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Overtime Tie.

The first was the game that ended up a tie game of 1981! It ended 28-28. Don Strock quarterbacking, threw for over 250 yards. This game ranks as a classic! We ended up being the division champs and kept the Jest’s in second place, (to coin a phrase …“HA HA”).  

Super Dupers Record Setting Day.

It’s 1985, Mark “Super” Duper had a career day with a record setting 217 receiving yards…. Man he stuck it to those damn jet’s with a minute left! Marino and Duper hooked up for a 50 yard TD strike and the W. “HA HA” 

“What?… They Scored 96 Points?”

This one’s a loss, but the fact Marino ripped the Jets for over 400 yards and 6 TD’s, plus the fact that the game went to OT. The Drama!, The suspense! The joy! The tears! It had it all! It was shown over here, in the UK on Channel 4!!! … It deserves a place in this list. A legendary game that only highlights the issues with our defense. “You know Marino would have had superbowl rings”!! 

We did exact some revenge though! We beat them later in the season and sent them on a 5 game skid…  “HA HA” 

The Spike Play. 

1994! Man is it that long ago? This is brilliant, we all know the outcome but what a few may have forgotten, is that it messed with the Jet’s heads that they went on to lose the rest of their games that season. In fact, it messed with them so badly, they only won four games over the next 3 years! “HA HA”  

Monday Night Miracle.

This one hangs on the Jets. Unfortunately, when they came back from 23 points behind, to steal this one (we took the foot off the gas .. honest) … fans picked this as the greatest game in the Monday night series history! Game number 500!  They got one! But we had the last laugh. We won the division, they didn’t even make the playoff’s “HA HA” 

2008 Division Champs.

With all the hype surrounding the Dolphins, Jets, Pennington, Farve, QB Dual and Parcells, man it was like we only played two games that year. The first, a Jet steal. The second, a Dolphin classic, the division title for the Fins, a long off season for the Jets, a very loud “HA HA” from me (chuckling to myself here for my childishness). 

2009 Double Whammy.

The first sweep of the Jets since 2003, “the Wildcat”, even Ted “where’s the sidelines” Ginn Jr, looked like an All Pro against them, (yeah so they made the playoffs .. you know we let them have it) and yeah they have Rex Ryan “HA HA” Yeah very funny, stop it now !! 

But I do have to thank the JEST’s for giving us a great rivalry. Yeah the Bills gave us a run in the 70’s and 90’s! And I know the Patriots are having a good run since 2000, but no one revs us up as much as you! So thanks.

 After today, win or lose, you know we will still be leading the division and laughing “HA HA”

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