What Did We Get For His Family?

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Ginn never stood out on a team that was desperate for a big playmaking WR and John Beck never got the practice time to really adjust to the NFL in his rookie season and a year later he was gone before the start of the pre-season.  But no one has garnered more talk than Ted Ginn.

Ginn ranked as one of the worst WR’s in the NFL in terms of dropping passes.  If he wasn’t dropping passes, he was being ridiculed for running out of bounds or to the sidelines and if it wasn’ the sidelines he was being screamed at for, it was diving to the ground to avoid a hit or dropping a pass in the endzone at a critical moment.  All in all, Ginn officially becomes a monumental draft pick bust for the Dolphins that ranks with names like Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore.

Many fans suddenly became keen on the idea of keeping the embattled WR on the roster after Brandon Marshall was traded for earlier this week.  Ginn had been on the trade block for a couple of weeks now but having Marshall gave hope that Ginn could use his speed to stretch the field pulling coverage off of Brandon.  The Dolphins rightfully so, felt different.

Ginn’s speed is one thing but his inability to get off the line of scrimmage is another.  It didn’t matter if you were fast if you couldn’t beat the weakest of CB’s at the line.  Last season Dolphins rookie WR Brian Hartline, a former teammate of Ginn’s at Ohio State, made an immediate impact on the team while Ginn saw his playing time reduced.

Earlier today, Hartline had this to say about his former teammate.

“I’m not totally surprised, but I think it’s best for Teddy and the organization to do what they’re doing.  You go get a guy with the No. 9 overall pick you expect him to have an immediate impact. I don’t think he was ready to make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be a No. 9 overall pick because we know what kind of playmaker he can be. But he was put in a difficult situation.”

Pretty strong words from a rookie.
Many believe that Ted Ginn was worth more than a 5th.  A 5th round draft pick, not a 5th of Jack Daniels.  However, it could also be argued that the Dolphins got a solid pick in return for a guy who will be nothing more than a return specialist in San Fran.  The Phins paid 2 2nd round picks for a Pro-Bowl WR and the Jets sent a 5th rounder to Pittsburgh for a former Super Bowl MVP who is head and shoulders above what Ted Ginn is.  San Fran overpaid.

Today, Ted Ginn is on his way to the West Coast to begin his career again, far away from the overwhelming bad press and negativity that accompanied him from the moment Cam Cameron announced,

“You will love Ted Ginn and his punt return ability.  Today we have drafted the entire Ginn Family”.

The spattering of boos from fans inside the practice bubble is still played out on Youtube.

The Dolphins took two major positive steps this off-season.  They shelled out record contracts to Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall.  And they terminated a resounding negative in releasing Ted Ginn.

The Dolphins will enter the weekend prior to the draft with 1 1st rounder, 1 3rd rounder, a 4th, 5th, 3 6’s, and 3 7’s.  The same number they had prior to the Marshall trade.  For those looking to make that trade seem more favorable if it’s not already, the Dolphins in essence have traded 2 2nd rounders and Ted Ginn for Marshall and a 5th.  Not bad work at all.

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