Pat White in the CFL?

It seems to be a basic, understood opinion that Pat White’s days as a Miami Dolphin are numbered. The question is how long does Pat White have left?  And what about Pat White in the CFL?

He is not producing well in TC by all accounts and looked horrible last season (save a couple of up-the-middle runs) and did not complete a single pass.  Dan Henning chose to bring him in anyway on sensitive 3rd down situations which, to me seems like daring the devil.  The triad is keeping him in camp despite missing a couple of days to a “personal issue”.  Here is the problem -the production needs to rise and then all will change.  [Note: On review of this article, I've retracted statements made that were not in good judgment and clarified the opinion.  Apologies to any who felt it was in any way insensitive.]

It’s time to come to grips with the facts.  Time to wake up and smell the catfood.  This guy is just not NFL material and although we’ve been trying to believe, there just comes a time when one must be honest and admit they have a problem.  Only then can the healing begin.

Have we done this before?  Yes.  Think Gibril Wilson.  Think certain ex-Dolphin head coaches.  Heck, think Daunte Culpepper when we could have been watching Drew Brees as our QB here.

Look, people can make mistakes.  And I’m sure that the Triumvirate is not above make one here or there (again, think Gibril “Gerbil” Wilson who committed a penalty today in the Hall of Fame Game now that he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals).  It’s ok to fess-up and just admit that it happened.  Like realizing you never even liked the girl to begin-with or that honest is best with your parents after-all.  It’s just one of those things….  I’m with you there.

Let’s just let down our hair and admit it: this guy needs to go now and the faster, the better.  Can we even get a trade for him?  How about a 12th rounder?  Probably nothing.  Because guess what?  The rest of the league has no stake in pretending this guy can play.  And just try asking remuneration in a deal for Pat White.  Can you even imagine, say, the NY Giants picking up this guy?  Or even the Pittsburgh Steelers (who will struggle without Ben Rothlisburger)?

I think what we’ve got here is a player of some value though: to the Canadian Football League.  Think about it…makes some sense!  He can be exciting to watch and had lots of runs from scrimmage in College.  And the field is extra-wide in the CFL.  And the pursuit and defenses are not as quick and hard-hitting there.  He could be a Canadian hero!

-Bert Smith

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  • RT

    Sissy, eh Bert? I’d bet my last dollar you’d rather piss your pants than say that to PW to his face.

    Is he going to be a NFL QB? Um, no. Over 80% of college QB’s drafted don’t pan out, Bert. But for you, Bert to call this guy a “sissy” makes me want to vomit.

    Watch the Sugar Bowl in Atlanta where PW willed his team to victory against the heavily favored Bulldogs. Watch the Fiesta Bowl where he did the same bloody thing to Oklahoma.

    Watch his WVU career highlight film, which showcases the leading QB rusher in COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY.

    Sissies hide behind computer keyboards. PW is going for it, and he’s probably not going to make it, but he’s got more sack than you could ever comprehend.

    And seriously, 12th rounder? Was that a lame attempt to be funny or are you so clueless you don’t even grasp the NFL draft?

  • Scot

    “Sissy” Spoken like a man who sits in front of a computer screen putting down men who do it instead of doing it himself.

  • Ripp

    I have always said Pat White is placed in a losing situation. The guy hardly gets any snaps in practice and he is expected to go into a game cold for a few plays and perform well, on top of that last year he was a rookie. That is a lot is expect from any player. I am one who thought White was a good pick because if he failed as a QB he could play just about any other skill position on offense. The problem is he dose not want to switch and every skill position is loaded except for TE which he obviously can’t play. The only way White has value in a trade is if he is willing to make a switch from QB,something we already know he dose not want to do but is actually the best thing for him if he wants any kind of career in the NFL. Miami might have no choice to cut him and if they do I think he will change his tune about the idea of a position switch.

  • Chris

    Good old another loser behind a keyboard calling somebody a sissy that has taken way more harder hits than any of us on here. Also, I like to see you played all them games taking all the hits he has taken. Do you realize that most or almost all helmet to helmet hits cause concussions? Why don’t you go out on the field and compete then and then come back and say Pat White or any of them are sissys. What I thought!

  • Mark

    I don’t know you, but you come across as a real asshole in this piece.

    “Fragile and lying on the ground from the hit he took in the last game he played in 2009 like a busted doll”. I give him props for the guts it took trying to get the extra yards knowing he was gonna get smoked. Unlike Ginn, it’s something I respected about Pat White from that one play.

