Patrick Turner Questions Continue

Amidst all the ooh’s and ahh’s of meaningless OTA’s and mini-camps one thing stands out above all others.  Injuries.  Those you know about, and those you don’t.  Who they effect and how long that will be.  So when I click over to read about the most recent mini/ota update, I skip all the “looking good” comments and find the one that matters the most.  In this case, it’s Patrick Turner.

Turner is a question mark.  After last season in which he saw nothing on the field and this year with the Brandon Marshall trade, many fans have wondered aloud if Turner would even make the team.  Now, it appears that he won’t be ready for training camp, putting that whole QUESTION in capital letters.

Turner has an unspecified back injury that apparently required some sort of procedure.  This according to a report in today’s Miami Herald.  Turner said he would be able to “play at some point this season”.  That is not a very high endorsement for a guy who is floating inside a bubble that is waiting to pop.

The Dolphins have suddenly found themselves in a WR heaven so to speak.  The impressive Brian Hartline returns for his sophomore year and Davone Bess looks to have the slot job on lock-down.  Then of course there is Greg Camarillo who is specialized in converting 3rd downs to  FIRST DOWNS! And now Brandon Marshall as the number 1.

So while the top spots are all locked up, the 5th spot is open if the Dolphins choose to carry 5.  Not only are they likely to carry 5 but it’s entirely possible and likely to have 5 on the active roster for game day.   Last year, Ted Ginn, Hartline, Camarillo, and Bess were the only 4 that were active every game.  So why 5 this year?

Ryan Grice-Mullen.

Last week on my Tuesday night Finsradio broadcast, I was asked who I thought would be the opening day KR/PR.  Grice-Mullen was the name I found myself attached too.  Mullen has decent speed and is impressing coaches thus far with his awareness.  Plus, he hasn’t started running directly to the sidelines yet.

If the Dolphins value Mullen in a return role, then they will carry 5 WR’s on game day.

It would bring up an intriguing issue where Turner is concerned.  Would the Dolphins carry 6 WR’s on their roster and activate 5?  Probably not.  If this injury will keep Turner off the field for any real period of time, the Dolphins will likely put him on the PUP list and keep him away from teams that may want to poach him off the practice squad…assuming they could hide him there.

What this all comes down to is simple.  The Dolphins have some promising receivers that could elevate the Miami offense and right now Turner is not one of those guys.  Whether he is at all a Miami guy, will remain to be seen.  If I were a betting man, I would say that Turner will never see the field in a Dolphins uniform.

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  • Ripp

    The more intriguing question is if RGM wins KR/PR duties who will be placed on the inactive list on Sundays. RGM will have to be active in order to return kicks so that means Bess, Camarillio or Hartline would have to be inactive or sacrifice depth at another position.

    • Willy Perez-Feria

      “Then of course there is Greg Camarillo who is specialized in converting 3rd downs to 4th downs”

      Ok, you’re an idiot.

      Camarillo didn’t drop a SINGLE catchable ball last year! And when the Dolphins ABSOLUTELY had to have a first down against the JETS at home and again against the PATRIOTS at home, they went to the same half roll out, wr comeback route that Camarillo excels in.

      As for the bigger question of PK/KR – That’s easy. RGM will male the team, not PATRICK TURNER and it’ll be RGM that’s inactive for games. The punt return duties will remain with BESS and Patrick Cobb will handle the kickoff duties.

      Cobbs is simply TOO valuable to not dress on Sundays, especially should RONNIE BROWN or RICKY WILLIAMS succumb to injury during the game. As for RGM, he CAN’T be active during a game because he won’t be able to cover any of the WR positions. Whereas both HARTLINE and CAMARILLO can play either the X, Y or Z positions pretty well.

      This coaching staf is all about versatility. Bess isn’t a starter. He’s a slot reciever, punt returner and that’s what he’ll continue to be. Look for it to be MARSHALL and HARTLINE as the “starters” but look for LOTS of snaps for Camarillo playing the y to Marshall’s X, especially on comeback and crossing routes where quickness is the currency necessary.

