Discipline Problem in Miami

There is right now, in front of your face, a discipline problem in Miami.  How does that make you feel?


Under Don Shula, it was clear as day and understood by all that discipline problems with players would not be tolerated.
Coach Shula even went on to have year after year of teams with the lowest penalty rate in the NFL and all the while becoming chairman on the Rules committee of the NFL and moving the league toward a new era; ushering in such things as the dynamic passing game and the faster-paced games we have now inherited in this generation. Back in the 1970′s there were long waits while a team was in the huddle and the game clock ticked slowly by with no action – totally different watching a game now. A man of integrity and ethics, Shula believed in winning outright by following the rules. And he deeply frowned on players getting drunk and beating their girlfriends or driving home from bars late at night or walking away after early-morning car crashes.

Bill Parcells, aka Big Tuna, we all know came out publicly and stated that he would not tolerate such behavior on day 1 of his tenure here. And yet it is not only happening and continuing it is possibly even worsening.  Feel proud of this team and it’s commitment to becoming a Champion?  Clearly the players do not fear or respect this man at this time.

Here is the real question now: which Miami Dolphin will be the next one to break the law and cause a flap for the team?

Not to mention this: what message do you think it conveys to the rookie players coming to the NFL for the first time and after having attended the recent NFL Rookie meet 6 1/2 weeks ago?

Teams that break rules and coddle and permit players to get in to trouble are losers. The very best case in point on this is the Oakland Raiders who lost the 2005 Super Bowl while having their Pro Bowl Center penalized because he was absent from team meetings on Super Bowl week and was found to be spending his time across the border in Tijuana getting drunk. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won by a large margin and you better believe the Raiders could have used their star center in the game.

So, when will action finally be taken and a “head on a pike” by the Miami Dolphins organization to stop this?

I’ll tell you that the NY Jets organization has to be laughing themselves silly and surely the Jets blogs are eating this up. Discipline problems tear teams apart and are an indication that players and management don’t care about standards and are not professional. And there is just too much now to sweep under the rug.  This is disgusting and is what I might have expected from the Oakland Raiders or perhaps the NY Jets.  But not the Miami Dolphins under Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano.

A public apology and a major change is what is needed now to recover from the building shame that is continuing.

The only real ray of sunshine is that it is happening right before training camp when Sparano and the Miami coaching staff will have the opportunity to thoroughly put the team through workouts and discipline programs.  That was the first thing that Don Shula did when he took over the team in 1970 and several painful workouts later they became molded into an actual valuable organization that can be properly called by the overused moniker, “team”.

This stinks of multi-millionaire elite players who flaunt the law because they think they are above it. It is not, not, not in keeping with the heritage and traditions that we know of the once-proud Miami Dolphins.

Think penalties will be coming down from Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner now?

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  • Ken

    Honestly, you write this article after an abandoned vehicle. Really, who the Hell cares! Of course I would rather have no negative headlines, but a couple of DUI’s amd now this. Come on, Lawless Philips and “C-Cell” Collins don’t play for the phins any longer. A DUI is what we are talking about here & can happen to just about any of us at a given time. Are you lucky or not is the difference most of the time. We are not talking about dog fighting, Stabbing murder, shooting murder, Fighting in casinos or strip bars, so give it a rest!


    This is such a stupid article….. They don’t even know if Hartline was driving when the accident occurred first of all. Secondly, there was no one in the other car. As far as DUI’s go I would much rather have those then what a lot of other NFL teams have in violence. This is much a due nothing and this article is lackluster and boring to say the least.

    2 THUMBS DOWN!!!!!

  • mmartian

    1984 Dan Marino gets arrested for a DUI
    Does Don Shula Suspend him? Cut him? Make him run extra laps?

    Of course not, will that mean the rest of the team will lose respect for him?


  • Markeyh

    Call me a homer but I do not see any problem children on this Dolphin team all these cases are minor just a slow time and you have nothing to write about….

