John Bonamego Canned

The Dolphins announced today they have fired Special Teams coach John Bonamego. He will be replaced by former University of New Haven and Tony Sparano disciple Darren Rizzi.

This move was absolutely necessary. In his tenure as Dolphins special teams coach the unit has gone from serviceable to downright awful. Last night the Fins’ special teams gave up two blocked kicks and a kickoff return for a touchdown. And while it’s worth nothing that Bonamego wasn’t actually on the field last night making those mistakes, it is also worth noting even I could have coached the special teams unit to do that.

Hopefully, Darren Rizzi can use the bye week to overhaul the special teams and even if they never have dynamic kick returners, they will at least learn to tackle and honor their assignments. Last night was flat-out embarrassing. Now it will be 13 days sitting with this feeling before the Dolphins take the field again.

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  • matt

    Is it me, or was Bobby Carpenter at the center of almost everything that went wrong defensively or on special teams last night?? Can someone w/ video access put the stats on that? I think it’s a high percentage – that guy is terrible and should not have been on the field last night.

    • armyrn

      It’s not you…Carpenter looked totally lost on that blocked punt play and basically stood thier as the Pat player ran past him….Bonamego should not be the only one canned after last night…Carpenter needs to go…There was a reason why 2 teams let him go

  • Bob

    From pre season to now you think this would’ve been straightened out by now. Bonamego is a good start but
    there are 11 players on the field that dont look hungry
    Chad Henne needs to throw some pump fakes & stop stairing down recievers

  • Maroun

    That was the first thing I noticed on monday, the players on special teams didn’t look hungry and by far the worse pursuit i’ve seen since my tyke football days, we need more talent on special teams plain and simple. Carpenter had his 15 minute of fame 2 years ago, but this year he looks confused and scared.

  • ot

    ahahahah the fins self implosion.
    Crushing home loss to NE and a blowout to the NY JETSSSS
    PHins suck maybe next year

  • Maroun

    31-23 isn’t a blow out, and your jets suck…this is typical jets they do good at the beginning, they will eventually choke LOL! LT wont last and by the end of the season he’ll be taking snaps from an old man’s scooter. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

    • Bob

      Brett Farve and Randy Moss this weekend I smell redemption