      I really like our receivers and now that MARSHALL gives a true outside threat, look for Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano to have amazing years catching passes out of the backfield and down the middle seams. I’m excited about this offense and none of my excitement is based on RGM or PATRICK TURNER.

      And give Camarillo more love, would you? The guy caught 100% of catchable balls thrown to him! What more can he do than be the best that he can be?

      GO PHINS!!! ;-)

      Because in crucial 3rd down situations both HARTLINE and BESS have dropped passes. Yes, some slightly behind them and some thrown way too hard. But still, having the chance to make the play and not coming through. But Camarillo NEVER dropped a pass he COULD catch.

      The last time the Dolphins traded a guy like that away was Wes Welker. Do you think THAT was a better trade for us or New England?

      Yes, Hartline offers good potential for YAK (yards after catch) thanks to his size and speed combination and BESS is almost impossible to stop in the slot and on wr bubble screens and stuff! But Camarillo has the best hands on the team (including MARSHALL!) and you simply CAN’T underestimate how many times in a game you need a guy that can get out there about 10 yards and just CATCH THE DAMN BALL.

      Camarillo does that every time. So your quote is ill-informed (to say the least) and sounds like the work of someone who doesn’t actually WATCH Dolphin games!

      • spiff822

        Are you somehow related to Camarillo? No? Well, I wouldn’t sling out the idiot insult so freely.

        If you are going to compare receivers, you should use the same criteria. You praise Camarillo for catching “100% of the CATCHABLE balls” yet criticize Hartline and Bess for dropping passes that were “Slightly behind them and some thrown way too hard.” And before you compare hands, Marshall has had more games with double digit receptions that Camarillo has had over 5 receptions. Granted it was a different offense, but if the hands are that great, you’d think he’d get the opportunities.

        Let’s not make him out to be more than he is. He didn’t go undrafted and get cut by the Chargers without a reason. Trust me, the Chargers receivers were nothing to write home about in 2006. When a TE and RB are your two leaders in receptions, you could use somebody that NEVER drops a ball.

        Now I don’t want it to sound like I hate Camarillo, because he is a solid possession receiver with a good work ethic and good character. However, like the rest of the receiving corps prior to Marshall’s arrival, he is just a #2 or #3.

  • DetailNazi

    Camarillo converted 3rd downs into 4th downs? I think you meant 1st downs or perhaps four more downs…

    • Willy Perez-Feria

      Exactly! See? now THERE’S an actual fan who watched the games!! I can’t believe a guy can catch 100% of the catachable balls thrown his way and still get crap from a fan!! I mean, how STUPID does someone have to be to NOT understand that NEVER dropping a pass all season long is kind of AMAZING!!!!! SHEEEESHH!!!

  • Brian Miller

    I’m an idiot? You all reallly think I meant that? It was a freaking typo. Cross thought 3rd downs for 1st downs and 4 more downs. I’m not even going to defend it. TYPO !!!!

  • Brian Miller

    I’m still amazed that any of you thought that was anything but a typed error. Who in the hell would throw Greg Camarillo under a bus?

  • Jackson

    Bess will not ever be inactive. He has great hands (last year aside) and gets open. He will see MORE playing time this year, not less. Sounds like PUP time for Turner.

  • winz305

    when i first read that i had to take a double take, i figured that it was a typo just because it didnt make any sense at all. Camarillo has the best hands on the team and if it was anyone that dropped passes for the phins it was soft ass Ginn.

  • fins4ever1


    I agree with the Turner assesment. The organization is not going to tolerate constant injuries from a player, esp. when he is unproven and headed toward being a bust.

    Disagree big time on Camarillio. Not sure which game you were watching, but I saw Greg make some clutch catches and has perhaps the best hands on the team. He is a definite overachiever and reminds me of Wes Welker.

    GO FINS!

  • kcphins4life

    Anyone think that if Pat White sticks to this team, I would hope not permanently at QB, that he’ll stay on as a “all-purpose” player which could potentially make 7 WRs? I think i’d rather not have Pat White all together and take someone who could potentially have value – RGM.