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Brandon Marshall fever is hitting south Florida in a big way.  His recent introduction to the local media gave no inclination that this was a “diva problem child”.  He said all the right things, made all the right faces, shook hands and probably kissed babies.  Now, with the biggest hole that fans have asked to have filled, filled, what will the Dolphins do with their number 12 overall pick now that Dez Bryant isn’t likely in their plans?

What if, the Dolphins drafted CJ Spiller?

Everyone assumes the Phins will go defense.  With holes at Safety, OLB, and NT not to mention a top player at MLB, would giving the offense more fire power be the move to make?  Can the Dolphins wait until round 3 to address the defensive side of the ball?

Maybe, maybe not.  The Phins are openly trying to trade Ronnie Brown and if that is the case, then the team will have to look at filling that hole for the long term.  Ricky is not the answer and while the team love Patrick Cobbs and saw positive things from Lex Hilliard last season, they are hardly linchpins for the future.  That is where a back like Spiller can come in handy.

Brandon Marshall is signed for 5 years.  Chad Henne is on board for another 3.  Jake Long?  Another 3.  Key positions are filled for the next several years and the Phins will surely lock them all to extensions before they become free agents.  So if the Phins wanted to change up the offense, now would be a good time to add a new runner to a unit that could suddenly become explosive.

The unit themselves will have years to become a home run threat every time they stepped out on the field.  Something the Phins haven’t had since Dan Marino was in his prime.  The last time the Dolphins had a legitimate WR threat was when they brought in Irving Fryar.  Some fans are probably saying, “Irving who?”  Yes it’s been that long.

Before the Phins can take a guy like Spiller they have to ask themselves if he is worth the turned back towards the defensive holes.  The Dolphins can not move back too far and think they can still land the running-back so if they want him, 12 is it.  By doing so, they lose not only a defensive stud, but won’t have the opportunity to draft one until round 3 barring a trade.

This is a deep draft all over the board so missing a pick in round 2 is huge.  Yes, no one at 43 will have the impact that Marshall will, but 43 would be a starter and that narrows the choices for the Dolphins in round 1. 

CJ Spiller is somewhat of a luxury pick with or without a 2nd rounder but there is not questioning his talent or his home-run threat.  Will the Phins see that or will they see the gaping holes on the defensive side of the ball instead. 

If the Dolphins stay at 12, it’s anyone’s game.  One thing we all learned last year is that nothing is what we think.  After watching all of the mid-round can’t miss LB’s fall to the late 1st or even out of the 1st all together, we learned that 1st round projections are exactly that, projections…and nothing more.

CJ Spiller may be a Miami Dolphin and if he becomes one, the Dolphins have decided to change the way they approach the offense.

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  • onole1

    I have been wondering about that as well. Imagine is you added Spiller to the mix now. I think that would make Miami’s offense as explosive as any team in the NFL. The NFL is changing to more of an offensive game, with quick strike offenses. The Saints and the Colts last year showed if you have a top offense and an average defense, you can go to the Super Bowl the way the rules are set up now.

    The problem on Spiller is, there has been a lot of chatter that he wont be there when Miami picks at #12. I have been hearing if Clausen is not there at #9 the Bills will take Spiller.

    Only time will tell, and now we have les than a week.

  • G8torlover

    Everyone likes to think that the Phins can trade down and collect another 2nd round pick, but who are their potential trade partners? Looking at the teams behind them, who seems the most likely to jump up to grab a need player?

  • squidmd

    I love the thought of taking Spiller with the 12th pick if the Phins are able to make that trade for a high second round and I think Al Davis should be the target. Knowing he loves speed and also they released Javon Walker, I’m sure they are looking for another WR. I would try to package Ginn and Smiley for their #2 pick 39. They also lost RB Vargas and should be looking for another RB. A deal could be made there.

  • onole1

    finz, didn’t say I agree with it, just that that is the chatter I have been hearing. If I am the Bills I am looking at OT with the #9 pick.

  • squidmd


    OLB and NT no doubt. I believe OLB is the first D need.

    As with all my scenario’s, there are always “if’s”. If they are able to trade and get a high second then I say take Spiller #1, take OLB (maybe Kindle) #2, take NT #3 and FS, ILB, or TE #4. If no trade for a #2 then it would be difficult for me to take Spiller #1 cause it may be hard to find an OLB in the 3rd who could make an immediate impact.

    I was high on them taking a TE 3rd or 4th but not anymore. Marshall will not only make our current WR corps better but his addition will make our current TE’s better.
    So, for me, taking a TE in the later rounds would work. Like TE Jeff Cottam, Tenn Ht: 6-7 Wt: 262, known as a big athletic blocker, who might even go undrafted.

    Shoot, the addition of Marshall and a draft of Spiller could make Fasano a pro-bowler. lol

    Also, I still really would like them to sign Sharper. I believe that would make their draft decisions much easier.

  • G8torlover

    Ginn just got traded to SF for a 5th rounder. (#145 overall)

  • phillip

    I like the idea of CJ being on our team. Trade Ronnie Brown and find a DT with that trade if possible. Keep JT for another year and then focus on only one OLB. Pick up a safety in the 3rd or 4th round. I am worried about stopping the run, but man what a offensive punch with Brandon, and CJ.

  • Mike

    We need to get CJ Spiller period. We have a chance of being one of the best offense in the league with him. Remember we are seeking to trade Ronnie, Smiley and maybe thigpen which equals more picks. Parcells will release Pat White and draft a quarterback in the later rounds, trust me

    I might be the only one who says this but out free safety postiion is the biggest hole that need to be filled. We need a ball hawking safety to compete against the Jets and the Patriots. Our need are as follows:

    With ronnie trade
    1. RB CJ SPiller
    2. FS
    3. DT
    4. OLB
    5. TE
    6. GUARD

    Without Ronnie Trade
    2. DT
    3. OLB
    5. GUARD
    6. TE

  • Darius

    Trade Brown for second round pick and draft CJ Spiller and worry about the D-fense with the rest of the picks


    Get Legarrette Blout and a NT with the 12 pick

  • karl

    I think they should try and trade down and get that 2nd rd pick back. I heard alot of chatter about the eagles coveting Earl Thomas. If they swap spots with the eagles and pick up there 2nd(they have two 2nds) I think Taylor Mays will be there and Dan Williams. Plus we get a 2nd back