Are You A Displaced Fan?

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The NFL has many fans from the United States to Japan and everywhere in between…except if you travel directly over the Pacific Ocean and then maybe you find a one or two whales that were somehow included in some promotional spot for the league.  In any case, you get the idea.  The NFL is steadily becoming a world sport. Direct TV, yes the same ones who carry NFL Sunday Ticket are looking for the next “Displaced Fan”.

So what is a “Displaced fan”? Well, I suppose if your a Dolphins fan and live in New England, you would qualify.  I probably would as well considering I live in NC but what’s the hardship there?  I mean, I have Sunday Ticket and I don’t have to deal with the Brady fans on Monday’s.  I suppose if you live in New York, you qualify and you are probably deserving of the title.

Oh and make sure you visit one of the above links to cast your vote for the winner, some of these are actually pretty funny.  Like this one from last years winner.

So if you are one of those fans, then maybe you should get into the game and get yourself recognized for it.

You could win the Ultimate Super Bowl Prize Package or possibly one of 5 packages for the NFL Sunday Ticket and Direct TV packages.  I say go for it and while your at is, send us a copy of your video as well and I will post it here for the rest of our readers to see.

This is not an advertisement for Direct TV and we are not endorsing them by receiving promotional products ourselves, including anything from DTV themselves.  I just thought it was kind of cool that a New England or NY or Buffalo residing Miami fan can finally get recognized for the crap they have to go through to be Dolphins fans.

For more information on this visit the above links or click over to page 2 for the official DTV news release regarding this contest.

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  • Shashiaj

    I’m a displaced Miami Dolphins fan who grew up in Miramar, FL on Dolphin Drive! hahaha! It’s been many years since I’ve lived there, but displaced nonetheless….

    I’m stuck in the “Speed Clapping” & “Cry Baby” Baltimore area. They cannot, CANNOT accept that their player got CAUGHT for a penalty (clear false starts, holding (O or D), Pass Interference, etc….)! And if it’s a first down, field goal, touchdown, big hit, etc…. I have to tell you that it is the THE FASTEST and LOUDEST claps you’ll EVER hear in your life with the “Ya! Ya!” every 3-5 claps. Or….A valid/clear penalty, this BIGGEST cry babies EVER!

    I do have NFL Sunday Ticket and never miss my MIA games (good, bad or indiff)…. I watch them all! Now if I can get my wife to finally give up on the Dallas Cowpies….!!

  • RyanB

    Living in Edmonton I’m displaced by just under 3000 miles. In fact I’m so displaced that I can’t win the contest. Too bad.

  • Txmedic5

    LOL Ryan

  • Deof Movestofca

    Not only am I a displaced fan, I’ve never been to Florida. My connection to them is that they came existence the same year I did and I figured that since 1966 seemed such a good year for human beings being born, it must be a good year for football teams being started. Also, I read a book about them and Shula when I was about 10-12 years old, and something about them simply impressed me.

  • Jay

    Im a Displaced Dolfan who lives right here in sunny South Florida. Living with all the Jets and Pats fans who either migrated down here cause there cities are shitty or there because there just good old bandwagon jumpers.