It’s not just any old number, but instead the number that Ronnie Brown, the Dolphins all-pro RB blew following a weekend traffic stop that landed him in jail. 

Brown was arrested on suspicion of DUI and today the blood alcohol level was revealed to be almost 2 times the legal limit in the state of Georgia or .158.

Despite Browns’ impeccable past off-field history, he may receive a one or two game suspension fro his actions last weekend.

The arresting officer also stated the Brown was seen swerving itno on-coming traffic on two occasions and narrowly missed an oncoming vehicle as he made a blind turn.

Brown was at the teams facility on Monday for voluntary off-season workouts.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://PhinPhanatic.com Patrik Nohe

    I would actually be a little bit surprised if Brown got a suspension. I can recall a number of players who have received DUI’s and not had to miss games. If it were his second or third arrest I could see it, and I’m not saying ultimately he won’t, but I’ll be pissed if he does.

  • tommy

    can we beat down this dumb topic anymore?

  • nightlynxs227

    If it does not happen during the season than I couldn’t care less.