Defense Impressive Against the Bucs

The Miami Dolphins defense was the star tonight and featured 4 turnovers and a goal-line stand, not to mention several stops for losses against the run and a couple of sacks.  And this was a sight for sore eyes.   Yes, Defense Impressive Against the Bucs. And frankly, I just don’t care that this is, “only a preseason game” at this point.  Football is back and the defense has been revamped and the improvement is quite evident.

I’ve been stating throughout the last 4 weeks that this defense is different; that the scheme does matter.  And, although this is but an early test, the swarming and attacking style being played tonight should stand as an early indication that we are now in a better situation for Dolphins football.  Note to yourself: remember to add them to your FFL team as the 2nd defense because who knows how good they could get.

The best part for many fans will be the goal-line stand in the 2nd half.  The Dolphins 2nd and 3rd string defenders stood tall and a couple of passes were batted-away to preserve a win.  It should also be noted that the 2nd string defense played tough and was a swarming, run stopping effort and looked good.  Sean Smith, who started 16 games last year for the ‘Fins finally showed an interception (albeit in the preseason) as some payback for his efforts.

Paul Solai was a standout player, recovering a fumble and stopping several runs, he plugged the middle well as the 2nd string Nose Tackle.  Paul Soliai | #96 | NT. Miami Dolphins | Official Team Site. Height: 6-4 Weight: 355 Age: 26. Born: 12/30/1983 Santa Ana , CA. College: Utah.

The Offense did not look as good and this was due in part to the rainy start of the game when the 1st string team was on the field; even Brandon Marshall dropping 2 passes to go without a catch for the night.  But perhaps another reason that the offense struggled was due to playing throughout TC against the new defensive scheme: the offense may need to find their zone and get comfortable.  I’ve no doubt they will do this before too long.  And the 2nd string offense run by Tyler Thigpen was effective in moving the ball once a rhythm was established; Thigpen ended-up 10 for 19 on the night.

Ok, now for the “back to earth” moment here.  They did allow some completions by the Buc’s 2nd string QB that should not have been allowed.  But on the other hand, they very nearly picked-off a couple of others by him as well.  But this was one game that as a Dolphins fan I did not have to hold my breath with concern and take it in the gut while the Dolphins defense was playing and you felt that at any time something big could happen for the ‘Fins.

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  • Dilligaf

    Trying to read this article is next to impossible. Grey(ish) Black type against dark Aqua background. Maybe ok for young eyeballs, but not for me.

  • Txmedic5

    My background is white

  • beowulf

    Reading the article wasn’t a problem. Agreeing with it IS.

    Our first team defense got pushed around and never came NEAR the Bucs QB! TB’s Josh Freeman managed to throw for 53yds (4/4/1/0_ and a TD in the first quarter alone, while Williams was running successfully over the middle and the right side several times.

    How anybody could view that first quarter and be happy about our performance, I’ll never know!

  • Phillip

    Why do they put up with such a bad field every year. It hurt our dolphins more than the buc’s. They need to get their own baseball field. It sucked watching that game. Doesn’t make sense that they don’t find a better solution for their baseball team.

  • Mr. Bozeman

    Granted I was only able to catch the first half of the game streaming online, to me it looked like the Phins defensive line is in need of help. They got no pressure to the quarterback and looked like they were just getting outplayed. I did think that the rest of the defense looked alright though, but it is always so hard to tell in preseason games, especially when I’m watching over a terrible stream

  • onole1

    Folks, it’s preseason. They played a very vanilla defense with not blitzes and man coverage. Nolan’s defense is built around disguising the blitz and he is not showing his hand in a game that means nothing…All preseason is about is getting your starters a few reps and letting some young guys try and earn a spot on the team.

  • Bert Smith

    Yes, the 1st string defense was not using it’s full package and they got stung on about 3 plays. But part of this also, please remember, is that the game was played in the rain and the Dolphins have not been practicing in the rain at all. They have been moving to the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble anytime this TC that the weather turned wet.

    Be reassured: the swarming, menacing 2nd team defense that you saw will be what the 1st team will look like when the rest of the package is installed and the players finalized. We’re in for lots of turnovers and lots of fun watching both the defense and the offense with Brandon Marshall & Chad Henne.