The Marshall Plan Solves 1 Need

UPDATE: According to sources, the Miami Dolphins and Brandon Marshall already have a contract agreement with Brandon Marshall pending his physical and league approval.  The contract is said to be for a very large sum putting Marshall in the top of the NFL in terms of WR salary.

The Miami Dolphins have made a move and it’s a big one.  Trying to solve a long lasting need for a number 1 WR, the Dolphins have resorted to the Marshall Plan, as in Brandon Marshall.  Yes, that’s right, Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins will send their 2nd round pick this year, number 44, and a 2nd round pick in 2011 for the enigmatic high-profile “diva” WR.  His deal is not official as of yet as he will need to pass a physical first.  He is on his way to Miami to meet with the team and get it done.  You can expect a long term deal in the near future.

For Miami, Marshall will bring his high level of talent to a team in desperate need.  News began to break last night that the Phins had interest and when coupled with news that Ted Ginn was on the block, some started piecing together the rumor as a real possibility.  It was real.

Marshall will give youngster Chad Henne his biggest target.  A superb receiver with solid hands, Marshall also gives the Phins that much needed “chunk yards”.  Stellar after the catch.  The only question is what will he do to the locker-room.  I propose you read this article, “Yes To Brandon Marshall” I wrote a month ago about this very issue.

The next issue to discuss is the 2 second round picks the Phins gave up in compensation.  A lot for sure and it can be argued on both sides of the fence.  Is it too much? Or could the Phins have drafted 2 players who would have had impacts?  My question is this.  What does Bill Parcells know that I don’t?

The Dolphins wanted to add draft picks this year not reduce them.  So do they have a trade down in round 1 all but locked up to get that 2nd round pick back?  Probably.  Will they move Ronnie Brown and gain another pick?  Maybe.  Is Ted Ginn finally gone?  I don’t know.  Maybe Ginn will benefit from Marshall.  Personally, I don’t care to find out.

In any case, the Dolphins always have a plan and the addition of Brandon Marshall is not only huge, but likely done with precise work on a bigger plan.  The Dolphins in other words, are not likely done.  When this is over, I suspect the Phins will be picking in round 2.

Dansby was a big signing to start free agency.  Marshall is a lot bigger.

Way to go MIAMI!!!

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  • Frank Rekas(

    This is awesome and really makes us dangerous.
    About time we get a gamebreaker!

  • kcphins4life

    I’m sorry – maybe I’m a skeptic. I’m NOT 100% against this trade….just think it is a ton to give up plus a huge contract.
    No doubt it will make the Offense better and him being a veteran will help the other WRs improve as well as Henne. Pennington will also help Marshall improve leadership.

    His off field actions just scare me – even blowing up on the practice field last year. However, I assume there may be a “diva clause” in the contract or Bill Parcells will keep him in line.

    I hope you are right that we are able to pick up an additional 2nd.

    I’m probably the only one in Dolphin-land still cautious with Marshall. And I guess I’ll take that ribbing.

  • dashall

    I don’t like the idea of giving up two second round picks to get him but he is an immediate upgrade at WR. So long Patrick Turner, we hardly knew ye. Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Ginn, and Cammy. I can live with this line up.

    • 2madison9

      So long, Pat?? I dunno…we will likely give up Cam in a draft day trade don’t you think? Also, I wouldn’t count out the ‘Phins trading Ginny boy as well for a pick. Plus I just don’t see the Dolphins giving up on a player so soon. But, then I ask myself was re-signing Pennington a sign they’re giving up on the other young Pat?? So many things I am waiting to find out. Oh, and BM it’s our 43rd pick! :-)

  • Phinfreak

    I am convinced the Fins will now most likely trade down from #12 to get back another 2nd or 3rd round pick.
    Fins can find S, NT, OLB, RB, TE in 3rd round after their 1st round selection.

  • squidmd

    Phins, don’t stop there…NOW go sign Darren Sharper!!!

  • Hawk9810

    Great pick up!! I think this now gives Miami a chance to drop down in the First round and probably draft a guy like Kindle or Graham. They will be looking to trade down and pick up either a 2nd or 3rd pick for sure. I also have a feeling this may be the end of JT as well as Ronnie Brown, I know they wanted a stock pile of pics so when you give one up they most likely will be looking to add more.

  • Cory Trares

    Funny how now the front office had a plan all along and are in control, when a week ago this site was questioning every move or non-move that they made. There’s a reason why these guys are running a team and we are siting in our homes reading about it on a computer. Let’s not turn into Brown’s fans here. Building the team is what these guys do.

  • SundayWarrior

    There’s a new MARSHALL in Town Baby!!!!! As far as the Draft trade down for proven players like Kindle or Graham but will wreak havoc on Sundays for Years 2 come. Trade Ronnie for a second or third and pick Jahvid Best ran a faster 40 time than Spiller. Go PHINs good job Trifecta

  • 2madison9

    Wow! If you aren’t yet aware of the greatness Brandon Marshall brings to the team this video is a MUST WATCH!

    Check it out! LOL

  • Gabe

    I just read a really interesting wall post on whether Parcels is going to be able to keep Marshal’s off field troubles in check or not. I think that in Marshal’s case the baggage might not be worth the talent he brings to the table. The blog post read at shares my concern. Hopefully this won’t happen and his talent will be all the dolphins get out of this trade.

  • Deof Movestofca

    I don’t so much have a problem with people question specific moves (I do so myself), but rather when people start acting like Parcells and the trifecta don’t have a single clue as to what they’re doing and should be fired for not revealing everything that they’re planning to the media- as if they’ve forgotten who it was that transformed a 1-15 team into an 11-5 team in a single season. I’m not saying they should be allowed to rest on their laurels, only that they should be given the benefit of the doubt until they’ve proven they’re no longer worthy of it.

  • Deof Movestofca

    That last post on April 14, 2010 at 5:56 pm was supposed to be in reply to finz2theleft at April 14, 2010 at 12:59 pm post, but doesn’t appear to be showing up that way.