    He’s been put in a tough position but his college play shows he’s no slouch. Just not a good fit for our team right now. Too bad he’s not willing to make a position change b/c I think he could work wonders in the return game and in 4 or 5 wide sets.

    You sound like a complete idiot opining from behind the safety of your keyboard. But maybe I’m wrong cos I don’t know you. So did you play football? Have you taken these kind of hits? Would you have taken the hit that Pat White took?

  • Chad Starkey

    Wow. Let’s talk about the media’s handling of the Pat White story. First he was out for the season (wrong). Then they were going to sign an AFL QB that would lead him out the door (wrong). Even in your “post” you say that Mr. White missed “a couple of days of practice.” Wrong again. He missed one. And you bust on him for going 0-5 in passing. Right there the media is 0-3. And I agree that it’s totally inappropriate – and shows your bias – to call Mr. White, or any athlete a “sissy.”

    Get off Pat’s back. He – and only he – is in control of his destiny. The guy is a winner and a model citizen. At this point I want to see him succeed just to see if you and the other haters actually apologize.

  • Chris

    I love coming to this site to get some info on my favorite Dolphins but articles like this make me want to leave and not come back. This piece is absolutely obsurd. I remember not too long ago where this site was asking another site to lay off the dolphins becuase of “off the field troubles”. This article is so much more of a deffimation of character then anything else i have read previously. Bert Smith you should really step back and ask yourself does this article hold any merit. if you did then you would notice that this completely ignorant bashing of a hard working player made you actually lose credability.

    • Bert Smith


      You made quite a point here as did the other readers. I hear you and so have taken a look at this opinion.

      On review of my statements I’ve retracted part of what I said as I came across insensitive to what occurred.

      Bottom lines: PW is a gifted player and does have ability that heretofore has been untapped. The question is how to find a way to get this guy productive and dangerous and worth a roster spot?


  • Brian Miller

    Hey all, I’m the lead writer here and I think you all know me pretty well. I am not going to speak for Bert on this. This is his article and his opinion. However, and I could be very very wrong here, I have to wonder if the “sissy” sentence is actually intended to imply he is a sissy as a result of that collision? I think that the last 3 sentences are poorly formed in the sense of the implication they leave the reader. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I have a hard time believing that anyone would call a person a sissy when they are unconcious on the ground. I think the implication here is that he is a fragile QB, no question thus far, and that there was something going on with his “personal” issue, resolved or not, and that leads him to believe that he acted out like a sissy and that should have been the focal point leading into the “leading the team” comment.

    But, I could also be wrong in that as well…LOL

  • zac

    sissy u r f’n dumb id like to see u take a hit from ike taylor u wouldnt ever walk again the last thing pat is a sissy

  • Brian Miller

    Everyone: Just out of curiosity here but how many of you were reading this article and was like, “yeah, I could see him spending time in the CFL someday, maybe a better fit”? Then got to that part about the hit and stuff and went…WTF?

    LOL. Sorry Bert, not trying to gang up here but in hindsight it is kind of funny…at least I knew what you were trying to say…;)

  • Mark

    Here’s something we don’t see enough of nowadays – accountability. I appreciate that Bert Smith took the time to re-read the piece and make some changes. We’re all guilty of making mistakes or mis-wording something from time to time. But owning up to it and admitting it’s another mater -thanks for taking the time to do that. I have nor problem with the article the way it is written now (and now that it’s no longer Monday morning!)

    Sure, I think the CFL could work for PW with the wider field and a bit more open style of play. Certainly when I watched Canadian football in university I saw people excelling at that level that wouldn’t get a sniff in the NFL. I don’t think we could get much if anything for him in trade at this point. Worth waiting until the end of TC/preseason, seeing if he’ll be willing to try his shot in another role and, if not, seeing if any other teams have an interest.

    Feel sorry for the kid – it’s not his fault he was drafted in the 2nd…

  • rt

    Thanks for the amendment, Bert. You and Brian are right, something about the sissy comment in connection with that Ike Taylor shot got my blood boiling. Being a WVU grad only intensified my reaction, but I appreciate the re-wording.

    It is a mystery to me why PW looks as “out of place” as he does. Apparently size and mechanics do make a difference at the pro level where shear athleticism isn’t enough as all the players are gifted athletes. I also have never been a proponent of the position switch to WR for PW. He never played that position in HS in Alabama or at West Virginia. I just don’t see how he could suddenly develop as a receiving threat.

