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Time To "LOVE" You Some Jets, Bills, & Patriots!

You know you want so badly to like the Jets, Bills, & Patriots.  You know, I know, your dog even knows it.  You secretly slip into the back room during Sunday’s and quietly dance when they win…admit it, you do.  O.k., so you don’t and the thought makes you want to puke.  Some of you already have.  In fact just writing this made….o.k. need to stop, the cat hacks are killing me.

What we really like to do is hate the other teams in our division.  The Cheatriots, The Jills, The CropDusters.  They call us what?  The Fish?  We’re mammals…shows you how stupid they are.  But alas, while I could go on all day, the fact is that I need them right now.  And so do you.  Because together, our site, and the other 3 representing our division rivals, are going to prove why “WE” are the best division in the NFL.

Over the next two weeks, our 4 sites will be coming up with an All-Star roster comprised of only active players from our 4 teams.  If in the event there is a big debate on a player/s we will have a readers vote that will take place on MusketFire, our Patriot site.  I will let you know if we need you to vote.

So imagine Brandon Marshall lining up opposite Randy Moss with Braylon Edwards or Lee Evans in the slot.  Catching balls from Tom Brady.  All of our NFL sites will be doing this and the culmination of all this will end with a league wide voting poll on where teams will be pitted against each other until one remains from each Conference.  Then, they will face off for the best Divsion in the NFL.

So put down your barbs for a few weeks and get ready to at least appreciate, some of the players on the Jets, Bills, and Patriots.

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  • George

    Dude…the thought of this turns my stomach. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to read it.

  • Myself

    As much as it makes me sick, there are players on those teams I don’t detest and from their ranks I need merely imagine which one’s I wish were on our team.

    Some suggestions for the team though off the top of my head



    Jake Long


    Moss (uggh…)

    I’ll let other people argue over Richardson v. Polite but one of them

    How many RBs make the list? We are not the strongest division in RBs in that we don’t have a peterson, johnson, MJD, etc. But if I could choose three I would say Ricky, Ronnie, Fred Jackson (Green may make the list as the year goes on, but I hope not)

    For TE I guess if I chose 2 it would be Dustin Keller and Anthony Fasano. Also not the strongest part of our division

    Y Bell

    ok, that’s it for now.

  • winz305

    “The Cheatriots, The Jills, The CropDusters. They call us what? The Fish? We’re mammals…shows you how stupid they are.” Funniest shit i ever read on here so far. Shit was hilarious. They really are stupid huh?

  • NFLagnostic

    Dear Dolphin fans,

    Wow. You guys are so clueless we don’t even know where to start. Your mascot/logo is gay, pure and simple. Your colors are gay. You know it, too, so don’t even try to deny it. Let’s try and look at it objectively: Patriots: dude with a gun. Bills: a big-assed buffalo, or if you’d like to make the obvious connection to Buffalo Bill, another dude with a gun. Jets: a jet (the plane) is pretty cool any way you slice it. Military jets blow crap up. That’s cool. Dolphins? Oooh, so you’re a MAMMAL! That makes up for it! I mean, if you were a FISH, you’d be gay, but you’re not a fish, you’re a mammal, so you’re SO not gay. You know, your team isn’t even that bad, but you have to admit you have the least intimidating mascot in the NFL, besides maybe the Browns, who’s team color is puzzlingly orange. Unfortunately for you that’s stupid, not gay. So you win the NFL’s “most gay” prize. Well, at least you won something.

    The rest of the AFC East

  • lolo376

    Dude with the gun? Yeah thats my mascot! As for the east team, I’ll give that team credit for switching things up. You never know what they will try next, wild cat? now everybody copys the play and changes the name. Hate the Jets, boy do I hate the Jets, but the do have one of the most solid defense in the league,but why name yourselfs gangrene? Poor Bills, enough said. As for my team the Patriots, if we could only stop being cheap and thinking that veterans from other teams will ever get us another ring, i think we need to get Pioli back.

  • lolo376

    wow dislike the fins so much that I just forgot to name them,lol

  • Myself

    Wow.. People comparing whose is bigger based on mascots. Wow. who the hell cares. Really?

  • Brian Miller
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