This Just In: Dolphins may not be "On NY Jets Radar"

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In a prior article, I guaranteed that the Jets would lose their first game.  From 9 Sep 2010, Jets to Lose First Game.

NY Jets DID lose First Game to Ravens (Photo courtesy NY Post)

And they did lose that game.

But this article grabbed the ire of many Jets fans, who for some unknown reason are visiting our Miami Dolphins website often and bothered to log-in and comment on the article.

There were about 40 responses and many of them were irate and not printable here (from Jets fans obviously.  In fact, if I had only told you that several Jets fans wrote to comment you would probably have guessed at the kinds of comments that were made).  But I will respond to one here and start by quoting the writer:

John Dinielli says:

We may have laid an egg on Offence [sic]  last night but the Dolphins are not a team that is on our radar, after a full 16 games we will finish with a better record then them.
Yeah, they beat a sorry Bills team, The Jets lost to a great defensive team,similar to their own, next week we both have a test which would make week 3 more clear as to a prediction.Both teams have a big test in week 2, The first quarter report card comes out after week 4, then every team has a larger sample size for which to be accurately Judged.

The respondent above writes that, “the Dolphins are not a team that is on our radar”.  I would assert that right now, the Dolphins are definitely, “on [the Jets] radar”.  You better believe it.

And now the Jets organization will pay $165,000 to provide training to the entire NFL (all teams) on how to be professional with sports writers; this coming in the wake of another public relations disaster.

But wait, there’s more: Braylon Edwards just last night was arrested for another DWI (see the article just prior to this one on  So they will likely lose him for the next game in Miami – the Dolphins Home Season Opener and one in which the entire city is being mobilized to wear and put up Orange everywhere.

And after all of the hype and hoopla and the NFL Hard Knocks episodes, this is a 1-1 team which is not favored to win against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday…? The Dolphins are favored by 2 1/2 (opening line courtesy USA Today, Sunday Edition).

Ok, think that the Dolphins are “on their radar” yet?
Maybe not – they’ve got so much happening over on their side of the ball, so many distractions – that to pay any attention to an actual opponent on the field must require quite a bit of effort for “Mr. Class” Rex Ryan, et. al.

Now, certainly after more games are played then a better basis for which to judge each team will be evident.  But meantime, the Jets are just happy to have “redeemed” themselves last week by beating the New England Patriots.

But the Dolphins are not 1-1.  And the Dolphins are now the Division Leader and the team that the Jets must be able to beat or the Jets will likely go nowhere this season.  Think we’re “on the radar” yet for the Jets?

Jets: Get Ready for the Orange Crush [photo Courtesy MiamiDolphins.Com]

The Miami Dolphins Defense is every bit as good as I told you (the readers) that it would be, back in July/August.  They are a punishing and turnover-causing unit that makes the opposing offense pay for every yard and every point.  And best of all, they are continuing to improve.

The Dolphins Offense has not arrived yet and here’s why: some of the scheme has been re-designed to take advantage of the strong-armed Chad Henne.  So he needs to grow into the system designed for him and learn to take the long-ball opportunity when it presents itself.  And this is also good news: this unit will improve.  Even to those nay-sayers, I can opine that it can only get better after scoring a meager 1 touchdown per game. But don’t worry because this is not David Woodley in the year 1982; Chad Henne is smart, strong, physical and willing to do what it takes to win.

Here’s my message to those who have drunk the Jets’ Kool-Aide so far during the preseason and first couple of games: get ready for the Orange Crush.

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  • Ripp

    After that win against the Pats you would think the jets won the SuperBowl. The thing that cracks me up is that they contradict themselves by saying yeah this team will win the Superbowl but then pass off an excuse that the reason that they lost in week one is because Ravens defense was so good. Ummmmm, not sure if anyone told them this but to make it to the Superbowl you have to able to beat teams with great defenses like the Ravens annnnd Miami. Good luck with that jets. Not every team is going to have someone name Butler to serve them TD pass. Just goes to show that their arrogance is just really ignorance. Say didn’t Miami beat a team with a good defense? After all the Vikes held the Saints to 14 point in their 1st game.

