Washington Redskins Waste More Money! Sign John Beck To Extension

Let me preface this by saying as a person, I like John Beck.  Nice down to earth kid.  As an NFL QB?  Completely different story.  We all know the story, so there is no reason to rehash it here.  After Beck left the Phins he hooked back up with draft pal, Cam Cameron in Baltimore but after a one year stint, Beck got the old heave-ho and signed with the Washington Redskins.  O.k. a lot of players bounce around the league.  But today, John Beck has to be grinning from ear to ear after the Washington Redskins elected to sign the traveling QB to a 2 year extension through the 2010 season.

The contract?  An amazing 2.25 million dollars.  Yes, I said million.  An average of 1.15 a year or there abouts.

Sorry, but I don’t care if John Beck looked like the second coming this pre-season, the guy has shown nothing to warrant a multi-million dollar deal.  But hey, I like the kid and I don’t like Washington so who cares if Dan Snyder just wasted more dough.  I’m sure that he is more interested in the dough he wasted on Albert Haynesworth.

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  • shaggy

    You are an idiot, Beck was is and always will be better than Pat white, and probably tyler thigpen. His career was mismanaged by idiots.

  • Rob

    I’m agreeing with Shaggy. The O-Line couldn’t protect anyone and the team never wanted to play for Cam. Brady and Manning would’ve suffered as a rookie on that team too.

  • Ray

    The only reason John Beck is not a phin is because of Bill Parcell’s ego. John wasn’t one of “his” guys. Well, now he is one of Mike Shanahan’s guys playing for a decent quarterback coach and a decent team. Beck did not get a fair shake down in Miami. So you are happy with Pat White? I would take Beck any day of the week over him. And by the way, Henne hasn’t shown me anything yet. The jury is still out on him as well.

  • Txmedic5

    First of all, when did I say anything about Pat White in that article? Oh wait, I didn’t. Second of all, John Beck didn’t put for the effort to make that change. Beck had a strong arm but struggled with basic reads. Couldn’t hold on to the ball, and when given a chance in camp after Cameron, failed miserably. It’s not like they got rid of Beck and brought in Pat White.

    I agree that the situation in Miami for him sucked under Cameron and only go worse as the year dragged on and on, but did you watch him play? He wasn’t simply lost on the field, he literally looked as though he was pulled from the stands.

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t invest 2.25 million in him until I saw something that indicated he could be more than an emergency 3rd QB.

  • http://localworkmarketing.com Daniel Reeves

    Oh I cant wait till you are eating your words I love these awesome Phins fans who still defend my boy John Beck. Yea I guess you know more than Mike Shanahan and his sons yea they don’t really know how to coach up a QB at all. Those guys went and traded for him, he didn’t get dumped on them at all. The guy has had one of the worst luck since he has gotten into the league I mean do you remember who he was out there playing with when he was on the Fins like 5th string guys out of the stands it wasn’t John it literally was guys who didn’t belong in the NFL and all his receivers would always run the wrong routs that’s why he was confused they weren’t where they were suppose to be. I’m just glad there are Fins fans who still see that Beck is a good QB not just a good guy.

  • Alan W

    Yeah, we all know what happened with Beck at Miami — no offensive line to protect him and receivers that dropped the ball. Give him a break. Are you upset that Beck is now making A LOT more money than you? Try to keep it real, bro.