A Question For Our Readers

Consider this a sort of “public service announcement”  or rather a question instead.  The Miami Dolphins have challenged all of the Miami Dolphin fan websites to generate 25,000 dollars for charity by December 5th.  There are roughly 30 different sites that cover the Phins in some regard…including ours.

So with that being said, we are trying to come up with a way that will allow us to do as much as we can to reach that goal.  Which obviously will require a little help from you.

The Dolphins will be giving us a few items to auction off down the road but we have a lot to do on our own.  A few thoughts would be as follows and I would like to get your input on some of these ideas.  Including ideas you may have yourself.

One item we thought about was the use of our logo on vinyl stickers that would measure 2 x 3 inches.  These “stickers” could be applied to windows, notebooks, whatever.  We thought about maybe a 5 for 5.00 deal with half of the proceeds going to the Dolphins and the other half covering the costs of making them and shipping.  With the fact that our logo does not include the “.Com” after Phinphanatic, it could simply be displayed as though you are saying, “I am a Phinphanatic”.

Another thought was auctioning off the opportunity to sit in on an interview with a former player or a member of the Miami Dolphins front office.  Perhaps even have a few questions of your own answered directly by that person.  Thoughts?

If you would be interested in the vinyl logo stickers, email me at [email protected] so I can take pre-orders on those.

You are our readers so what would your thoughts be on something along this line.

Also, if you are involved in charity work in your town or city and would be interested in partnering with Phinphanatic.com and the Miami Dolphins email me at the above address to find out more.

Brian Miller

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  • Jetro

    I like the suggestion of asking a question or two directly to the organization.

    A few other suggestions:

    1.) Raffle off tickets for an intern position or “volunteer” position at a team event. Could be something like a golf tournament or a charity event, etc.

    2.) Autographs are always a winner. Team gear works too.

    3.) A good design of a T-Shirt. If you’re working on behalf of the Dolphins Organization, I’m sure something could be worked out to get a team logo or something “official” on it. Key word though, it has to be a good tshirt that’ll gain attention from the website as well within the organization.

    4.) Meet a Player – can be during preseason or regular season. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple meet and greet would work just fine.

    5.) Dan Marino signed jersey (or Don Shula).

    There’s a few ideas for your fund raiser. The big key is trying to figure out stuff for out of town folks like myself who live up in Canada that would be interested in participating in. But for the locals, you got plenty of options…

  • Brian Miller

    I do like the ideas, the problem is that I have very little usable Dolphin assistance. We will be given a few items to auction off at some point, but most of this has to be done on our own…IE we can’t use the Phins logo to do shirts and stuff and getting the Dolphins to do a meet and greet or an event volunteer position will be exceptionally hard as well.

  • hutch

    start a fantasy football leauge, $25.00 entry fee, half goes to charity the other half split up with the top 4. maybe even give a logo sticker to each entry, end the season a bit earlier and the winner receives 2 box seats to the last home game.

  • Aaron

    Along the same lines of the fantasy football, you could do a survival league $10/$20 bucks, but you can get more people in survival than 1 Fantasy football league.

  • John

    I would be happy to donate and get a sticker. Were do you tailgate at?

  • Jetro

    Fine fine…we can’t have what i suggested…

    Hmm…how about a night with a Dolphins Cheerleader? :P

  • Jetro

    In regards to the Fantasy Football suggestion, while I think it’s a good idea, I just don’t know how many folks will actually participate in it when there are so many leagues out there for free.

    Few other ideas (although I still like my Dolphins Cheerleader suggestion :) )

    1.) Local: Flag Football(not sure how many local readers are from the same area, but it would be cheap and easy to set up)

    2.) Local: Meet at Bar/Pub/Event night. Again, not sure how many would show up but I’m thinking most of the funds that are going to be raised have to be done locally as I don’t see that many online people donating.

    3.) Web: Standard Online Donations. Make it fancy looking, make a goal target (1000 or whatever) and show the amount raised and who donated the most. Whoever donates the most can get an interview done by the website about the dolphins and their memories regarding the team. (trying to keep it cheap for you guys :P )

    4.) If you can find somethings on the rarer side that you could auction away, either on Ebay or on the website itself, I would advise that. Ebay would be a good way to help lure people outside this website in making donations they normally wouldn’t have made. If this is coming out of your own pocket, I would advise on getting things that hold their value and could be used again in the future if you’re not getting bids that you want.

    5.) TShirts, Pens, Stickers – not only for the fundraiser but also to help fund this website (or if you guys are rolling in the cash, you can just continue using those items as a long term fundraiser)

    Hope that helps..


  • b_p_fan

    Unless the Dolphins will assist in this endeavor then its a complete waste of time. Team merchandise and player participation goes a long way in raising money. With 30 organizations raising money, its going to be hard to get donations without some sort effort from the team.