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I am going to run a contest here. It’s quite simple but you need to do a little bit on your end to get entered.  First, go to page two of this and simply vote on who you believe will be on the final 53.  I have even added “other” slots to the poll in case you think someone isn’t on the roster now that will be on final cut day.

What will you win? An un-edited advanced copy of a new book titled, NFL Unplugged:  The Brutal, Brilliant World of Professional Football, written by Anthony Gargano.

What is this book?

Well simply put it’s what you don’t get on ESPN.  A unique first hand account of life behind the television camera’s.  From the opening limo conversation with a pro player to the training camp of Andy Reid in Philly and so much more.  This is a book you will want to read.  Culed from over 31 professional athletes, the book takes you into the locker-rooms, the huddle, training camp, and more.  This is an unaltered reality that fans of the NFL don’t get to see.  (I read this book over the 4th of July weekend and can say that is an eye-opening account of NFL life)

The edited version will not be available at your local bookstore until October, but like I said, this is and advanced copy and is unedited, making it a lot more rare than most books.

What you need to do! As stated above, go to page two and predict the final 53.  Take a screen shot of your selections and Email them to me at [email protected] with the title, 53 Contest. Your name must be on the Email.

Because I am expecting a lot of entries, when the final roster is made, you will then Email me IF you think you came close to the final roster.  I will review those entries only and the person coming closer to the final 53 will win the book.

Now, I realize that it’s entirely possible to have ties so, we are going to do this, in addition to the final 53 Email, add these two answers in the text body.  What will the “TOTAL” combined points for be for the Phins this pre-season and who will score the most TD’s.  That should break any ties.

Make sure you have a screen shot of your choices.  If you don’t have a way to take a screen shot...type them out.

One submission for each person will be accepted and the closing date for this contest entry will be this Saturday at 9:00 AM.  Any Emails after that time will NOT be accepted.  In the event that there are discrepancies in the Email process, it will be my decision alone to rectify them.

The poll is based on the pre-camp roster according to the official roster found at the preceding link.  Any roster changes prior to the start of camp should be included with the “other” option.  You will not be voting for IR, PUP, or practice squad players.  53 man roster only.

In the event that a name has been mistakenly left off the poll, use the “other” option for that player…it is not a write in vote.

Click PAGE 2 to cast your vote on the final 53 and submit your predictions.

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