Jets to Lose First Game

Rex Ryan Thinks This Means He is #1

Monday night the arrogant and self-aggrandizing head coach of those Jets, Rex Ryan, will have his moment.  But not a moment in the sun.  The NY Jets (some have other names for them) will lose their first game. And they are poised to do so, thanks to (see above) their own head coach.

A Monday night home game opening against the Baltimore Ravens on TV has now been built-up by Ryan to something of a playoff game itself.  Thus there is a great deal of self-imposed pressure on him and his team.

For one, right now there is quite a bit of trash talk between Ray Lewis and certain members of the Jets organization.  “The only danger is writing a check that you can’t cash,” the Baltimore Ravens linebacker said. “I mean, Rex can talk all he want to, Rex ain’t puttin’ on pads.”  [excerpt from]

Consider that even if Rex Ryan were among the top NFL Coaches ever, Don Shula, John Madden, Chuck Noll, Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh, etc. would any of those famed coaches be trash-talking at this point?  Who do you think is benefitted by doing that?

I’m here to tell you Dolphins Fans, the good news: Rex Ryan is due for a big fall and possibly being fired during or following this season.  I predict a 3-5 game losing streak in addition to other problems during the season.

Not only does Ryan now have to defeat his weekly opponent, he has the added weight of “daring” them to beat him.  Think how much it will sting even to lose that first game against Baltimore: even though this is just 1 of 16 games.  For the Ravens, they will go home celebrating and preparing for their next game.  The Jets will feel disparaged and Ryan will be privately and publicly shamed.

What I’m telling you here is that Rex Ryan is not a guru or a “top coach” in the NFL.  His strategy is foolish and is providing motivation – for the other team. Not a winning strategy – not one that any successful head coach would endorse.  Think Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints would trash-talk another team and then later virtually guarantee a trip to the Super Bowl?  He’s not even guaranteeing that trip this year, after they won it and were the champions from 2009.  No, think Bum Phillips instead.  He virtually guaranteed a championship for the 1989 (then) Houston Oilers.  And other more-recent examples exist.

The Winning Edge and Attitude

There is no successful head coach that has done this and won football games.  Every previous example of this behavior has worked against that coach and team.  And especially in Media Central: New York City.

I will go one step further and go on record here: I guarantee you that the NY Jets will lose this game against the Ravens Rex Ryan thinks he is acting like Joe Namath by making predictions for the season.  But he is being arrogant and foolish.  Yes, I could be wrong here but at this point I would say that the odds are in my favor on this one.  I think that the NY Jets will roll into Miami for the 3rd game of the season needing to win.  And they will be at best 1-1 but possibly even 0-2 as a team.  And if Miami plays hard they will fold like a cheese sandwich.  I do not believe they will rally around Rex Ryan when the going really gets tough.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins are making numerous personnel moves and from the front office all the way down seem to be intent on producing a winning football team.  And do not seem to feel the need to proclaim it to the world but instead plan to demonstrate it.  And thus you have the basic contrast between two teams: a winning heritage of the Miami Dolphins and that of the NY Jets.  Do you think that the Dolphins would ever hire Rex Ryan to coach?

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  • Jetsfan29

    While being a jetsfan makes me biased on this topic I will say that we have a long season ahead, I do agree theschedule we have is brutal so there’s minimal chances for error to make it to the promised land. However I love the way Rex is open, wish more NFL coaches were the same because though you won’t admit it it makes for a fierce competition come game time. As far as pressure no team can avoid pressure to win,that’s part of being in the NFL and having loyal fans. The phins may be making personnel changes but aside from FO and coaches the same goes for the jets! We added more players to the number 1 ranked defense from last year, including your beloved Jason Taylor! The only thing that matters is wins and when it comes to game time we have a very good chance each and every week, there’s not a team on the schedule that I honestly believe we can’t win! Am I saying we will win every game? Every fan wishes but reality is this is a competitive league with alot of good teams particulary in the afc east. The dolphins present a real challenge although I do still believe if we play to our potential we can win both games! Rex has added fuel to a fire but in case you just noticed this started last year and noone complained or had so much to say about the topic as they do this year, funny how playoffs and offseason has made us so hated and at the same time noticed! Just my opinion!

