Does Jason Taylor warrant or respect? Or our ire?

The Booing Of Jason Taylor

There will be an awful lot of fans come Sunday that will have a few choice words for those fans that boo Jason Taylor as he comes onto the field. There will be even more fans that simply won’t care what others think and will instead, boo louder. Jason Taylor returns home on Sunday for the first time after he jilted the Miami Dolphins or, depending on your side of the fence, the Dolphins jilted him.

In a tele-conference with South Florida media, the former Phin told reporters that had Bill Parcells left the team six months ago, he would be a Miami Dolphin, sort of. “I think that horse is already dead,” Taylor said as reported in the Miami Herald. “If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes.”

For all the good Jason did as a Miami Dolphin DE for over a decade, his decision to head north to one of Miami’s biggest rivals has brought about bitterness and fan infighting.  Case in point, you will probably not have to look any further than the comments that will be left at the bottom of this article.  Say something negative about Jason Taylor and you will get support from one side and anger from the other.

Taylor, depending on who you believe chose to sign with the NY Jets prior to the NFL draft rather than wait for the Dolphins to sign him after the draft.  The story goes something close to this.  Jason wanted to sign a deal to stay in Miami, the Dolphins Jeff Ireland asked him to wait until after the draft, Taylor said he would, then Bill Parcells informed Taylor that he didn’t want to go through Taylor’s agent and deal with the player himself, Gary Wichard, Taylor’s agent got mad, he encouraged Jason to not wait until after the draft, Jason told the team he wasn’t going to wait, the team said fine we are, Jason went to NY, Jason signed with the Jets….and (Exhaling loudly) Jason wears Green.  (The entire run-on of the last sentence was on purpose).

So, while Jason’s brother-in-law, Zach Thomas, chose the Dallas Cowboys over the New England Patriots 3 years ago saying that he couldn’t play for  a team that he spent his career hating, Jason Taylor apparently could have cared less.

So come Sunday, the Dolphins will be wearing orange on the field, they want their fans to wear orange off the field, and when Jason Taylor takes the field the stadium will sound an awful lot like one of Whitney Houston’s current concerts.  A loud thumping of boos should echo quite nicely across the stadium turf.

Jason Taylor says he doesn’t know what kind of reception he will get on Sunday night.

“I have no idea to be honest,” Taylor said. ” I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won’t be very happy. It’s their home opener and they’re Dolphins fans so I would expect … oh, hell, maybe I hope it’s just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I’m the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear boos.” – From the Miami Herald

Taylor wouldn’t be surprised?  Taylor should expect nothing short of boos.  In fact, what he should be surprised about is if he can actually hear those in the stands that are cheering for him.  Taylor doesn’t realize that this is a very touchy subject in Miami.  Regardless of the Dolphins win/loss record, many fans still believe that Taylor made a huge mistake in going to the Jets.  That feeling was not swayed when Jason talked about the differences between the Dolphins and the Jets during training camp and spoke glowingly of the Jets organization when compared to Miami.  To be fair to Taylor, he was put on the spot and you can’t openly dis your new team.  It’s unprofessional.

But will fans forgive it come Sunday night?

I doubt it and Taylor should “expect” to hear everything that will be thrown his way…and it could be ugly.  At least he isn’t Lebron James who will have to go back to Cleveland.

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  • Clarke W. Griswald

    Jason Taylor baby! You seen him strip sack Brady on sunday right? J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS!

    • Johnathon

      Jason is not playing Tom Brady or the Patriots. How will he get to the Dolphin QB when he’ll be buried by this Oline 6 feet under?

      • marcash

        The Dolphin O-line doesn’t even strike fear into a Pop Warner league defense. Taylor & Ellis will Henne!! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets baby!!!!!

  • ScottC

    Loved Taylor as a Dolphin, Hate him as a Jet. Zach wouldnt go to our rivals… Taylor deserves what he gets either way from teh fans. If I were there I woudl boo him, didnt have the same feeling yesterday, until I thought about Zach. I think there is a part of Taylor that is absolutley loving the fact he comes back as a Jet and can play spoiler. For that, he gets my boo. Jake Long will own him if he is on teh left.

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  • Mike

    Mixed emotions here!!! I can’t blame Taylor for wanting a little payback after the Dolphins showed him so much disregard. On the other hand…I can’t like him as a Jet. Miami is my fav…anybody that beats Dallas is #2 and anybody that beats the NY Hype Jets is #3 (very close between 2 and 3) so I hated it when Zach went to the Cowboys. I will be there…I won’t boo…I enjoyed Taylor’s contributions too long for me to flop like that however I hope he has an AWFUL DAMN DAY!!

