Henne Would Welcome Marshall or Owens

According to Profootballtalk.com Chad Henne told reporters in Miami that he like to see the receiver corps get upgraded. Earlier in the off season Henne said that he would like to get a big number one to throw to. Now he is mentioning names, and not just any names. He mentioned Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall.

“There’s definitely guys out there, like you said,” Henne said. “There’s T.O. , Theres Brandon Marshall.”

Miami is most likely to pick up a receiver in the draft because Marshall would cost a lot and T.O. is known to be a distraction, even though he behaved well in Buffalo. Though Owens numbers went down he still is a good receiver. Its also pretty hard to put up great numbers in Buffalo.

Henne said what this team needs is veteran leadership.

“There’s guys in the draft,” Henne said. “Where we’re at, we have a bunch of young guys who are definitely learning and going to be explosive in the next coming year. But you need kind of a veteran guy that’s really going to take hold of our young guys and teach them the right ways.”

Even though wide receiver isn’t our biggest need it still is a huge need.  Some of you may say that wide receiver is our biggest need but the Jets showed that running the ball and great defense could win.

I believe that if Parcells doesn’t want to give up picks for Marshall then Owens would be our next best option.

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  • phinagan

    WOW! I believe Henne must stand up & take a leadership role, but he may find out what happens when you take the bull by the horns if he keeps running his yap..

  • http://www.facebook.com Phillip C

    What the jets did with their running game. We had a running game as well. The only reason the Jets had a winning record is because they played third string players those last two games. So you do need a top receiver, and it is a biggest need. Plus the Jets got a pretty good receiver out of Braylon Edwards . I seem to remember he caught a couple of tds against the dolphins. We need a top receiver, man you private part is shorter than your memory. 12 tds last year, Dan Marino could throw that many in three games.

    • phinagan

      I’d settle for a ring..

  • dashall

    If they do decide to bring in “the player” as Tuna liked to call him at Dallas, then Patrick Turner has to go. This team will not keep 6 WRs on the roster. TO, Ginn, Hartline, Bess, and Cammy would be the 5 to make the squad. TO might have some years on him but he is a work out beast and always in shape.

    • phinagan

      I wouldn’t want to let anyone go for TO.

  • dolfan13

    Bess and Camarillo are the same player, possesion slot recievers, while I dont think that T.O. or Marshall are the right players, we can let Camarillo go and not miss anything. Whatever we do, Henne needs to learn to keep his mouth shut, this kid has done NOTHING in the NFL and first he mouths off like he is an expert on what it takes to be successful as a QB in the NFL in the Tebow statement, now he comes off as a diva by trying to be a personnel guru, maybe the Dolphins dont need a WR but a new QB, the Viking recievers were pretty average before Favre, the Patriots didnt have a number 1( pre Moss) and won a couple superbowls with Brady. The Ravens have been successful without a no 1. The QB makes the reciever more than the WR makes the QB.