  • GreatNamathsGhost

    In Rex We Trust… look on paper, we match up pretty good. Lets talk on Tuesday when the game is over.

  • http://www Mike

    Who is this idiot who wrote this article anyway. The Jets are loaded especially on defense. Sanchez will be much better than last year (see his last game) and our running game will be dominate. On defense, we will give up less than the 8 TD’s we gave up last year. The new stadium and larger crowd will only help to energize an already dynamic team. 11 wins easy! Not so sure about the Super Bowl yet. Sanchez is still only a second year player.

    • beowulf

      What kind of idiot calls another man an idiot, and can’t even write properly? You meant to say that your over-the-hill running game will be “dominant”… I believe that Greene and Tomlinson will get dominated! Who is right? We will soon see… LOL

  • GreatNamathsGhost

    Agreed Mike. Pretty lame blog — No fishheads, only Jet fans here…

    Hey out there… can anyone say JASON TAYLOR????

    • beowulf

      Can anybody say 36 yr old player discarded by the Phins? You are right though, a blog dominated by jest fans IS pretty lame… Why not try to find a New Jersey jest blog?

      • GreatNamathsGhost

        We are road warriors… we invade all opponents’ lame blogs to give you guys a life. On the Taylor note, he must hate your organization so much to have joined us. Good luck with “Life After Tuna”. Can you say organizational collapse?

        • beowulf

          Were you even ALIVE when the jests played in a Super Bowl? You road trolls are neither required or desired by any fans of any team! Can YOU say “LOSERS”? (I will give you credit for Taylor hating Parcells and Co.)

  • The Beard

    You hate the Jets so much you dedicate an entire page to bitch? You should’ve done some research by the way, b/c the ’85 Bears talked just as much before they won their SB.

    Why will the Jets lose the first game? Your reason: Because Rex Ryan talks trash. Does this make any sense?
    Come up with some analysis, give me some hard facts to prove your thinking.

    While you’re at it, please go to a Jets blog and see if you find anyone bitching about the Dolphins? There aren’t any b/c we don’t care about you.

  • ll

    No Dolphin fans here cause they suck…As a Die hard Jets Fan lets see and talk tuesday.

  • NaplesFan No 2

    I remember when the Dolphins loaded up on all the sexy FAs and they bombed out. This strategy does not work. It won’t work for the Jets. Any team built for to win now is in a bad position for the long run. Even the Yankees have a lineup with plenty of players that came up through the farm system. The Phins will prevail, not the Wets!

    • Moses

      You must be an idiot because the Jets are an extremely young team and the base of their winning will be done by these young players and not the veterans they brought in.

      Holmes and Cromartie are awesome and still young too. LT and Taylor will be gone and the team will be the same next year.

      • Deof Movestofca

        “LT and Taylor will be gone and the team will be the same next year.”
        This has to be the stupid quote of the week award winner: if the team is going to be the same next year without them, what are they doing on the team?

  • KERV

    You sound foolish w/ this rant/article. Jets are expected to be a better team then the phins. Accept it and move on..

    • beowulf

      Well then I guess we don’t have to bother playing the games then, just give Fat Rex the Lombardi Trophy now…

  • Dolphins SUCK

    You sir are a complete idiot just because Rex Ryan actually has the balls to trash talk doesn’t mean he isn’t a great coach. Look at Mike Ditka, one of the best in the history of the NFL. And this blog is bias anyway, a Dolphins blog always hates the Jets even if they went 16-0, the dolphin fan base would find something wrong with the Jets. The Jets are way better than the Dolphins Period.

  • Txmedic5

    This is what happens when Patriot fans and Dolphins fans breed…you get Jets fans. Some things shouldn’t be allowed.

  • rexryansbungholeiscalvinpace

    The Jets have a good chance to lose, based on, the defense of both teams is good but the stronger offense goes to the Ravens.

