Brandon Marshall Old News...More Please!

The news of Brandon Marshall is hours old and yet it still feels like it’s old news.  Okay, maybe that is because it really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I keep repeating to myself over and over again…“The Dolphins DO have a number 1 WR”.   So while my digestive system slowly absorbs the enormous reality of today’s events, I can’t help but feel like little Oliver asking for some more please!

Is there anyone right now that doesn’t feel the Miami Dolphins are far from done?  Seriously, Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland loathe trading draft picks but today they traded two.  And they were high picks at that.  Very few fans are really arguing over the compensation but still, you have to wonder what the plan is.  These guys always have a plan and I honestly can not believe they don’t have one here or that Marshall simply was the plan.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

With all that being said, here is a list of what could happen within the next 10 days.

Trading Down:  I have to believe that this is plan number 1 regardless of what happens with what I have listed below.  Trading down in round 1 is the easiest way to get back picks.  Jeff Ireland said last week that they have had discussions with teams about moving up (won’t happen now) and moving down.  The latter is my focus here.

Moving down once may get the Phins a 2nd round pick depending on how far they move down.  It’s not unrealistic to see them drop from 12 to the early 20′s and pick up a 2nd and a later pick.  They could then drop again and pick up a 2nd round pick next year and a mid-round pick this year.

Selecting in the late 20′s will still get them a solid player they covet.  A LB, NT, RG, or Safety.  Plus, if they do in fact make those moves to recoup those picks, then you can say that Brandon Marshall was a freebie…o.k. 50 million is far from free.

Justin Smiley –  The Dolphins announced way back at the owners meeting that Smiley was on the block.  And he is.  The Phins supposedly want a 3rd but in all likelihood he will only garner a mid-rounder, say a 5.  I would guess that either before the draft or on draft day, Smiley will be gone.  (He could also be packaged with another player for a higher selection…but I doubt it.)

Greg Camarillo – The Dolphins have 10 WR’s on their roster now and they will only keep 5.  Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, and Patrick Turner will make 3.  Ted Ginn I will cover in a minute and of course Brandon Marshall.  The Phins may keep one of their other WR’s who are young and talented if they choose to part with Ginn.  Either way, Camarillo is looking in and wondering where his future is.  A manageable contract and Cam could find himself part of a draft day or draft eve trade.

Ted Ginn –  Yesterday, fans applauded that Ginn was on the trading block, after this morning, many are saying that Ginn needs one more year in Miami.  I’m actually torn.  A rumor circulated earlier today that the KC Chiefs were interested and that 3rd round pick had been thrown around.  I laughed and then realized it was bogus.  Ginn would probably net the Phins a 6th rounder next season.  In any case, I really don’t know what the Phins are going to do with Ted Ginn after the Brandon Marshall signing and frankly, I’m not sure what I want them to do with him.

Ronnie Brown – Word is that the Dolphins really want to move Brown.  The problem is that he is in the final year of his contract, has until tomorrow to sign his tender, and is recovering from a serious foot injury.  All that leads up to a mid-round selection for a former pro-bowl player.  I think that Ronnie could very well be traded especially given the money the team has locked into Dansby and Marshall.  I doubt they want to pay that out to Brown next season.

If Brown goes, he will likely be part of a trade rather than the trade itself.  Meaning look for him as part of a package deal.

Jason Taylor – Taylor is close to signing with the Jets but believe me after today the DE is probably thinking his best best is to wait out the Dolphins.  There has been no word of a meeting between him and the team but the Phins will likely keep the DE unless Taylor doesn’t want to wait until after the draft for the Phins to pursue him.

Tyler Thigpen – Thigpen is reportedly being shopped but don’t expect any immediate bites.  There are still some veteran QB’s on the street that would make perfect back-ups for little money and no compensation to someone else.  Thigpen is young and has starting experience but he has hardly lit up the field and there really isn’t much that differentiates himself from some of the other QB’s out there.  Thigpen, if he moves, will either go on day 3 of the draft or not until the middle of training camp when some QB goes down.

Pat White - White doesn’t want to play WR or so he “tweets” and it’s obvious that his QB skills are NFL lacking.  White has little chance of being traded because frankly even the worst rookies have at least completed a pass.  To be fair, running the WC in Miami’s offense hardly sets up a player for early success or game experience.  That doesn’t however mean that White is secure in his job.  If he can’t beat out the rest of the roster or make a legit move to WR, he may very well be cut.

Channing Crowder – Has his name been mentioned or linked to a trade rumor?  No, not that I have heard but that doesn’t mean that the Phins may not take a look at moving the middle linebacker who will switch to the weak side now that Dansby is patrolling the middle.  Crowder is a solid if unspectacular LB and that is something that carries with it some value in the NFL.  His problem is his inability to stay healthy wich is exactly why the Dolphins may offer him up in a trade.  The Phins could easily find a replacement in rounds 3 or 4.

