Phillip Merling Lands In Jail

While the debate over Venus Williams’ attire still rages on this site, (here), real Miami Dolphins news is coming out of Miami and it’s not of the mini-camp variety that kicks off this weekend.  Former 2nd round pick and 2 year veteran DE Phillip Merling was arrested on one count of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.

Details of the arrest are not known or are being reported on any of the local papers outside of the above information.  What is known is that Merling was taken into custody and booked at the Broward County Jail.

Merling is the 4th Dolphin to have a run in with the law this off-season.  Will Allen and Ronnie Brown were both arrested with DUI charges and DT Tony McDaniel was also arrested on domestic abuse charges.

He is scheduled to appear in court later today to face the charge.  According to the report, Merling should have known the woman was pregnant.

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  • Steve Hoffart

    Again I must ask the question, is it difficult to not break the law??? Sure seems like it. The penalties handed out by the league and the team are not strict enough to deter these criminals. Maybe it’s time to force them to play for $34,000/year, if they get arrested, perhaps that would help them appreciate the privilege of playing pro football for millions of dollars. Losers!

    • 2madison9

      @ Steve

      I, definitely, agree with you in principle. I am so disappointed with some of these professional athletes :-(


    • Txmedic5

      I’m with ya Steve. I’ve been alive 41 years and have yet to be in any legal trouble. How the hell hard is it?

  • Ken

    What a dumb a#s ! This is a guy that knows the team drafted his potential replacement and yet he is still stupid enough to do this. What a dumb a#s! Did you see the mug shot? He don’t give a fu^k. Cut his ass right now, the hell with this punk!

  • pua

    just leave them alone, what the heck you call them names for, so what it none of your business. you dont know the whole story leave the players alone, go find someone to picked on….everybody makes mistakes, maybe that b…is getting on the guy nerve…ha!!!!!! Go dolphins

    • Justin

      Nice grammar, it looks like you were well educated. Your comment was at the highest of intelligent remarks as well. Im with you Steve.

      Go Phins!!!

  • Colorado Shu

    Makes a fan long for the simpler times when the bad apples simply got hopped up on coke and beat up a bathroom stall instead of their “loved” ones. It should be a mandatory 8-game suspension without pay for the first domestic-abuse offense; 1 year for the second and a lifetime ban from the NFL for the third.

  • Deof Movestofca

    Let’s first find out if he’s really guilty- or at least put himself in a bad situation like a certain Steelers QB- before deciding on whether he deserves to be punished. I’m not trying to defend him if he is guilty, but I do believe that everyone is entitled to be treated as innocent until proven otherwise.

    • Steve Hoffart

      The fact of the matter is that these players are supposed to be representing the league, which is an employer like any other. His guilt is irrelevant, he has been arrested and charged. If he, and others like him, can’t keep themselves out of these “situations” then they are not fit to represent the league and their team; therefore, they must be punished! Otherwise they continue to behave inappropriately and uses their hefty salaries to hire the most expensive lawyers capable of manipulating the legal system.

      The league can’t prevent these players from using their salaries to hire these lawyers and the league has no control over whether they are found guilty or not. What the league does have control over is enforcing the conduct policy. The ONLY way a player should not be suspended for an arrest is if it’s cardiac.