Ninja Defense Attacking the Opposition

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Dolphins Ninja Defense showed Tenacity and Toughness

I have watched the Patriots vs. Dolphins game twice, well let’s be honest….I have watched the first half of the game twice now.  The second half, we will not touch, since we all saw what happened.  No need to live in the past.

There was one thing that I saw in the first half of the Monday’s night game that I have never seen the Dolphins defense do before – and that is Ninja technique.

What is the Ninja defense? Besides sounding awesome, it is the type of defense that is a complete surprise.  A couple of teams use this type of defense, we saw this a few years back when the Bills played the Cowboys on a Monday night game.  Dick Jauron implemented the Ninja technique with his DLmen.

Basically when the offense was calling their pre-snap reads, no DLmen was in their regular 4 point stand.  Everyone looked like they were about to blitz, or fake the blitz.

This is called the Ninja defense.  It is a disguise.  It is an attacking assassin coming from nowhere.

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