  • Thumper54

    You cite the Raiders Pro Bowl center in 2005 and make it seem as though he chose partying over the game, as if he did not have other issues. Why? To suggest maybe the Dolphins players who have had their troubles this year could not be depended on for a big game? The Raider center you mention had a diagnosed mental disorder that deviled him long after that season ended. The man snapped under the scrutiny of Super Bowl week. Which is another thing you do not even gloss with minor attention. The players of today are under a microscope like never before. The things players did in the 1970′s under Shula were harmless shennanigans even with the same post curfew sneaking out and drinking before a game behavior. DUI was hahaha funny in the sixties and seventies. Remember Otis the town drunk from Andy of Mayberry RFD? Hahah funny right? Not anymore. Society has changed its view on acceptible behavior and players are greater celebrities in a papparazzi fueled media. Your analysis is lacking and your willful omissions to illustrate your weak points are the high water mark of another poor journalistic effort.

  • MJ

    I’m content with a bad offseason every now and then. At least we don’t have a bunch of sissy’s on this team. Every team needs a few of those guys.

  • dolfan2008

    Don Shula was in Baltimore in ’68, he joined Miami in 1970.

  • Dan

    Hitting a female is out of the question. Two have done it. There should be some reaction to it by the team at the very least. The DUIs and other issues should be handled internally and not commented on publicly by the team. Some of this is minor, others are not and may be an indication of bigger issues with the players. This can’t be ignored, but it is not an indication of termoil within the team as this article makes it out to be.

  • mark

    Tighten Up Parcels. We need a winning season. Lets get this ball running!

  • beowulf

    I don’t know that I agree that discipline ON the field is in any way connected to a few stupid mistakes. I agree that the DUI thing shows very poor judgment by some very wealthy young athletes. There are teams with bigger legal issues. We don’t have anybody facing weapons charges, or running dog fights.

    We can’t include Hartline as a “law-breaker” yet, since we have NO idea what actually happened that night…

  • Brian Miller

    I have to agree to an extent with some of the others in that I don’t see this as anything more than some minor issues. It won’t affect the team as a whole. None of these discretions are likely going to lead to suspensions. Only Ferguson is suspended and I’m honestly surprised he isn’t fighting it.

    In any case, too early to tell with Hartline and Allen and Brown are first timers. That leaves the two idiots who slapped their girls…now they should face some stiff penalties from the team.

    This compares nothing like what Cincy went through a couple of years ago.

  • HvK

    This article reminds me of all the people who were bashing on Starks for his ticket and alleged assault on an officer. Remember that? So much was written about how he should be cut and disciplined. Bet all those who wrote about that feel pretty stupid right now. What’s even worse? The people who don’t learn from past mistakes. Idiot.

  • Brian Miller

    are you assuming that someone here said Starks should have been cut? As in an article? Please look that one up and who exactly are you calling an idiot? The author of this article? I hardly think having and opinion that basically states there are Phins players who are acting like idiots deserves to be called one. But yeah, there were a lot of people ready to rake him over the coals, Starks that is.

  • HvK

    I am not assuming someone here wrote an article about cutting Starks. Past mistakes doesn’t mean your own. Learn from mistakes made in the past throughout history. I am assuming Bert has seen articles calling for Starks head since he is a Dolphin fan and it was only last year. I correct myself since I should have said idiots, talking about those who don’t learn from the past.

    Furthermore, “Clearly the players do not fear or respect this man at this time.” is something the author does not know yet is stating it as fact.

  • Brian Miller

    Wasn’t sure if you were calling me an idiot…LOL. I even went back and read all 3 of my articles from last year on the subject just in case…LOL

  • Ken

    Brian, I agree Bert did not call for any individual player to be cut, but I also believe every reader of this blog felt his comments were extremely overstated and somewhat hash, considering the type of issues Phins players have faced. He made the Hartline incident sound as if he just pushed the entire organization into AA meeting or something. No matter how you cut it, this article, unlike most on this blog, Sucked!Just reminds me of the D-bag over at PFT that always overstates the Dolphins problems and acts like they are the Bengles of 2010.

  • http://thebottlenose.wordpress.com/ Tofu Dan
  • Brian Miller

    Ken, I actually agree with you it did come across a bit harsh. He knows I think that as well.