    The CFL could be just what he needs (unless he goes MLB). I’m just crushed that the kid who has always been a quality person & stellar performer can’t seem to make it on my favorite NFL team….

    • Bert Smith

      I appreciate the acknowledgment and I’m not above being able to see an error on my part.

      You know, there must be a lot of frustration all across the boards concerning Pat White; from himself and his family & friends and fans all the way up to the Dolphins administration and coaching staff. If they can find a way to utilize him then there will be, “joy in mudville” but so far that is not looking very likely and I would say by percentage he’s right now got about an 8% chance of being retained on this team in anything other than possibly the practice squad.

  • Chad Starkey

    Bert, I appreciate your revisions. I understand that sometimes statements are made off the cuff, but in the words a of great poet (Elvis Costello) “Don’t wear your heart out on your sleeve when your remarks are off the cuff.”

    Wouldn’t you say that there is an anti-PW bias? During the scrimmage Henne was 12-22 for 72 yards, Thigpen was 4-16 1 TD and 2 INTs (just by the math Thingpen had to go 0-5 at one point), Pennington was 3-6, 20 yards with 3 sacks, and White 3-6, 24 yards, no sacks or INTS. If White would have had the day that Thigpen had, well, let’s just say it was shark week.

    Each of these 4 players will be in the league at the start of the season. Hopefully, for his sake I hope it is PW.

    • Chad Starkey

      And I criticize other people’s writing. My last paragraph should have read:

      Each of these 4 players will be in the league at the start of the season, but one will not be with the Dolphins. Hopefully – for his sake – I hope it is PW.

      • Bert Smith

        You’ve made a darned good point there that statistically PW actually had better stats than the other QB’s during that scrimmage.

        Now, arguably this had something to do though with the defense that Mike Nolan was using at the time and it has definitely been observed that the D carried the day.

        I can say that the first 2 pre-season games will probably be the defining moments for PW. If he rises to the occasion (and nobody has said this but possibly Dan Henning has some surprises in store utilizing him), then he just might either stick in some capacity or trades will be attempted. He’ll get to run the offense and so will have more chances….

        Now, do you think that he could get picked-up by another team and find success in some capacity in the NFL?

        • Chad Starkey

          I’ll echo what Roberto says below. Watching the HOF game last night was relatively painful in general, but the QB play was less than stellar.

          I think that Mr. White needs consistently high reps to get his true feel for the game. When he worked extensively with the first team he had his best practice of the season (that was Thursday or Friday I think). So in that regard I could see the CFL being a good developmental league for him (remember Warren Moon and Doug Flutie?). Is he the worst QB in the league? Not by a long shot.

          You are correct that the first two preseason games will be defining. I think all will admit that Mr. White has rare “intangibles.” It will be up to him to make it happen.

          I can’t help but think that Pennington, White, or Thigpen are good trade fodder. Each will make an NFL roster. The question is who has the best trade value.

          Lastly, I’m impressed at how this conversation has turned around. Keep up the good work Bert!

  • Roberto

    How about giving Pat White a break. There is plenty of pre-season left. Did you see the back-ups for the Cowboys and the Bengals last night? White would have been an upgrade for either team. I’ve said this before. Pat White was a spread QB in college. The NFL is a different game. It will take him several years to adjust, but he has alot of talent and is a smart kid. Can the Dolphins wait another year? That is up to them. But the constant attacks on him for the most part have been stupidiy.

    • Bert Smith

      The thing is, I agree with you. And many others do as well.
      Your question is well taken, can the Dolphins wait another year?

      How would that work? If there were a way, I feel certain that Parcells & Co. would do just that: keep him around on the practice squad or something and give him another year to mature. But I don’t yet know if that will be possible given the number of defensive and offensive depth players they seem to want to have – the injury bug has been biting lately as we know (3 players now down if you include Patrick Cobbs).

  • ryan

    reeeelaaax. why would you not want to keep this guy on your roster? blazing speed, leader, proven winner (in college). You are basing your opinion on 1 year! he deserves at least another season to prove his worth.

    • Bert Smith

      Interesting point. But the problem is 53. The number of players that may be kept on the roster.

      Now, one Idea is to waive Chad Pennington and sign him as a Coach. That is basically the function he’ll be doing here in Miami this year anyway….

      Otherwise, you got an idea how to keep him when we’ll be cutting about 27 other players?