In the end, what I believe is this.  Justin Smiley and at least one WR will be gone by the end of next weekend.  The Dolphins will somehow find a way to recoup the picks doled out for Brandon Marshall and will draft at least 2 player in the first two rounds of this years draft.  How it happens is a good question, but I do believe these guys have a plan.  Whether or not that plan works or not is a different story.

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  • dashall

    Nice write up as always. What I have been thinking is that just because a player has been reported to be on the block for a trade does not mean that a trade will happen. At the end of the draft all those players you mention could still be Dolphins. Or they could all be gone. The intrigue is quite suspenseful.

    I think we are trading back as I would not put it past Tuna to have a draft day trading partner already lined up (cough, cough, Cowboys). Although, I did see something about JJ dissing Parcells. Not sure exactly what was said. We could even double trade back. Drop into the low 20′s and then high 20′s. There will still be plenty of quality players available.

  • Bj tHe dolphin fan

    Hey let’s not rush to trade back with our 12th pick berry may be there and if so we have to pull the trigger. Besides it’s all about having 1 allstar player not 2 ok players so let’s see if the guy we want falls to us never know if not then make something happen. On ginn why trade him I know he has not lived up to his draft expectations but maybe us having a work horse like Bm is just what he needs to be better I mean come on he did beat that revis guy for 7 ginns speed on the otherside of bm with bess and hartline in the slots whe could really open thing.

  • John

    I have been doing my homework on this draft for about a month now and this is how I see it going after getting Brandon Marshall:

    12th (if we stay here): Jason Pierre Paul USF – Measures almost identically to Demarcus Ware and that worked for The Tuna in Dallas
    73rd: Myron Rolle FSU – Very smart, instinctive player who measures well and has the hawking skills we covet at the FS spot
    110th: Cam Thomas UNC – 6’4″ 330LBS 2-Tech NT, long arms, great leverage at POA, limited pass rush ability, but is big, immovable, and strong (31 reps at the combine).

    This would address our OLB and FS roll with players who can come in and compete for jobs now and give us a back up plan for J Ferg and Paul Soliai, in Cam Thomas.

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  • ipoop51

    I strongly agree in the departure of Ginn. You cant coach speed, but at the same time you cant coach Ginn. Hopefully Marshall puts up more excitement on the field then in the media. Sparano should set him strait.

    Rolle will be a great asset to our young secondary. Hopefully with his skill and smarts of Rolle will help. Especially under the wing of Bell, kid should learn a lot, hopefully Davis and Smith become better play makers.

    Then there’s Ronnie. Honestly I would hate the loss of the 6 foot back form Arbun. It would hurt to say good bye to the ol’ R&R. Ronnie was a huge contributier to the 4th ranked rushing offense. He’ll bounce back from this injury and the W.C. will be revived.

  • SundayWarrior

    I agree with you the best thing to do is trade down which they probably will. Trade down and pick up Kindle 6’4 250 Parcells Prototype OLB. He can get after the Qb. Stops the run. Can cover the TE (which killed the Dolphins last yr) GO PHINS!!!

  • John also thinks that Ronnie brown should be moved. I agree in moving some more people and starting fresh. Ginn needs to go.

    • 2madison9

      You know, John honestly when I first read the headline I thought BLASPHEMY! LOL. But as I read the article the more Mr. Hernandez’s ideas intrigued me. I love(no homo) Ronnie as much as the next guy but, the article really opened my eyes to the Pats’ usage of their, should I say 3rd tier or below, RBs and their production. With the addition of Marshall…I’d have to say I’m in favor of dealing Ronnie if the price is right. :-/

  • Hypnotoad

    Why is it just because we spent draft picks on the Marshall trade we should be obsessed to get them back? Anyway, we should not trade Ginn just because Marshall is here, in fact, he may very well benefit with the double teams on Marshall to let him go deep. Everybody was saying he’s a great #2 so then why should we trade if we’re not going to get anything better than a 3 for him. What I do like is this is the kind of regime who will have no problem trading Pat White if he turns out to be completely useless even if they did spend a 2 on him.

  • squidmd

    Brian, I was in favor of trading down but then I thought this is what they should try to do:

    1. Sign Darren Sharper.
    2. Resign JT.
    3. Trade Ginn and Smiley to Raiders for their #2 pick (Pick #39).
    4. Draft #1 C.J. Spiller
    5. Draft #2 (Raiders pick #39) OLB Sergio Kindle
    6. Draft #3 DT Cam Thomas or DT Troupe
    7. Draft #4 TE Graham
    8. Draft #6.1 FS Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith
    9. Draft #6.2 ILB Phillip Dillard
    10. Draft #6.3 OLB Arthur Moats
    11. Draft #7.1 G Marshall Newhouse
    12. Draft #7.2 WR David Gettis
    13. Draft #7.3 FS Jordan Lake

    Think about it!

  • spooneman

    Believe it or not the person/player that may help us most in the draft is Jimmy Clausen. If he slip’s down to twelve there may be a team that would be willing to trade up to get him. All the better for us.

  • 2madison9

    Yeah really..AS WELL AS HEYWARD-BEY’S!

    ZING!! LOL