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 All this got me thinking about some of the other QB’s we Dolfans have had, (who were not called Griese or Marino)

 Earl Morrall

 Possibly the greatest back up of all!

 Having a career that spanned 21 years is some achievement in any sport let alone American Football. Earl Morrall came to the fins in 1972 and stepped in for Bob Griese in week 5, and the rest as they say “is history.

We go undefeated and eventual Superbowl winners!

Morrall the consummate professional, handed the keys to the team back to Griese when he returned from injury. But he was awarded the first ever comeback player of the year award for his troubles.

 Can you believe the Dolphins paid just $100 dollars for him off waivers! Wow!

 David Woodley 

The man in the middle!

Personally I think this guy had it tough, not only did he come in and take over from future hall of famer, Bob Griese, but then he gets followed by arguably the greatest QB of all time … David was an 8th round pick who really punched above his weight, but don’t forget we won with Woodley and we made it to Superbowl XVII (ok, ok not a great game but… come on!)

 Don Strock

 The wily veteran! 

I loved Don Strock. Dan Marino loved Don Strock. From being a young understudy to Griese through Woodstrock, all the way to mentoring the great “Dan the man”, Don had seen and done it all over the years. Drafted in the 5th round in 1973 he played until 1989, that’s 16 years of experience that even Dan Marino missed when he left, and who can forget the AFC divisional game against the Chargers!

 Jay Fielder

 The game manager!

This is a strange one, was Jay Fielder any good?… Well he had three, ten plus winning seasons, an AFC East title and a playoff win, (we’d take that now, wouldn’t we?).

Ok, ok he never set the passing records, he never won League MVP awards, but he played gutsy and did what he had to do to win. He was helped by a superb defense, and the “ground it out” style of the offense (did I hear someone say boring?). He had an 11 year career in the NFL so he can’t have been that bad after all…

Ray Lucas/ A.J Feely

The less said the better!

 John Beck

 The nearly man! 

So this guy was supposed to be the next man up for the Dolphins, being drafted in round 2, but after a disastrous season (we all know how bad that was) the writing was on the wall for this guy. He was shipped off to join the guy who picked him. Just be thankful we didn’t take JeMarcus Russell.

Over the years we have had some interesting guys playing QB for us from Steve Deberg, Scott Mitchell, Bernie Kosar, Ron “jaws” Jaworski, Damon Huard, Brian Griese,  Gus Frerotte, Joey Harrington, Daunte Culpepper, Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, and of course Chad Pennington. Some were bad, some were worse than that, one or two were good. We’ve had young guns and savvy vets, other team’s cast offs and the “next big thing” generally to no avail.

As for Chad Henne, what will we be saying in years to come? Only time will tell!

Thanks for reading another, Historical Highlight!

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