Hostile Takeover, We Are Invaded By A Bills Writer

Before I introduce myself, let me just say the color of this site
reminds of my grandmother’s furniture!

Anyway, I’m Paul Miller from and I’m taking over your
page to fill you in on why Miami is starting off the season 0-1 after
a visit to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Although this intense rivalry doesn’t have the same spark it once did
during the days of Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino, both clubs need this win
to start the 2010 Season out on the right note.

The Buffalo Bills come into the 2010 with a whole new front office,
head coach, and a new defensive scheme (3-4), and will try to make all
these new variables come together against the Dolphins.

On offense, the Bills are going to concentrate on running the ball
with their three headed monster of C.J Spiller, Fred Jackson, and
Marshawn Lynch on a Dolphin’s defense that decided to go younger,
while saying so long to Jason Taylor and Joey Porter.  Spiller is
getting the starting nod after a dynamic and productive preseason.

And if you just said to yourself, that’s fine once the Dolphins adjust
to the run, they will have no problem controlling good old Trent
‘Captain Checkdown’ Edwards, be warned.  This preseason, it seems as
if Coach Chan Gailey has given Edwards the green light to throw the
ball down the field.  This preseason alone, Edwards completed 4 passes
of at least 25 yards, compared to only 7 completions all of last year.

On defense, the Bills come in with the 30th ranked rushing defense
from last year, so I will admit I am a little worried when it comes to
the Dolphin’s Wildcat and run plays, although Ricky Williams and
Ronnie Brown aren’t getting any younger.  One of the main reasons the
Bills switched to the 3-4 defense was to help stop the run.  Expects
think it takes a few seasons to adjust to the 3-4, but look at the
Green Bay Packers, it only took them one season to turn their horrible
defense into the #1 rush defense in the league after switching to the

Also, to be honest, when I look at the Bills first few QB opponents
which include: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco,
you know which QB doesn’t scare me?  Chad Henne, haha.

The ‘Fins are 3 point favorites going into this game, but are 1-5 ATS
at Buffalo and winless at Ralph Wilson Stadium since 2003.  So in the
end, I see it Bills 24, Dolphins 14.

And before you think I’m crazy thinking the Bills are going to turn it
around this season and win in week 1, chew on these two facts:
1) Every year for the past 17 years, 5 new teams make the playoffs.
2) In each of the past 7seasons, and in 9 of the 10 seasons from this
decade, one of the NFL’s last-place teams has gone from worst to
first. Cough, Cough, BUFFALO.

See you in Week 15.

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  • Huck1974

    Fuck him

  • Bobby Burke

    Is this kid serious? Your last comment gave me a chuckle and a quick trip to circa 2008 when the fins made a 10 game win difference under Sir Sporano. Good secondary but sorry chump we beat you on all 3 elements if O,D, and ST in my book. B marsh, Dansby, and the Catphish offense(though trickery isn’t needed we can’t throwout the wildcat success) roll into Ralph Wilson with a 31-6 win
    Your Welcome,

  • spooneman

    I just threw up in my mouth a little after reading this.

  • Luis

    A Buffalo writer writing smack on another teams website, now i know I’ve seen everthing. A team that won what 4 games last year, give me a break. Win something or even become close to relevant first. Of all the teams Miami play this year, Buffalo is the only one that I feel confident about beating.

  • twyger

    I couldn’t finish reading it myself……..

    I started laughing so hard at a Bills fan describing how much more scared of Mark “Richard Todd 2.0″ Sanchez, than he is of Chad Henne…. I just couldn’t recover. LOL

  • PhinKent

    I didn’t even read past when he said the Dolphins will be 0-1…what?! Why is he writing on this site?

  • Ryan

    I am a BIlls fan. Nice to see we are taking over S. Florida from the wimpy dolphin fans.

    The talent “purge” this past week reminds me of your Huzingalinga and the marlins a few years back. Ross knows there will be a


    next year and does not want to get stuck with hefty salaries. Purging everyone he can.

    Back to the comment….the Bills are a BETTER team than the Dolphins. better RB, better QB, after the multiple purges, better OL and better secondary. LB, WR and DL are the only areas of content. Most importantly, better coaching. Supringo is better suited as an OL coach than a HC and Ireland, is your mother a prostitue? couldn’t find real talent if it propositioned him on a street corner.

    BUFF 54 MIA 3 — the rout is on, Baby!!!!!!

    • Lawrence

      When was the last time Buffalo scored 54 points? I think it was the mid to late 80′s…54 – 3…what are you smoking and why aren’t you sharing.

    • Deof Movestofca

      Better RB, QB, OL, and secondary? You Bills fans have delusions of your team being adequate.

    • Luis

      Hey, Rex Ryan. What was that prediction again? I’m not going to waste my time. Your pathetic team is not worth it. No need to say more.

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