    • MiamiChris

      Well you know how it is…Mark Sanchez is a top-3, elite QB and has thus proven this by winning the Super Bowl last Sunday against the Patriots. Regardless of the fact that Miami is 2-0 sitting atop the division, tied for 2nd in points allowed per game with the Steelers (which by the way Ravens are not 1st) and swept the Jets last year, Mark Sanchez will be the greatest QB ever in the history of all sports and Miami simply stands in his way as a somewhat inconvenient obstacle….LOL
      -Go Phins

  • Tk

    This is the most pathetic attempt I’ve ever seen at trying to rally a fan base. It’s pretty ridiculous. Cry me a river. One guy said the Dolphins aren’t on the Jets radar and you guys flip out. We’re division rivals. Trust me, you’re on the radar. You beat us twice, no one is over looking this game. If you know anything about spreads (which you apparently don’t) a home team giving 2.5 isn’t a big deal. It pretty much means the teams are even. The Dolphins defense went against the Bills (horrible) and a 80 yr old QB with 3 weeks of practice and no #1 receiver. I also see you forgot to mention AP running all over the D. But keeping pumping everyone up about the defense that picked off Brett Favre…you know the guy that is the all time leader in INT’s. Good work.

    • Rob

      I guess you didn’t watch the Ravens this week; your defense looked great against them, but then again they made the Bengals defense look fantastic this week again. Yes, Buffalo has a bad offense, but so do the Ravens these first two weeks. See you and your defense in Miami.

    • Emil305

      You jets fans are classless everyone knows it and know you have Sexy Rexy with a man crush on Sanchez. When Wake pops Sanchez one time there goes the game. LOL all I have to say.

      • rolando

        when who pops sanchez?

  • JOsh

    Dolphins will easily win. No Revis. No Edwards. No Holmes. “Sanchize” will throw a few picks, and Marshall will easily beat Chromartie. Game over

  • Luis Ramirez

    Hey TK isn’t that the SAME 80 year old QB YOU MORONS had TWO SEASONS AGO riding his rocket of an arm to the S.B FREAKING IDIOT J.E.T.SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK LOSERS.

    • KR

      oh really josh if your a mind reader than why the hell did the “orange crush” lose last night. game over for the dolphins.

  • morgenholz79

    Jets open with two games at home and end up 1-1…Dolphins open with two on the road and are 2-0. Seems obvious who the better team is.

    • Ummmmm123476

      Wow you beat the bills. We lost to the ravens by 1 point and we basically beat ourselves with penalties. I think the dolphins look good this year but the division is ours hope to meet you in the playoffs.

  • Sean

    This game will come down to Henne or Sanchez, Sanchez looked bad against the Ravens and looked good against a very week pats D. Miami’s D looks more like the Ravens D IMO and Sanchez ill lose this game for the jets Phins 21 jets 13.

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  • Ben Dover

    The “Orange Crush” was the Denver Broncos in the late 70s; the Dolphins current defense isn’t anywhere close to that level of play. Dolphins will be lucky to finish 8-8.

  • phinion

    I get a kick out of all of this…

    We are not on their radar! Well of course not They already won the superbowl didn’t they? They sure have talked like they have before the season even started! Edwards got busted celebrating that win just this week!

    Truth is the Jets aren’t on anyone’s radar. The Jets are just a lot of noise on the scope. NE didn’t take them seriously which is why they lost to you. You may be in our sights this week but long term we know your not going to be a factor. Jets fans are the only ones who actually believe you can go anywhere with Sanchez. We sure don’t!

    You just lost your island for two weeks you know where that leaves you?
    Sinking and drowning in the water!

    Where the Dolphin’s live!

    • KR

      hey did you watch the game yesterday… the jets beat the dolphins you idiot. the dolphins have just a tiny bit of hope and they think there the best things since life’s bread. oh yeah and jet fans have a reason to celebrate being the fourth best team in the nfl as of last season. Also revis may have been out but croimartie just stopped brandon marshall last night. and who are you to say that the NE didnt try. im pretty sure that every team in the nfl trys their very hardest each and every game espically in WEEK 2. So you and all your other little dolphins can go sit in a corner while the Jets take the division.

  • marcash

    Dolphins aren’t even on the radar, they beat a SORRY Bills team & an even more pathetic Vikings team. the JETS are the first real team the Goldfish will be up against!! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets baby!!!!

  • KR

    Hey buddy I got news for you. the “orange crush” just lossed the game yesterday to Rex Ryan’s “team of criminals”. So you can shut your little mouth and sit back and watch the Miami Dolphins finish with a losing record. Oh and by the way, since 2000 in the NFL, the Jets have had the least number of players arrested at 8 in 10 years. As a comparison, the team that everyone says is the model of class and behavior, the NY Giants, have had 11 palyers arrested since 2000. Just a little fact for you to think about while the Dolphin’s season goes down the drain.