  • fin72fan

    Been a finfan since the sixties. Love Miami and hate all other teams. Twinkletoes will get what he earned one way or another.

  • Tofu Dan

    I say a standing ovation during introductions (for his 12 years, and since we traded him away before any of this mess), then boos once the game starts (’cause he’s a Jet). Done and done. See how easy that was?

    • Beej

      That’s the perfect solution!! I 100% agree!!

  • Ripp

    It would not bother me that Taylor plays for the jets or the pats. He should be able to do what he want to do but (and I said this before) I feel he sold himself out. He has openly hated the jets and their fans and jets fans went as far as to insult his wife. He would have been signed to a team, wither its was the Dolphins or some other team after the draft is done. Not to take a shot at JT but that is normally when aging, declining vets get signed. But he said it right its a dead horse.

  • Hawk9810

    Who the F$%k is Jason Taylor???

  • 81howardtwilley

    No matter what you say, Jason Taylor busted his hump for the Dolphins and deserves to be applauded. We had our opportunity to sign him and instead treated him with the disregard that we would show to dog manure on the street. Do I wish he went somewhere else besides the Jets….Hell ya, but it’s fitting justice that he would go where we would least like him to go. So I tip my hat to you Jason and wish you the best…just not against the Phins.

  • dolfanskip

    Last time I checked I didn’t root for just one player on the Miami Dolphins. I root for the team. It is a team sport. I have been a Dolphin fan since I was a child growing up in NY. (Yes Brooklyn!) Flipper was my favorite TV show! Anyway I don’t root for the Jets and that is the only thing I would BOO. Not the player but the team. Players will always come and go but the team is what I root for.

  • mark w


  • daddymack

    JT has been dumped on twice by Parcells. So he opted to go on DWTS instead of some mini camp. It wasn’t training camp he missed out on, just mini camps. After 10 years and a Defensive MVP award, I think he earned the right to do so. The to come back at minimum rate and have the year he had last year, he deserved to be signed ASAP. He was the team leader and the only one besides Zack that I have seen over the past X years give everything he had on the field, whether the rest of the team sucked or not. He never quit. So as many of you say, I will always think of him as one of my favourite Dolphins of all time, and on Sunday I would like to see him do great with one sack and even an INT return for a TD like in the good ole days. It won’t matter anyway, cause the Phins will still kick JET ass 31-10!

  • finsfanman

    lets have Jason dance for us duirng halftime and we can clap for him and the rest of the game a big loud booooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Great Post! I’m looking forward to seeing JT back in Miami. However, it is very strange seeing him in that disgusting Jets green. I live in NJ and have been listening to the Jets’ chatter for 8 months. I want to see the Dolphins go out this week and punch them in the mouth.

    By the way TX, you have inspired me to begin blogging about the Dolphins. Would it be okay if I linked to some of your articles?

  • Pete G

    Jason felt he had “no other choice but to sign with the Jets”. I feel Dolphin fans have no other choice but to boo him for playing for a rival team.

  • Pablo Chiste

    It can’t be a coincidence that the Dolphins only playoff appearance over the last eight years was when Jason Taylor was playing with the Redskins. He’s a great athlete, but goes after stats at the expense of the team.
    At least Kurt Warner had the dignity to retire before disgracing his manhood with his appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

  • Pragmatic Heatfan

    No matter what, Jason Taylor will go down as one of the best defensive players to ever wear aqua and orange… but thats later. Right now, he’s a Jet and I have and always will hate the Jets, period. Hated em when Testaverde was there (UM) and I hate em with Mark Wetback playing quarterback (no I’m not racist its just a joke people). But many thanks and many ill wishings are bestowed upon Jason Taylor now.

  • Brad

    you gotta be an idiot not to cheer this guy. i’ve been a dolphin fan since i was 6 (27 years) and i hate the jets more than any team on the planet, but jason taylor deserves nothing but our appreciation. one of the greatest miami defenders of all time and he wanted nothing more than to end his stellar career a dolphin, but he also wanted to be somewhere where he was wanted and respected. who wouldn’t? he deserved that and we didn’t give it to him. if i were attending the game (i’ll be watching on tv in new york!) i’d give him exactly what he deserves… a standing ovation.