  • alex

    I don’t understand why a Dolphin fan is so concerned with the Jets. I do understand media envy and the fact that the `phins get so little. okay. and I do wish Ryan would shut up occasionally. understand he wanted to re-brand the Jets from being NY’s second team. he has done that. but his trash talk is all hype, and no one with any sense should take it seriously. this isn’t college with the bulletin board crap. and get real, I don’t take nfl football as religion, or politics, meaning, seriously. it’s an effing game, Ryan treats it as such. btw, look at Shula’s record, all those years he had the great Dan Marino, and he could never put a defense worth a damn together. that makes him a hall of famer? you can keep your paranoid (Belichek), sour (Coughlin) coaches. who’d you rather have a beer (and a snack) with? lighten up.

    • GreatNamathsGhost

      Well said in all respects….Harumpf!

  • Deof Movestofca

    Awwwwww, did aw da po lil Jests fans get their panties aw in a bunch? And the irony in Alex’s statement (“I don’t understand why a Dolphin fan is so concerned with the Jets.”) is hilarious. Why is he so concerned with what a Dolphin fan thinks about the Jests? It’s not “media envy”, it’s getting tired of the Jests being media darlings when they haven’t done anything to deserve it, especially since they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs in the first place if the Colts hadn’t rolled over for them in the regular season.

  • Arnie

    My favorite line…If Miami plays hard…If a fan has to ask if his team will play hard…TROUBLE…

  • Bert Smith

    The point made in my article is that there is no wisdom in daring other teams to beat you. They will already be trying so why help motivate them…?

    But the responses from Jets fans and their head coach are curious because I have to ask: where is the class and the pride that used to be part of their franchise?

  • John Dinielli

    As a Jet fan , I hope that you are wrong, If The New York Jets get off to a bad start and miss the playoofs then it could backfire in Ryan`s face . Last Season The Jets did finish 9-7 but the bravado of the coach stoked that team to witin 30 minutes of the superbowl, the strategy did work.The Jets have a good team and they have bravado, it is fun when you are on their side of the fence,People despised George Steinbrenners Yankees for doing what it took to win, his fueds in the media,his pompous ways , Yet Yankee fans loved him and the championships he bought to New York.Teams don`t like brashness, it makes them feel their own team is slighted.
    Where I disagree with you most is the suppossed ascention of The Miami Dolphins, they were a 7-9 football team that picked up a quality receiver in Brandon Marshall, to think that will change their fortunes more than a game or two is ludicrous. It seems like you are a Dolphin fan and are overhyping your team. The Dolphins are an 8-8 football team
    and yet will be better because of Marshall, The Jets may not make the playoffs but are better football team then the Dolphins, let us see after a full 16 games,just like last year.
    JD ( Jet fan in Florida)

  • dave

    i had to weigh in on this article. what an biased idiot you are. who knows what’s going to happen this year, but you guarantee the jets will lose based on trash talk. makes no sense bud, smarten up. i’m not even going to get into why the jets should be great this year, i’m only writing this to share my disdain on the article and yourself. do you ever see any national sports writers, or relevant for this matter, producing biased articles? never. you should re-evaluate your job, as should the company you work for. if this article was written to generate buzz than you did a great job, but other then that, this is miserable. will see you sunday night week 3. And i left you with a little clip…

    • beowulf

      dave, the national media weighs in with their opinions ALL the time! Recently Vic Carucci posted a LIE about Parcells dissing a player citing an “un-named source close to Parcells”!

      Where is your disdain and outrage there? You want to call a man an idiot for saying what he believes will happen, yet you use such flawed logic to do so. Get a life, and next time you wish to talk about an “idiot” try the one in YOUR mirror…

  • Rick

    These pansy florida bitches just can’t take it the Jets are undoubtably the stronger team this year. His argument for Monday is that Ryan talks trash? Silly, it’s like this guy doesn’t even know the game. The Jets played totally vanilla offense in preseason, so we haven’t seen what they’ve got. They came within a game of the SB last year, very good chances this year, chance to win every game. Pansy fins fans have such a poor record against the Jets that all they can do is sit down in the beating sun of Miami and complain about New York’s new top team.

    • beowulf

      LOL! The jests played “vanilla”? WTF would you call the Dolphins approach? The jests spring-boarded from the regular season games with Indi and Cinci, where they laid down and played dead to end the season. They came “close” as you say, but close doesn’t count in football!

