Jimmy Johnson Re-Surfaces To Make Me Cringe

There are very few things on TV that I will watch religiously.  WWII movies…Definitely.  The Miami Dolphins…are you freaking kidding?  I have a bucket to piss in because I don’t want to miss a thing! (o.k. not really).  When it comes to programs on the networks…not a lot gets me rolling.  I love the Amazing Race, Hell’s Kitchen, and my all time favorite is Survivor.  Love it and wish to hell I had the balls to apply for it.

Two seasons ago on the Amazing Race, I watched with adoration as two former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders trotted the globe only to come up short on the races’ quest.  That was fun.  Now, I have to sit through my favorite show and watch the former silver haired devil, Jimmy Johnson, compete.

Yes, CBS announced the cast this morning making the rumors official.  Jimmy Johnson will be on the 21st season.

Now, I know that a lot of people don’t watch or even like Survivor and that is o.k.  But for me, I enjoy it, but long ago I stopped watching the FOX pre-game show because frankly I loathe me some Jimma.  Say what you will, defend him if you must, but I directly attribute the mess that “WAS” these Miami Dolphins to him.

His quitting on the team, his pushing Don Shula out, his complete disrespect to the achievements of Shula and the team, and of course, his personal hand picked successor, Dave Wannstedt.  From Wannstedt, to the 4-10 season, the Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore drafts, the Drew Brees joke, Jay Fiedler…OH MY GOD I WANT TO SCREAM.  It all led to Nick Saban and Cam Cameron.  Luckily that chain has led us to where we are and hopefully that is in a far better direction long term…because if it doesn’t…I’m blaming Jimmy.

So while my favorite 8 PM time slot will not be dedicated to watching Jimmy compete on my favorite show, I will have to take comfort in the hopes that two things occur.  One, that Jimmy lasts long enough to be completely and insanely miserable surrounded by a bunch of lazy individuals who do nothing, and two, that he makes it long enough to feel the biting pain of all the insects and the starvation of eating nothing but rice and clams before he gets voted off.  If there was a 3rd, I would hope that it all of this leads to Jimmy being Jimmy and citing his desire to return to my 2nd favorite place on Earth, Islamorada, Fl. and simply quits.

Maybe I’m a tad bit hateful towards him but I’ve never been a fan all that much and have shown more sympathy towards Nick Saban.  Either way, Jimmy Johnson will be on this falls Survivor and it should be interesting to see how one person who for a long time demanded nothing but 100 percent perfection from his players, deals with a bunch of lazy, tired, hungry, individuals who could care less that he won anything but an immunity challenge.

Perhaps maybe I’m just bitter and jealous.  After all, he is on Survivor, I am not.  He lives in Islamorada, and I do not.  He owns a boat and a tan to go with it.  I do not.  Of course, he calls Dave Wannstedt a friend.  I do not.  Maybe it’s a push.  Good luck Jimmy, I will be watching, and despite my outward nit-picking…will be rooting you on as well.  Maybe.  I tend to root for the hot girls in the bikini’s.

I wonder how long it will take for them to realize who he is?  I guess we will soon find out.  See all the new Survivor cast members here.

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  • stuart

    ALMOST completely agree except you’re really off base about Jay Fiedler. He WON on an uncoached, dinosaur team mired in the early 1990s fantasy of Jimmy Johnson and his pathetic gofer Wannstedt. Beaten up behind a run-oriented line that was never taught pass blocking, without quality receivers and with no passing scheme whatsoever, the guy won. Ask Jason Taylor how respected Fiedler was in the locker room. Why does everyone persist on ragging this guy? Well, we all know, don’t we? No one ever speaks disparagingly about Zach Thomas, despite his many, many faults. I wonder why.

  • Brian Miller

    yeah I am always too harsh on Fiedler. I just can’t help it. I really do try though. The guy gave everything he had unfortunately, what he had wasn’t much.

  • Bert Smith

    I think you’re a little rough on Jimmy there. C’mon, give him a break!

    Ha, ha, lol!

    • stuart

      W/ the Dolphins Jimmy Johnson proved what Jerry Jones implied about his coaching ability when Jones cracked, “With the talent on this (the Cowboys) team, ANYONE could have coached them to the Super Bowl” — and proved it w/ Barry Switzer! People forget that Tom Landry drafted Troy Aikman and Jimmy “built” the Cowboys w/ the endless draft freebies of the worst “name” trade in NFL history that fell into his lucky lap — Mike Lynn’s giving up the Vikings farm (and future) for Herschel Walker. Herschel Walker! Johnson and his regime, w/ Huizenga’s ever-compliant complicity, trashed one of the prouder NFL franchises. Why Jimmy Johnson actually drafted Jason Taylor, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain is a riddle for the ages but the man did have some drafting skills! Honesty, integrity and coaching skill — none. Class, none.

  • http://catcrave.com/ Eric / Cat Crave

    Totally agree with you on Jimmeh, and I too can’t stand the FOX Sunday pre-game show mainly because of him, and I think there’s another Cowboys cohort of his in there too, though I don’t remember for certain…Whoever the guy is that sits to his right, I also find annoying.

    I don’t watch Survivor or any of these “reality” shows, but to each their own. I hold it against no one. I’m more of a History Channel, Discovery, and stuff like that watcher.

    I liked Jay Fiedler after Marino too, and I have to agree with an earlier posting, that Fiedler did what some might consider a lot without much and without much from Coach Hairlip, too.

  • http://www.pokercardshop.com/ Vernon Cadwell

    Finally we had a chance to check out the past week’s showing of Survivor on TV. I witnessed Jimmy end up being sent home. He definitely did not remain in the game for an extended time. I thought that Dan really should have been sent packing he’s really stressed. I really don’t envision that Jimmy Johnson became a danger this far in the reality show. He was one of the most prolific players given his background as a National Football League coach. The group could possibly have kept him around for a longer time!!

  • http://www.footballago.com/ football

    Inside of a guest appearance, Jimmy J. has come out claiming that he did not have any perception that the male participants did not respect him. Jimmy J. thought that he should’ve teamed up with the women. On a optimistic note, Jimmy J. apparently said goodbye to almost 30 lbs of fat!!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/web-page-monitoring spying

    Since Jimmy J. has become removed from this season’s Survivor, it will be all about Naonka. This lady will be the main player that many of us are going to want to detest. Tomorrow’s episode guarantees to turn out to be someone to always remember…