Supplemental Draft: Harvey Unga

Harvey Unga is a beast of a running back at 6 feet, 3 inches and weighing 240 pounds. Unga is BYU’s all-time leading rusher tallying 3,455 yards in 41 games. He has a five yards per carry average and has scored 36 touchdowns. He is a typical power runner. He can carry the load between the tackles but doesn’t really possess breakaway speed. 

Unga leaves BYU after abruptly after violating a BYU honor code, yes he had premarital sex with his girlfriend/fiancée of three years. It’s been rumored that the Miami Dolphins are one of four teams that are extremely interested in Unga in the July 15th NFL Supplemental draft. It has been reported in several news outlets that Miami along with St Louis, Kansas City and Seattle have all shown high interest in him. Unga will be conducting a proday on July 8th and it’s believed that more than 20 teams are expected to have representation at the event. Unga more than likely won’t be drafted before the fourth round and more than likely the fifth or later, but he is drawing interest. 

Although Unga left BYU on an honor code violation he has a reputation of being a high character guy and a leader, sound familiar? Unga is projected to be a fullback in the NFL, but if paired with the right type of back he could be a good one/two punch or Thunder to a Lightning as a tailback. While most people look at Unga and see a big bruising back that will pound it between the tackles his best attribute may very well be his hands. He arguably has the best hands of any college back in the nation. Unga had a down year in 2009 in the receiving game but in the two previous years he had more than 40 receptions in each. In his three years he has racked up 1,085 receiving yards with 9 touchdowns. He also averages 10 yards a reception, and at his size it’s easy to understand why. He is a hard man to tackle especially in the open field when the defender may very well be his size or smaller. 

The Miami Dolphins running back situation is in a state of flux. Brown coming of another season ending injury has yet to sign his tender and Williams is only under contract through 2010 and just turned 33 years old. When healthy Brown is one of the best running backs in the league, the problem is Brown can’t stay healthy and he will turn 29 in December. Ronnie doesn’t want to leave Miami, but the Trifecta doesn’t want to invest top money in a running back closing in on 30 that hasn’t proven he can stay healthy. The Dolphins will be shopping for running backs between now and next year. Cobbs, Hilliard, and Sheets may or may not be the answer. Unga’s size fits in with the mold of a Parcell’s type of back so Miami could be very involved come July 15th when the supplemental draft begins.

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  • Dylan Pinto

    Unga’s upside without a doubt is his size..but is he the right fit in miami? could he be the next 39? I’m not so sure, the transistion from the college game to the nfl game is huge and players with loads of athletisism (i.e. speed, agility) seem to mesh into a franchise better. The games changing from that power back/ big o-line to a fast/quick line and agile, strong rb. I just don’t know if unga would be the answer, however put alongside a back with dynamic atheletic calibar these two could cause some problems to a defense. Your thoughts??

  • Deof Movestofca

    Just wondering why he’s only considered a likely 5th rounder. That would seem to indicate that there are some questions or negatives about him. I doubt it could be the code of conduct violation, as everything I’ve read indicates it’s for getting his girlfriend pregnant, which most teams wouldn’t really consider noteworthy.
    Just curious as to whether there are any other players available as well and if so, who?

  • dolfandave

    It is the slow time of year so I can understand you exaggerating this man’s talent. If he is such a “Beast” as you say why are teams talking “about a 5th round draft pick” for this player? Earl Campbell he ain’t man.


  • dolfandave

    If he is such a beast then he wouldn’t be a 5th round pick, he would be a 1st. That is a contradiction. So he isn’t a beast at all. He is a big guy w/ “decent” skills like a Lex Hilliard. Is Lex Hilliard a beast? Oh I get it, maybe compared to the average shopper at Nordstrom’s he’s a beast. I mean come on. I mean if Adrian Peterson went for the supplemental draft there would be 20 teams putting up their 1st round picks. Now that is a beast!

  • dolfandave

    Yes, a round one year is the “next” round later so I don’t buy that either. Teams had no trouble dumping a 1st rounder on Brian Bosworth, yeah I know he was a bust, but everyone viewed him as a 1st round talent. It just depends on the player.

  • Deof Movestofca

    A bit off-topic, but just heard that Don Coryell died. Say whatever else you want about him, but it was fun to watch his offensives (except maybe when they were playing against the Dolphins).

  • dolfandave

    Yes it does clear it up, thanks. Harvey Unga is not a beast.