Why Don't Professional Athletes Hire Drivers?

Brian Hartline is the latest Miami Dolphin said to be involved in a traffic violation, as his truck was found abandoned in the middle of a street after it hit a parked car.  Hartline’s direct involvement is still to be determined, but it still raises the question to why professional athletes frequently find themselves involved in this kind of this situation, when it can easily be avoided.

I’ve never understood it.  Why in the world don’t professional athletes (or Lions executives) pay someone to drive them around?  Rather than almost assure them of a safe ride home, they choose to take the risk of driving at the wee hours of the morning, and lately it isn’t paying off too well. 

Is driving yourself that macho?  Don’t you think having a ‘driver’ would make more of a statement?  I do, and I’m sure it wouldn’t cost much to have one.  I mean….come on…….. exactly how much would it cost to have someone drive you around for a night on the town?  Couldn’t a multi-million dollar salary cover something like that?

Better yet, why don’t professional sports franchises have drivers on staff for their players?  Wouldn’t it be smart for owners to protect their investments?  Heck, each team could have their own limo fleet if they chose to, just to drive the players around.    

Why doesn’t someone take a page out of Vinny Chase’s book and hire themselves their very own Turtle?  Vinny rarely drives himself around, even when he’s sober.  Turtle, E, Drama, even Ari are always there for him when he needs a ride.  Have you ever saw an episode where Vinny Chase gets busted for a DUI, at least I don’t remember seeing one.

Why can’t professional athletes be the same way?  I’m sure a lot of them have their own ‘entourage’ of friends that would be happy to drive them around.  Unless they are worried about someone finding out they are up to no good, it makes no sense to not have one.

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  • fredcasa

    With some of the great cars these guys buy I would drive them for free. The problem is they buy a bitchin car and they want to drive it. I like the idea of the team having a few limos for them to use..

  • inchworm

    Why can’t they just take a cab? They make enough…


  • Jeff

    The reason is – they are not made of money and in football there is no guaranteed contracts. It looks like they make a lot but take Hartline. He has a 4 year $2.25 M deal + incentives. In the max tax bracket, even with no state taxes, that’s really about $1.5 M which is about $370K year after taxes. When you also have friends and family that you want to take care of, and you want to live in something other than an Apt. – and if it’s a home in Miami – that’s going to run you 300-500K right there. Plus, if he gets hurt or doesn’t cut it, he loses that yearly income instantly when he’s cut. A guy like that will save every dime so he doesn’t have to immediately find a job and sell his house! It’s not as simple as you think. If it’s an NBA player with a LeBron/Wade deal or a MLB player with a $15-20 M 10 year deal that is guaranteed – that’s different. Otherwise, you are lumping these guys together and not making much sense. There really are few NFL players who want to throw their money around.

    On top of that, 20-25 year olds don’t just want to be driven around.

    The real issue is that if they are out partying, they should get a cab as mentioned above. But, then, they are likely not coherent enough.

    It’s quite possible, even probable, that Hartline was drinking and left the scene. Not a good thing. Shame. More Dolphins in trouble this off-season. Starting to be an epidemic.

  • Jeff

    Correction on last statement – meant to say “few who should/can afford to throw their money around” (i.e. – hire a driver every where they go).

  • HvK

    A few issues with this article:

    1) If the team hired drivers to make sure the players are safe, how could they afford drivers in every town in the US? I’m not sure if you realize but the players don’t all live within 2 blocks of dolphins facility. They are all across the country. This is a ridiculous idea.

    2) I have not investigated into this incident, I don’t have to since I am not writing an article, but the speculation is that Hartline was not even in the same state.

    3) Since athletes often allow friends and family to use their house/car since they travel often. I’ve heard many stories like this where the player was not involved. If Hartline was involved then yes he should be more responsible. Until we can prove that, there is no point in coming up with ridiculous solutions.

  • Brian Miller

    HvK…while I agree with you that hiring drivers is ridiculous and a waste of money…that last point makes no sense. So far, the police haven’t questioned Hartline because he hasn’t come forward to talk to them. There is very little information out there so exactly how do you investigate that? Who said Hartline was out of the state? His wife was in Cali, doesn’t mean he was. Im sure if he was in Cali, he would have already said, “HEY it wasn’t me, I wasn’t even in Florida”.

    The truth will come out, it always does.

  • HvK

    Brian, since it was all speculation I was going off of what Hartline had scheduled and talked about via his twitter account. He tweeted with a pick from CA on June 29th and talked about leaving for Ohio from CA on July 6th. The car was found on July 3rd. Not saying that is fact just speculating.