Sparano Makes Strongest Indication Yet Of White's Impending Release

Pat White enters his second season facing a lot of questions.

The Miami Dolphins made a mistake when they drafted Pat White in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL draft.  Had they taken the QB in round 3 or later, it still would have been a mistake.  Earlier, head coach Tony Sparano answered some questions regarding the QB and to date, made the strongest indication to spell White’s future.

In the first pre-season game, White was relegated to mop up duty late in the 4th quarter.  When I say mop up I mean he handed off twice and took a knee.  Against Jacksonville, he wasn’t even given that amount of playing time.  With the 3rd pre-season game a weekend away, Sparano told reporters that White would not see playing time.  Instead, that time would be given to Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen, and Chad Pennington.

So where does that leave White?  Sparano also said that he will only carry 3 QB’s into the season.  One of them will be gone and with White receiving no playing time, two things become obvious.  One, the Dolphins have no intention on keeping him, and two, they may fear that playing him could lead to another injury and make any remote trade possibility, zero.

White is all but officially done in Miami.  If and when the Dolphins get rid of him, it will be yet another 2nd round failure for the Phins dating back to the days of Dave Wannstedt.  It was last year that the Dolphins shipped fellow 2nd round pick John Beck out of south Florida.   With so much focus on the offensive improvements this year, it’s no surprise that White is finding it difficult to see practice time let a lone playing time.  Now the only “time” White stands to see comes with “only a matter of” in front of it.

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  • 2madison9

    yikes…I, honestly, believed PW would grow into a better NFL caliber QB, BUT it’s time to face facts :(

    • Lawrence

      Not with the shot he took in the Pittsburgh game.

  • phinion

    The idea behind drafting White was a good one, the execution and implementation of it was what they botched.

    The wildcat desperatly needs a passing element to open it up. We saw teams stacking the box to stop the run and it worked quite often because we didn’t have the passing option to beat that strategy. When the defense sells out the pass to stop the run you MUST pass to keep them honest.

    Our problem was we tried to put White under Center. He isn’t big enough or elusive enough for that to work and it makes White the main focus of the defense. It also tips the defense allowing them to make substitutions because the second White would step on the field they would know to go to the wildcat package.

    It might have worked for us if White was lined up at WR from time to time even when we were not lining up in the wildcat. This would take away the tip to the Defense and when we did go wildcat, White would get the ball via handoff or lateral without having the entire defensive line on top of him already.

    He might then have been able to pass the ball to the wide open secondary.

    They never tried it and the result is a wasted 2nd rounder. No use crying over milk but they could have done more to make it work.

  • lostar2009

    wow came across this article link a dallas cowboys link.. but gosh the man havent even playd 2 years yet and the writing is on the wall already..

    what a wasted pick i thought he would have a legit shot is 3rd year tho.. but no way they will release him a 2nd round pick too… no way. this article is B.S.

    Plus this one of Parcells pick too.. but he did draft Bobby carptner for the Cowboys.. he was a bust…while there was Cromartie and Holmes on the board

  • nickzi

    I think the pick, much like the Turner pick, made sense at the time, which is all you can ask for on draft day. No-one has a crystal ball, so you always lose out on a few picks down the line. I do think that the Dolphins have mishandled White, and Turner to some extent. If you don’t give rookies enough time, they aren’t going to develop. I think the Dolphins will cut White, barring some brilliant secret plan developed behind closed doors. Second round picks get cut, first round picks get cut or traded all the time. Look at how teams are dumping their 2008 first rounders to other teams this year.

  • phinion

    They will try and sneak him onto the practice squad and are waiting until Rosters contract to give him the best shot of clearing waivers

  • Derek

    Every team makes bad choices, I believe as already written above there was solid thought behind the pick. But White has been awful in practice. I have been down to Nova three times to their practice facility, watching Pat White play along side of Henne and Pennington and even Thigpen makes him look like a High School kid playing with NCAA Seniors. He gets this “Dear in the Headlights” look on his face on the field and really has trouble making decisions once that happens. As far as being played “Under Center”…if you are a QB in the NFL, You MUST be able to take the ball under center for many of the plays to work. Particularly running plays where the back needs to get moving before getting the ball and hitting the line. White is one more example of why a spread Offense in the NCAA RARELY translates to success in the NFL.

  • Sam

    To all you Dolphin fans! This comes from a WVU fan. I have watched WVU football since I was toddler. I love Miami Football. I can promise you there has never been a player like pat white at WVU. He is not a quitter and won’t give up. It may end up being for another team. However, my hope had been that he get some playing time right away. I actually think that was starting to happen last year until the big hit. I get the feeling that even though Pat White was drafted by the dolphins, they never were really serious about playing him that much. Probably would have been wildcat only. He is a little undersized but there have been lots of quarterbacks smaller than him in this league. He has beefed up a little bit this year. I personally think that the dolphin’s staff is wasting him. I would rather see him go somewhere else where he is going to get a serious look. His senior year he broke records with injuries. Before the north south game they told him he couldn’t be a quarterback. He won the MVP for that game. During the combines he impressed everyone. Only quarterback to have 4 bowl wins in his college career. All time leading rusher in college. Decent stats as a passer. Very Tuff. That was one heck of a hit he took. Pat White will come back from it. Write it down. You have not heard the last of Pat White. I promise you! Go Pat White. Go Dolphins.