saints may be the most complete team in the NFL. With that being said they could stand to improve the defensive line. With a name like Pierre-Paul is there anywhere else he should play? JPP may have the most upside of any defensive lineman in the draft, but he lacks experience. New Orleans could bring him on slowly and use his speed in pass rushing situations.

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  • AJ Minichino

    It would be a dream if Berry fell to us. He will instantly make our secondary much better and with Vontae and Smith we will have a great secondary for years to come. Also if we draft Berry our draft will already be a success no matter who else we take.

  • onole1

    I honestly think it’s very realistic that he could. Dosn’t mean he will, but I think looking at the selections I have in front of him he may.

    • kato


      Just curious; you have Weatherspoon as your top OLB, but he does not make the big board, while Kindle who is #2, does? Just trying to keep us on our toes??:-)

      • onole1

        Honestly its a typo and I missed it…LOL. I’ll get it updated this weekend. Thanks for pointing it out for me.

        • kato

          I love Mock Drafts and yours is as good as any, with the added benefit of Berry to the Phins. That is a no-brainer if he is there.

          As for me, I am not as optimistic but I have settled on Weatherspoon as my #12, thus the question on your OLB/Big Board. I have read all the reports, looked at what film I could (never saw him in a game), and have read all the Pros/Cons (size, he a 3-4, etc., etc.) but at the end of the day I think we might be paralysis by analysis.
          The guy plays LineBacker. We need a Linebacker. He flys around the field, making plays tackling, covering, blitzing…nuff said IMHO.

  • David

    Some pretty bold predictions on here. Some of which could actually happen. But one that is HIGHLY unlikely to happen is Eric Berry slipping to 12th for the Dolphins to pick. If Berry exits the top 5 it would be a miracle of its own. Now to drop even further beyond the top 10, it would require NFL team executives to smoke plenty of crack. It’s hard to pass on such a top-tier player with tremendous upside like Berry.

    Sorry to go off in a tangent, but since its related to the Fins it’s significant to me and the readers of this site. What’s funny is that I hope I am wrong and he does slip to 12th. That would probably mark the happiest time I would ever be to be wrong.

    • onole1

      David great points and I agree that Berry is a top 5 talent, but economics plays into the equation. Safeties are not one of the highest paid positions on the team unless you have proven you are elite. Top 10 draft money is off the charts. Throughout the decade of 2000 only 5 safeties have been chosen in the top 10 and Sean Taylor was the highest taken at #5 in 2004.

      Here are the players chosen;
      2007 – LaRon Landry #6, Washington, has not played anywhere near expectations.
      2006 – Michael Huff #7 Oakland, arguably a bust.
      2006 – Donte Whitner #8 Buffalo, arguably a bust.
      2004 – Sean Taylor #5 Washington, was on his was to a possible HOF career.
      2002 – Roy Williams #8 Dallas, good early, but has been since cut, and now a back up.

      History is not good for top 10 Safeties in the draft.

  • Brian Miller

    David: I said the same thing. It wouldn’t be a steal at 12 it would be an outright gift from 11 other teams. I too don’t see it but again, is it possible? Sure, especially if the teams he has needing OT help go in that direction. Still, that’s a big big if. Fingers crossed. Tell you this though, if Berry is there at 12, Nole will get a TON of props for this prediction.

    • finz2theleft

      Can you imagine if he’s there @ 12,,And we DON’T take him…Man, i’m almost hoping he doesn’t drop into our laps, because i don’t know if the ol’ ticker can take it!

  • Sean

    He will not get past Cleveland at 7 Brown’s fans and upper management are drooling over the kid. Unless Parcells wants to trade up and get him you won’t get sorry to ruin your dream!!!

    • onole1

      I think Browns fans are, but Hormgren wants a QB, Delhomes and Wallace are not his QBs of the future. Clausen would run the west coach offense very well.

      • Sean

        Holgrem doesn’t take 1st round Quarterbacks

        • onole1

          We’ll see how it shakes out. There sure are a lot of rumors about the Browns trading up to #1 for Bradford though.

          • Sean

            If you listen to the Holgrem and Mangini interview from last week. Holgrem stated his like for Bradford and how he is underwhelmed by Clausen. Holgrem stated that he wouldn’t drafta qb into a situation where he couldn’t be successful, and that the Brown’s were not in that situation. Also, it looks as if he would have to trade up to the no. 1 spot to take him the cost is too high for Holgrem to do that.

  • southbeach

    Shane, Well Done, as always. Berry being there would sure as hell shake things up. I just see no chance of that happening.

  • southbeach

    Shane, You forgot more about this year’s draft than I know, at this point. Why are sooo many players moving up, down, and around, when they have done nothing to merit the changes?

    Few team’s needs have changed, as there was basically no FA, and few signings are difference makers.

    • onole1

      As we go through the Senior Bowl, combine, and prodays we learn more about players. Free agency has started and teams started filling needs. Many things happen. Take Cody for example. Coming into 2009 he was the top DT on the board, as the season went on people started noticing that he really only plays in running situations. Then he comes the the Senior Bowl at 375 lbs, his stock dropped off the table. He is now a second/third round pick. At the combine he come in at 352 lbs and people take notice that he dedicated himself to losing weight, then another week and a half later he’s down another 5 pounds.

      Another you starting hearing more about Dez Bryant being a “Diva” showing up late to practices and games often. Tebow’s delivery looks horrible, then it looks decent. Its really just an influx of information and many times TOO much information…LOL

  • southbeach

    IMO,Cody has the same questions as before regardless of dropping weight for a big payday, and Dez was late for practices and games three months ago.

    This is no new news for the FO’s of the NFL. The only ones spinning things are the media.

    No way I believe team’s draft boards are changing.

  • Tofu Dan

    Love this draft! Could you please have Dez Bryant fall to us in the second? ;)

  • foghorne023

    berry is a wasted pick. we have to have a wide out. if dez is on the board we takr him, if not then it has to be a run stuffing nt. anything else assures us of another 6-7 win season

  • phinagan

    Look what Polamalo means to pittsburg, or Ronnie Lott meant to the niners of old? If Berry is there and we DON’T pick him I’m gona need a new tv!

  • Lawrence Thompson

    One obvious problem with your mock draft: It is not in order.

    Jacksonville won the coin flip at the combine with Chicago/Denver, thus Jacksonville picks 10th and Denver picks 11th.

    • onole1

      Typo from a pre-combine mock but it still wouldn’t change my outcome.

  • orlandofinman

    With all this talk about “Mount Cody,” I didn’t realize the size of Bruce Campbell is he really 3114 lbs? That’s gotta be more than my car. Let’s trade up for him (and a new equipment manager)!!!

    • onole1

      Hahahahahaha…yeah, he really ballooned up after the season. :)