Dolphins "Owner" Lack Of Class Or Lack Of Clothes?

The Miami Dolphins saw a changing of the guard last year when they announced only their 3rd full owner in franchise history.  Shortly after Wayne Huizenga handed the keys to Stephen Ross, Ross decided it was in his best interest to take on some local minority owners.  On Sunday, one of those owners decided to show more than just her lack of class.

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Ross promptly struck a deal with South Florida staple Jimmy Buffett and re-named the stadium “Landshark“.  Then he struck a partnership with Emilio and Gloria Estefan as well as Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony.  He added Venus and Serena Williams of tennis fame.

Today, he must be wondering what the hell he did.  Venus Williams decided to show up at her French Open round 1 match with Switzerland’s Patty Schnyder wearing lingerie.  O.k. so it really wasn’t lingerie…I think.  But I can tell you this, if my wife wore that in public, there would be hell to pay.

Venus donned a black laced “teddy” for all intent and purposes with a ruffled lower edge and red trim and spaghetti straps.  The skirt was so low that every time she swung her racket, she showed her ass, literally.  Venus has donned similar outfits in the past but nothing this blatantly risque.  She appeared as though she was looking to be the next Victoria’s SecretAngel” than a pro tennis player.  Let alone a pro tennis player who just so happens to own a piece of the Miami Dolphins.

This would have been fine in my opinion had her job required such a bold fashion statement.  Say her name was Fergie and wearing little or wearing tight clothing was part of the fashion statement of being a hip-hop artist or pop star.  Instead, Venus is a sports star.  A tennis star at that.  Hell, the short bikinis that Volleyball players like Jay Fiedler wear seem to show less.

Is this acceptable?  In tennis or any other sport that requires their participants to be clothed?  What about the young women who watch tennis and idolize players such as Serena and Venus Williams.  Or, is what Venus wore any different than anything any other celebrity every wore at a given time or place.  Is this acceptable, unacceptable, or simple over reactions from a slew of critics?  Should Venus Williams show a bit more class and a lot less ass as the owner, albeit small minority owner, of the Miami Dolphins?

To make a more informed opinion, check out more of the photos here from the Sun-Sentinel.

You tell us what you think.

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  • Jackson

    Who cares what a tennis player wears?

  • Derek

    You don’t watch alot of porn do you?

  • GUF

    You did notice that she was wearing skin-colored shorts, right?

  • Duke

    Not only is it lack of class it’s lack of respect. She’s Serena she can do whatever she wants. She can grunt like an animal or shoot hair beads all over the court. I’m just wondering when they finally test her for steroids. She a man baby!


    “She’s a man …baby”

  • Arequimis

    Are you kidding me? Everyone is uptight these days. It was sexy but not actually revealing. Smart for PRs sake thats for sure. Get off your high horses. Or better yet, get off your imprinted couches and live a little.


    • Brian Miller

      Have you seen the other pictures? It’s not a matter of what she was wearing as much as it was about the class that she displayed. She is one of the top level talents in tennis and hardly needs to display herself in this matter. What is wrong with showing some dignity and class these days? Is it that difficult. The picture I posted of here was not all that revealing but some of the others were. Hell she may as well not worn a skirt at all.

      Sorry, not trying to preach by any means, but it amazes me how many celebrities these days show no decorum. When children look up to you, you should always have that in mind before making a decision that could lead them to follow your actions. I put up a link on the bottom of the article to some of the other photos of Venus.

      • K2

        You are completely preaching bro. Way to try to force your view of what is appropriate onto others.

  • Brian Miller

    Oh and personally, I am usually very liberal on these things. I guess I just expect more from someone ranked number 2 in the world and a part owner of a professional franchise.

    • madmax

      Well this kind of classless should be expected by now in tennis. All started with Agassi, when he started to wear those horrible outfits. McEnroe and Connors used dress properly, all women wore white and everything changed when that baldy wore those colors. Any tennis commission should jump on this and enforce wearing white all the time and this kind of bs would end.
      I agree with you if you want to watch tennis with someone dressed like that I would go to some underneath bridge in some area close to the Bronx where I am sure they even wear pants on the ground, looking like a fool, gold in their mouth and hat turned sideways to play a tennis match.

  • Duke

    I love when morons confuse uptight with right and wrong. The truth is she’s black so she gets away with it. The same as her family has always gotten away with bs. Nobody wants to talk about how they would throw matches to get each other to the top rankings. If u don’t think the winner is determined b4 each of the sisters matches you’re nuts. If female holders wore that outfit would they allow it? No. But that being said there are no Female black golfers.

  • K2

    Way to split the “who cares” vote with three different options

  • Deof Movestofca

    I really couldn’t care what she wore. While it might have been nice if she wore something a bit less revealing (the flesh-colored underwear were particularly tacky), it’s not the end of the world. There are worse things to complain about. Unfortunately, it has come to a point where sex in sports (especially female sports) sells. I hardly see how this really involves the Dolphins, as she’s playing as a tennis player, not as a minority owner of the Dolphins.

  • Brian Miller

    Well, it involves the Dolphins for two reasons…1: She is a minority owner of the team. and TWO: It’s the off-season so anything goes…LOL

    What’s more is this has managed 13 comments and almost 200 votes…please football hurry up and get here…:)

  • Duke

    Is it politicaly correct to call her a “minority” owner? Can’t we just say an owner? It’s clear she’s black. Why rub it in?

    • 2madison9

      @ Duke

      WOW! Funny, though :-D

    • Deof Movestofca

      “Minority owner” isn’t a reference to her ethnicity, but to the fact she doesn’t have controlling interest in the team. Even if she were white, she would still be a minority owner due to the percentage of shares of the team she owns.

      • Steve Hoffart

        Wow, too bad I can’t make a whoosh sound of that one flying past your head, Deof.

  • Shawn

    Maybe Serena will start shoving balls down the throats of the team if they start losing,hey give her some pads and line her up at safety.

  • Brian Miller

    SOBE: And yet here we are two pages into comments and still most of the voting is for a classless act.

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