Dolphins Talk To Darren Sharper

According to a report on the Miami Dolphins have spoken with free agent safety Darren Sharper.  Sharper led the league with 8 interceptions last year as he helped lead the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl.

While Sharper is on the wrong side of thirty, his veteran leadership and quality of play can not be ignored.  While nothing is remotely immenint a signing of Sharper would allow the Phins to focus this years draft attention to another area while allowing last years rookie Chris Clemons another season to learn behind one of the better safeties in the league.

I have been unable to confirm this information but wanted to share it with you nonetheless.

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  • Brendan

    He tied 3 others for league lead with 9 picks. Signing him would mean no to Eric Berry if he fell to #12, or even Earl Thomas. Would bring our needs from 5 down to 4 (NT, OLB, WR, TE).

    • Txmedic5

      Brendan, I don’t think this year we have a “need” for a TE but more like production from out TE’s. I think Haynos will get better in his second year in this system. Of course we have to start using our TE’s and as long as we don’t have a legit 1 WR, they are not going to get open.

    • onole1

      I agree, if they bring Sharper in I doubt they would go FS before round three. Sharper is only a one or two year stopgag, but that would allow them to take a guy like Chris Cook in round three and let him learn a year behind Sharper. Sharper would also bring very good leadership to a young defensive backfield.

  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    I think it would be a great sign he would be very helpful to our young secondary. And would free up our draft need let’s get him tuna

  • kcphins4life

    I’m not exactly sure what kind of money Sharper would want, but the Saints run a 4-3 defense just like the Rams. I’m not smart enough to know how a secondary may be different in a 4-3 defense…..but I know OJ Atogwe plays FS in a 4-3 as well. Why is he not being considered? He has made tons of plays IN STL! OJ is a veteran, and he has to be a smart guy going to school at Stanford! How would he not fit? I would just think he wants a longer contract than a sharper would….couldn’t be asking much more than what Rolle was offered from MIA. ?

    Regardless, to me this is a head scratcher.

    • southbeach

      Atogwe has a transition tag, meaning that the Rams can match any offer. It will take a huge offer, or a trade, for him to come here. I like him as well.

      • kcphins4life

        I understand that, but why would it hurt to offer him what we think is his Market Value. Worst case is that the Rams re-sign him to the same deal. We’re not in any different position than what we are now without a FS.

        Even if the Rams matched our offer, that would set the market price for a FS in Sharper and he could really refuse it b/c he’s coming off injury.

        Best case scenario is that we get a younger, healthier, just as good quality FS for our price. rather than having someone else set the market.

        The only thing that screws it is the deal Rolle got.

  • squidmd

    Good point, kcphins4life. I have always liked Sharper (I always try to have him on my fantasy football roster). Either would be a good signing, then draft a project FS later like:
    FS Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, UTEP Height: 6-2. Weight: 205
    FS Jordan Lake, FS, Baylor Height: 6-2. Weight: 205
    FS Randy Phillips, FS, Miami Height: 6-1. Weight: 210

  • southbeach

    We NEED to fill one more hole before the draft. There are no OLB’s or NT’s available.

    That leaves a Sharper, or a TO, as our options, aside from a trade. IF Sharper is recovered from injury, it would be a good fit. I do not see an immediate impact FS past the first round.

    • kcphins4life

      are you talking TO as in Terrell Owens? The Trifecta has got to have something in mind to get a playmaker as a WR b/c he admitted they need that and couldn’t imagine going into the season without one. As well as helping out the growth of Henne.

      I’m hoping they are betting on Dez falling to #12. JMO.

  • kcphins4life

    Again – my question though is why is Sharper more qualified to be a FS in our 3-4 than Atogwe when they both play in a 4-3?

    Money can’t be much more different coming off the year Sharper had.

    Atogwe could be an answer for the next 4 years. Sharper would not. I see maybe two years for Sharper and done At Most – if that.

    • southbeach

      I’m with ya on Atogwe but, do believe he will cost a pick. If not for the other needs, he is well worth it.

      Giving up just money for Sharper or, giving up the money and a pick is a tuff choice for this team,before the draft

      • kcphins4life

        No, they used the lowest tender which requires no draft pick compensation. They just have the right to match any offer before letting him walk.

        It would be a win-win situation to set the market for the remaining FA’s. Although I guess him and his agent would have to agree to the terms and $$. Which may not be easy.

        Just surprised no word of OJ A. in talks with anyone.

        • southbeach

          I fully understand that. However, the Rams will match a fair offer, which brings us to a trade.

          • kcphins4life

            They may ask for a trade instead, but doesn’t mean we have to accept a trade. Hence, STL is stuck with matching our Contract offer or lose him.