  • John Dinielli

    The Dolphins are stuck in the 1970`s , especially 1972.
    The Jets have been superior to them most of the last 15 years.
    We are relevant they are getting better but are not as good.Revis will shut down Marshall in week 3.
    They hate us but can`t deny that we are relevant, they want to be where we are and are trying to bluff that they already are. 16 games makes a season,. the Jets will be on top of The AFc East at the end.

    • beowulf

      You want to go back 15 years? 15 years ago the jests were last in the division! From 1994-96 they were 5th place in the AFC East, winning ten games in those three years! I grant that the jests have a slight lead in the head-to-heads the past 15 years, going 12-18, but the Phins have 8 playoff berths during that span compared to Jersey’s 7. They aren’t even the best team in their “home” stadium! The Giants have 7 playoff runs, two of which ended at the SuperBowl! The last time the dusters went to a SuperBowl, Namath was still wearing pantyhose!

  • beowulf

    I find it amusing that the media keeps posting polls questioning Lewis for making comments, but they are giving Rex a pass to say whatever comes into that fat head of his to say. I wish he would squeeze into a uni and face Lewis for ONE play!

  • tosl

    dolphins felate obama

    • beowulf


  • beowulf

    Had to burn these last few jetrolls before heading to the game… LOL

    Can we root for both the Cheatriots and jests to lose next week?

  • John Dinielli

    The Miami Dolphins were great in the 1970`s and 1980`s.
    The they got Dan Marino who was great but never won the big one, he had mediocre running games and defences at best,
    it became his and Shula`s undoing.
    The Dolphins in 2010 don`t scare me at all, The Jets will finish with a better record, the Pats do look strong offensively in week 1, against the Bengals, a playoff losing team in 2009, but playoffs nonetheless.
    Will The Jets win The superbowl? I don`t know who will but we will be a contender all year long, The pretenders like The Dolphins will fade when the schedule gets tougher.They have a few good players but are not a good team, The Jets are a great team, The world shall see.

  • Rich

    That is quite a guarantee. The phins BARELY beat a bad Bills team. The phins are going to lose next week to the Vikings. Please remind me how many playoff games the Phins have won in the past 10 seasons or so. How about 1 max. We are poised to win, have a new stadium and a developing a franchise quarterback. How can you even call Miami a sports town. There are more Jets fans living in Miami area than actual dolphin fans. Good Luck at going 8-8, TOPS!!

    • Deof Movestofca

      How exactly are the J-E-S-T-S “poised to win”? Yeah, your team are the new media darlings after getting a game within the SB last year, but they would have been 8-8 (and possibly 7-9) if Indy and Cincy, with playoff spots already locked up, hadn’t decided to play their reserves the last two weeks of the regular season.
      Unfortunately, I had to take my wife to the hospital (otherwise, I would have posted these comments earlier) so I couldn’t see much of the game, but welcome to 0-1.

      • GreatNamathsGhost

        Yes we lost and yes it was hard to take — but when two great defenses come together someone had to take it on the chin. Although you are 1-0, you beat Buffalo… not the Ravens.

        Hope your wife is okay — family is more important than football!

  • John Dinielli

    As a Jet fan I was embarassed at our Offensive performance and the penalties. Our defence was fantastic and played well enough to win against any team. We should have lost this game by two touchdowns or more except for our #1 Defence which will be at or near the top all year.
    That same Cinci team that supposively sat players last year, we revisited them in Cinci one week later in the playoff game and beat them again.I make no excuses for our success last year or our failure last night.
    This maybe a wakeup call and we have the Fins in two weeks, that could be to their detriment.

  • John Dinielli

    We may have laid an egg on Offence last night but the Dolphins are not a team that is on our radar, after a full 16 games we will finish with a better record then them.
    Yeah, they beat a sorry Bills team, The Jets lost to a great defensive team,similar to their own, next week we both have a test which would make week 3 more clear as to a prediction.Both teams have a big test in week 2, The first quarter report card comes out after week 4, then every team has a larger sample size for which to be accurately Judge.

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